Un Si Grand Soleil: an unexpected new romance for Virgile – News Séries on TV

un si grand soleil: an unexpected new romance for virgile - news séries on tv

After losing Eve, the great love of his life, Virgile (fred Bianconi) will soon make an unexpected new encounter in “Un Si Grand Soleil”, which will also allow him to embark on a new business…

After discovering the affair between Eve (Emma Colberti) and Manu (Moïse Santamaria) in the last episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, Virgile (Fred Bianconi) ended up coming to terms with the facts: the teacher drew a line about their past relationship and decided to move on.

Resigned, Virgile then sold the campsite they were renovating together, and seemed determined to turn the page while remaining on good terms with his ex-girlfriend. And that’s good, because the scriptwriters of the soap opera have reserved many surprises for him…

In the episode of Wednesday February 2, he will indeed meet a new person in the person of Alix (Nadia Fossier), who recently experienced legal setbacks after his network of escorts was discovered by the police. . From now on, Alix has every intention of bouncing back with plans to open a select club in Montpellier.

An idea strongly discouraged by Laetitia (Shirley Bousquet), who fears that her friend will still get into financial trouble. But when Alix meets Virgile, who comes to her aid following a car breakdown, the two will begin to sympathize, and a natural alchemy will be created. It didn’t take much for Alix to see a great opportunity…

She is a woman in her fifties who gave her life to her husband and has never worked. Now that she is divorced, Alix finds herself facing her destiny“, explains Nadia Fossier in the columns of Télé Star. When she meets Virgile, she sees the possibility of creating something (…) I see their meeting as that of two lost souls. They are not lovers but companions in life. They need to catch their breath together“, she analyzes.

After losing his daughter Léa (Marthe Fieschi) in tragic circumstances, Virgile went through a very dark period, destroying his relationship with Eve in the process. Alix, on the other hand, saw her husband leave her after years of marriage for a younger woman after devoting his life to her, and came very close to being imprisoned for pimping.

When he meets Alix, [Virgile] wants to get rid of his suitcases and regain his good humor (…) She gives him a taste for life. She tumbles with a project that he sees as a great opportunity“, adds Fred Bianconi.

A radical change of scene for Virgile, more accustomed to a casual lifestyle until now. “It’s the big difference. He goes from camping to luxury villas, from jeans and trainers to super classy suits. It goes towards more lightness and humor“, continues his interpreter.

After spending a night together, the two will embark on a top-of-the-range professional project following an idea from Alix: the creation of Maison Senso, a private club where several wealthy customers from Montpellier, lawyers Johanna (Aurore Delplace) and Florent (Fabrice Deville) via Justine (Dorylia Calmel), their investor who maintained a swinger network… and had a brief affair with Eve.

If the authors decide to bring Eve to the Senso house and she meets Justine and me there, it could lead to a very fun situation to play!“underlines the actor. A plot that promises not to lack spice or twists, because it will also mark the great return of Gaëlle (Hélène Degy), fresh out of prison … Would Alix still have put herself in a perilous situation, at the risk of involving her new sex friend with her ? To follow at the beginning of February on France 2.

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