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Ultra Romantic Winter Destination: Ice Castle and Wonderlands

Ultra Romantic Winter Destination: Ice Castle and Wonderlands

Not everyone wants to get away to sunny beaches, windswept palms, and tropical cocktails. Some prefer to test the heat of their passion in the most frosty and frigid environment. But thank god for it where there are ample of option for polar escapes and you won’t believe your eyes when you see just how extraordinary these places are. Winter may be cold but it is also pretty. Every year talented artists and craftsmen build incredible ice castle. These Seasonal structures last only as long as the thermostat stays low.

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Hotel de Glace- Quebec city Canada with 44 rooms and custom suites made entirely of snow and ice along with intricate ice sculpture and an ornate ice chandelier, Hotel de Glace makes for a magical getaway. Couples can tie the knot or renew their vows inside the epic ice chapel and get swept back to their own private sauna and spa with the help of a horse-drawn sleigh.

Stratton Ice Castle

Featuring tunnels, 31 towers, waterfall, and arches that reach up to 20 feet n height. This acre sized ice castle was constructed by icicle farmers from Utah based company ice castle. Stratton ice castle is open in the evenings for everyone to enjoy. Lights are frozen by using more than 20,000,000 pounds of ice. To construct the castle to brighten up your evening visit. While soothing music played over speakers adds to the ambiance.

Ice Castles, New Hampshire is a frozen kingdom. Once you visit the frozen kingdom its size and sheer. Beauty will melt away any doubts you had about ice artisans. These artisans have created a world made completely of solid water. The visitor’s eyes light up with awe as they spy massive towers. Dripping with molten looking ice, caverns with the spiky ceiling, tunnels, a fountain, and an ice throne.

Snow Castle of Kemi is the largest snow fort in the world. The snow castle is redesigned every year with a new theme but has always maintained a chapel, hotel, and a restaurant. The structure takes about five weeks to construct and is made up of more than 741,000 cubic feet of snow, sometimes reaching three stories in height.

Harbin Ice festival showcases a number of crafted ice castles located on the bank of the Songhua River. The entire Ice and snow world theme park covers more than 4305 square feet. The festival itself dates back to 1985 and features sculptures, slides and plenty of ice castles to keep you entertained during your visit.

Iglu – Dorf Igloo village Switzerland

Igloo villages of Iglu Dorf have been constructed out of snow and ice each winter for guest to experience. The magic of the Swiss, German and Andorran Alps. Each igloo is constructed with a restaurant and a bar where you can dine on fondue and sip mulled wine, in addition to wellness amenities like hot tubs, overlooking the mountain and wooden stone saunas to unwind after hitting the slopes.

Dorf Igloo village Switzerland
Dorf Igloo village Switzerland

Nature Wonderland at Hoshino Resorts: Tomamu is a magical village where everything is made of ice from the entrance slider to the tables, chairs, cups and even the chapel. The first thing you will see is the giant ice skating rinks. Head on into the center of the village where you will see a number of social tents. Where you can relax at the Ice Cafe or bar or shop in the Ice Grocery.

Blue Pond Hokkaido Japan

The Japanese Island of Hokkaido is a poster child for natural beauty with its volcanoes and lakes becoming even more surreal in wintertime. One of the examples is the Blue Pond whose protruding trees and azure waters really know how to work those layers of ice.

Hallstatt, Austria

Its lakeside views and the 12th-century buildings make Hallstatt a picture-perfect town. Visit during the winter and you’ll get to enjoy the snowy mountains and candlelit restaurants without the hoards of tourist.

Hallstatt Austria
Hallstatt Austria

Another winter wonderland in Asia is South Korea style=”font-weight: 400;”>. There are many things to do at Seoul by strolling down the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Ice-skate at Seoul Plaza, catch glittering night view atop Namsa, Seoul Tower and embrace a love affair with Korean barbecue along the way.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is constructed with giant blocks of ice.  This ice castle on the Lake Louise ice rinks is the perfect backdrop for skating. Located on the Victoria Glacier with the Rocky Mountains in the background. You’ll feel like royalty as you skate through and around the castle which is illuminated in the evening.

Paris France sizzles when the city of light becomes even more dazzling under a shroud of snow and Christmas lights.

These are some destinations to coax you out of your home.  

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