110 Unique Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Welcome to the world of tattoos!  Here we will show you  110 unique tattoo ideas for men and women.  If you want to take part in this amazing art then you must have the courage to get your unique tattoo. Tattoos have always been popular even during ancient times.  The designs of tattoos have changed, however, it’s philosophy has never changed.  The tattoos are a way of emphasizing your individuality. Sometimes people get tattoos with deep meaning while others get tattoos with no meaning at all.

Urban Body Jewelry

25. Tattoos For Men’s Back

Tattoos For Mens Back

Sometimes you can quickly recognize a marine by means of his tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas for Women and Girls

26. Small Tattoos For Girls

Small Tattoos For Girls

This is red heart tattoo with green leaves represents the love of a young girl.

27. Cute Tattoos For Girls

Cute Tattoos For Girls

Cherry blossoms represent the transience of life.  This dreamy style tattoo seems to evoke the past.

28. Tattoos With Meaning

Tattoos With Meaning

Poppy flowers represent the lives lost during the war.  This black and white tattoo of poppy flowers with flying doves signifies the past and the prayer for peace.

29. Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Tattoo Ideas For Girls

This falling dandelion tattoo signifies the dreams and hopes of the girl.

30. Back Tattoos For Girls 

Tattoos For Girls On Wrist

Elephant tattoos represent strength and power.  Elephants may not be wild but they are clever.

31. Tattoo Designs For Women’s Hands

Tattoo Designs For Women's Hands

Crown tattoos symbolize power, strength, and authority.  It is also a symbol of royalty.

32. Unique Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Tattoos For Boys

During the early days, anchor tattoos are usually associated with navy men and sailors.  But nowadays, anchor tattoos are not only popular in men but also in women.

33. Tattoos For Girls On Shoulder

Tattoos For Girls On Shoulder

The prayer hands tattoo is a sign of praising God and asking Him to grant our prayers.  Sometimes it also represents a loved one who has passed away.

34. Bow Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos Ideas

Bow tattoos represent femininity.  Sometimes it goes well with other designs such as hearts and other symbols.

35. Cute Small Tattoos

Cute Small Tattoos

Heart tattoos signify love, happiness and anything that is connected to the heart.

36. Small Delicate Tattoos

Small Delicate Tattoos

Most women prefer to have butterfly tattoos on their bodies.  This tattoo represents the transition of life.

37. Sun Tattoos

Behind The Ear Tattoos

Sun tattoos are the representation of life.  Without the sun, life on earth would not be possible.

38. Tattoos For Women With Meaning

Tattoos For Women With Meaning

Do you want to have pleasant dreams?

39. Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoo Ideas Women

Owl tattoos signify wisdom and strength.

40. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Meaning

Lotus tattoo is a representation of lost love and the feeling of emptiness that it brings.

41. Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Star tattoos depict femininity.

42. Cool Tattoo For Women

Tattoo Fonts For Women

This phoenix tattoo is a symbol of sunrise and sunset.  It is a representation of a positive attitude towards life.

43. Meaningful Tattoo

Tattoo For Women With Meaning

This tattoo is a combination of musical note and a heart.  It shows women’s love for music.

44. Unique Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Pictures Women

This garter clips tattoo shows the strong personality of a woman who can endure pain.

45. Flower Tattoo

Tattoo Magazine Women

Flower tattoos are the representation of the cycle of life, from birth, death, and its rebirth.

46. King Cobra Tattoo

Tattoo History Women

This tattoo is perfect for a ferocious lady.

47. Dragon Tattoo Women

Dragon Tattoo Women

This is an unusual dragon tattoo which resembles the face of an old man.

48. Colorful Tattoo

Tattoo Sleeves Women

This purple flower and black vines tattoo look stunning on the back of women.

49. Tattoo For Women’s Shoulder

Tattoo For Women Shoulder

This tattoo is a combination of Koi fish (a Japanese fish) and a lotus flower.

