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Types Of Wood Furniture Joints That Good Wood Furniture Plans Should Cover

When building a wooden piece of furniture there are a number of basic concepts that should be covered by the wooden piece of furniture you use. One of these concepts involves the implementation of the various types of wooden joints that can be used to make wooden furniture. If your wooden furniture plans provide a detailed description of how to build a chest of drawers, a bed, a bench, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, you will need to discuss the type of wooden joint that your employee will need to consider.

Let’s consider various furniture and the types of wooden joints that could be used to complete the wooden furniture project.

1. Chest of drawers / Chest of drawers – A chest of drawers is basically a chest of drawers. This type of wooden furniture design could therefore involve the use of a dovetail joint. This is one of the most complex joints to build but it is one of the strongest. It uses interlocking fingers that join the side of a drawer to the front of the drawer, which is used to store objects inside the dresser or chest of drawers. No nails, screws or plugs are needed, only white glue. These fingers are cut at an angle giving this joint of the wood greater resistance.

2. Read – A wooden bed often simply uses a box or frame on which the mattress will rest. The type of joint often used in the construction of the box is the mortise and articulated tenon. The typical mortise and tenon joint is made up of two parts, which fit together exactly. The mortise is a hole in which the tenon is inserted. Glue is used to strengthen the joint. The mortise hole and the tenon section are generally square or rectangular in shape.

3. Bench – A bench is generally used to support the weight of a seated person, therefore the joints used to connect the pieces of wood that make up the bench must be of a robust nature. The mortise and articulated tenon could be used in the construction of a wooden bench because of their robust design. If the bench is to be used outdoors, the tight nature of these joints will be essential to help the wooden structure last a long time.

From these limited examples it can be seen that different types of furniture use different joints in their construction. Using premium wood furniture plans will help you choose the best joint to make your wood furniture project a success.

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