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In the next episodes of “Un Si Grand Soleil”, a new medical scandal will undermine the relationship of trust between Claire (Mélanie Maudran) and Janet (Tonya Kinzinger). What will be the consequences for the hospital team?

un si grand soleil: janet will be betrayed by claire - news séries on tv

Benefiting from a flamingo-new decor for a few months, the Montpellier hospital depicted in the daily series Un Si Grand Soleil has been the scene of several poignant medical intrigues, relating to patients (around the end of life and therapeutic relentlessness in particular) or on the caregivers, by showing their hierarchical relationships but also the strong links that were able to be woven between them.

Among them, Claire (Mélanie Maudran) had a rocky start in her relationship with Janet Lewis (Tonya Kinzinger), the hospital’s chief physician. Very attached to respecting the wishes of patients, the nurse has come up against her boss’s strict ethics several times, to the point of making her risk her place, in particular when one of her elderly patients expressed her wish not to not be revived in case of cardiac arrest against the advice of his family.

Despite their different points of view, the two women had come to an agreement, each considering the other with respect and kindness. But a future plot in the series could well shatter this peace of mind when Janet, forced by the hospital management to reduce the number of staff in her department and to shorten the waiting times for patients, will be suspected of having committed a serious medical error.

Under heavy pressure to respond to financial interests that go against her ethics, Janet will be confronted with a tragic event in the next episodes involving an overworked patient, whom Janet allows to be discharged from the hospital before his operation. A dangerous decision that will have serious consequences, since the patient’s operation will not go as planned.

She’s going to be accused of something she doesn’t feel responsible for.“, reveals Tonya Kinzinger to the site Télé Poche. “His whole world is falling apart. From her point of view, she is the victim of a huge injustice and finds herself alone against everyone trying to prove her innocence.

The doctor will indeed find herself in opposition to her team, including Claire, on whom she nevertheless hoped to count, and who will decide to reveal the truth about the origin of the medical error. A reversal that Janet will experience as a real betrayal.

The disappointment is all the greater because it comes from Claire, for whom she has deep respect and true affection (…) And since they are two warriors, things will go very far between them“, she confides. “This will become a true dialogue of the deaf“, adds Mélanie Maudran. “They are two women in love with justice and truth, convinced that they are within their rights.

An ethical and professional conflict that will go very far, to the point that one of the two women has to leave the hospital. “In the near future, Janet and Claire’s relationship is broken.“, continues the actress. “I hope, for Tonya and me, that our characters ultimately find the way to forgiveness because I love working with her.

But could this disillusionment with Janet have another explanation? Indeed, according to Télé Poche, Hélène, the head nurse who joined the hospital at the start of the school year (played by Sophie Le Tellier) could come and put her two cents in the turmoil by taking Claire’s side to better manipulate her. ..

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