50. Tattoo on Women’s Side

Tattoo For Women Hip

This is an excellent combination of stars and a flower.

Tattoo Ideas for Couples

51. Matching Tattoos For Couples

Matching Tattoos For Couples

“Letting love find a way” inked in bold on the feet of a couple.

52. Tattoo for Couples

Tattoos Couples

The strong connection between this couple is depicted in the matching tiny robot tattoos on their arms.

53. Boyfriend Girlfriend Matching Tattoos

Boyfriend Girlfriend Matching Tattoos

This colorful tattoo expresses how much this couple loves one another.

54. Small Matching Tattoos For Couples

Small Matching Tattoos For Couples

Frog tattoos represent transition, fertility, and a new beginning for a couple.

55. Tattoo Ideas For Couples In Love Designs

Tattoos For Couples In Love Designs

This is a custom made flower tattoo for couples to show how much they adore each other.

56. Adventure Puzzle Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Puzzle Tattoos For Couples

This matching tattoo shows the fun and adventure that the couple enjoyed.

57. Matching Eye Tattoo

Complimentary Tattoos For Couples

This Horus eye tattoo represents the couple’s focus and conviction.

58. Couple Tattoo Ideas

Couple Name Tattoos

A Celtic knot tattoo combined with the couple’s initials shows their strong bond.

59. Unique Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Couple Tattoos Ideas Gallery

Express your love in an Italian way.

60. Couple Tattoo Sayings

Couple Tattoos Sayings

This pushpin tattoo is perfect for a newly engaged couple.

61. Couple’s Unique Tattoo Ideas

Couple Tattoos Tumblr

An awesome skull tattoo for couples.  The woman’s tattoo is in pink and decorated with a bow while the man’s tattoo is in blue.

62. Couple Tattoos Quotes

Couple Tattoos Quotes

“Take me” and “I’m yours” are nicely written on the wrists of the couple.

63. Heart Matching Tattoos 

Matching Tattoos For Sisters

Identical red heart tattoos are inked on the same spots.

64. Couples Tattoo Designs Heart And Key

Tattoos For Family

You are the only one who can unlock my heart.

65. Matching Ring Tattoos

Matching Tattoos For Brother And Sister

This is a fantastic wedding ring tattoo which you can wear anytime without the fear of losing it.

66. Matching Couple Love Tattoos

Matching Couple Love Tattoos

This red heart tattoo on the hands can only be completed when the couple is holding hands.

67. Couple’s Tattoo Designs

Couple Tattoos Designs

Tattoo designs are a unique way of expressing your love for each other.

68. Couple’s Tattoo Ideas Designs

Couple Tattoos Ideas Designs

This Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo is perfect if the couple is a fan.

69. Dreamcatcher Couple Tattoos 

Couple Tattoos Pinterest

The dreamcatcher tattoo of the woman is placed at the back while the guy’s tattoo is placed on the chest.

70. Unique Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Couple Tattoos Ideas

What a perfect combination to show your sweetness towards each other.

71. Cute Couple Tattoos 

Couple Tattoos Pictures

Cute love birds tattoos which can only be completed when the couple’s wrists are together.

72. Love Tattoos Designs

Love Tattoos Designs

A heart tattoo can only be completed when the couple’s arms are beside each other.

73. Matching Couple Tattoo Designs

Matching Couple Tattoos Designs

This chained heart tattoo has the girl’s name on the guy’s tattoo while guy’s name is on the girl’s tattoo.

74. Date Tattoo

Couples Tattoos Designs Heart And Key

Ink your anniversary date on your body.

75. Unique Couple Tattoos

Unique Couple Tattoos

“To infinity and beyond” means that you can conquer anything as long as you are together.

First Tattoo Ideas

76. First Tattoo Ideas For Men

First Tattoo Ideas For Men

One of the best first tattoo ideas is a cross tattoo.

77. Foot Unique Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos Ideas

This anchor tattoo is a unique idea for your first tattoo design.

78. Heart with Feathers Tattoo

First Name Tattoos

This black and red tattoo of heart and wings is a perfect design for your first tattoo.

79. Popular Tattoos

This tattoo means that God(G) is greater than(>) the highs(˄)and lows(˅).

80. Sweet Tattoos

Sweet Tattoos

This floral design with a butterfly tattoo is a very colorful first tattoo idea.

81. First Time Tattoo Ideas For Men

First Time Tattoos For Men

This is a cute little fox tattoo that is ideal for your first tattoo.

82. Good First Tattoos

Good First Tattoos

This twig tattoo is a simple yet elegant first tattoo idea.

83. Most Popular Guy Tattoos

Most Popular Guy Tattoos

This is a nice first-time tattoo that is made up of five musical notes turned into a lovely star.

84. Small Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Small Tattoo Designs With Meaning

A butterfly tattoo on the wrist is the best first-time tattoo idea for women.

85. Small Infinity Tattoo 

Small Tattoos Tumblr

An infinity tattoo is a simple first-time tattoo for women.

86. Small Meaningful Tattoos

Small Meaningful Tattoos

A symbolic tattoo such as this peace symbol is a good first-time tattoo.

87. Simple Tattoo Ideas 

Simple Tattoos For Men

These lovely stars are a cool first-time tattoo experience for men and women.

Small Tattoo Ideas

88. Small Meaningful Tattoos 

Small Tattoos With Meaning

This small tattoo is for travelers and adventurers.

89. Small Word Tattoos

The perfect place for this tattoo is below the collar bone.

90. Small Tattoo Ideas

Small Tattoos

This paper plane tattoo can make you recall your childhood days.

91. Small Celebrity Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are mostly seen in celebrities such as Harry Styles and many more.

92. Small Ohm Hindu Tattoos

This spiritual symbol represents creation and divine energy.

93. Small Crescent Moon Tattoos

The best place for your small tattoo is on the ankle.

94. Unique Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Feather tattoos can be combined with other designs such as birds.

95. Small Tattoo Designs For Women

This is the coolest vintage camera tattoo.

96. Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

The placement of this rose tattoo is perfect.

97. Unique Tattoo Ideas For Girls

This tattoo is for people who do not want to make a huge statement.

98. Small Tattoo Ideas on Wrist

Small Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

Music notes tattoos are for music lovers.

99. Beautiful Small Tattoo Ideas

I love this tiger head tattoo.  It has good quality with the finest details.

100. Small Simple Tattoo Ideas

“No fear” is perfectly written on the feet.

Tattoo Quote Ideas

101. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Dream as if you’ll live forever.

102. Love Yourself Tattoos

Love Saying Tattoos

I am enough the way I am…

103. Short Quotes About Life For Tattoos

Short Quotes About Life For Tattoos

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

104. Short Love Quotes For Tattoos

Short Love Quotes For Tattoos

Beneath lay words that suffocate.

105. Inspiring Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes Tumblr

And miles to go before I sleep.

106. Tattoo Quotes About Strength

Tattoo Quotes About Strength

Fate fell short.

107. Tattoo Quotes About Family

Tattoo Quotes About Family

Fairytales do not tell children that dragons exist.  Children know that dragons exist.

108. Tattoos With Meaningful Sayings

Tattoos With Meaningful Sayings

For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.

109. Tattoo Quotes Ideas For Guys

Tattoo Quotes Ideas For Guys

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

110. Tattoo Ideas Quotes On Life

Tattoo Ideas Quotes On Life

Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.

And there you have it! I hope I have given you enough tattoo ideas for your first tattoo. There are a lot of options to choose from the unique tattoo ideas for men and women. Whether you want it big or small be sure to choose a tattoo that you like the most so that you won’t go through the hassle of removing it later on.  What is your personal favorite among these tattoos? Please share it on facebook or on the comments.

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