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Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms Facts about Diabetes type 2 medications

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms Facts about Diabetes type 2 medications

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms: According to health experts, Type 2 diabetes is a condition that can consider as chronic. This condition increases the level of your blood sugar much higher as compared to the standard blood sugar level in your body.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms
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Patients suffering from this condition may only be able to notice Type 2 Diabetes symptoms when the blood sugar level rises to much higher level. Some patients may also suffer from other terms and infections including body swelling.

To effectively treat the disease it is important to identify the symptoms and take necessary precaution immediately. If unchecked, the condition can get severe and lead to other more dangerous conditions.

Some of the common symptoms of Type 2 diabetes have mentioned in the below table.

S.No Symptoms Occurrence
1 Too much of thirst experienced most of the time Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes condition may frequently feel the need to drink a lot of water due to excessive thirst
2 Feel like urinating at frequent intervals Patients with such conditions may feel the need to urinate very often due to excessive intake of water at regular intervals. The condition may get more prevalent during night time when sleeping.
3 May have increased craving for food at regular intervals Due to increased blood sugar level it is certain that the hunger factor also gets affected for the patients. Your body needs natural energy, and so it demands intake of food at regular intervals.
4 Affected eye vision at the time of diabetes type 2 condition Due to diabetes it is sure that most patients may suffer from blurry eye vision at the long stage. You may get to notice symptom after you have had diabetes for from now.
5 You may face wounds take time to heal As the body metabolism is ultimately affected due to this condition so it is certain that your body may take longer to repair itself especially wounds and cuts.

Suffering from Diabetes 2 type

If you are suffering from Diabetes 2 type, then it is evident that you may have started noticing these symptoms very often. This means that you have to try and visit your health expert. In general, experts may suggest undergoing few tests in initial stages.

One of the most common tests for detecting diabetes is “Blood Sugar level Test”. This test is also advisable for most people who reach the age of 45 or above. You have to keep in mind that diabetes is not age restricted, but in most cases, people arriving at this age may be suffering from such condition.

Get rid of your diabetes
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You have to check your level of blood sugar if you notice any of the below stated symptoms:-

  • A sudden increase in your body weight is one of the most common symptoms of Diabetes. This condition may also be considered as obesity and has to be checked immediately.
  • If case you often experience a sudden increase in your blood pressure then it is sure that you could be suffering from Diabetes type 2 conditions. Women may also notice the symptom during pregnancy.
  • The genetic factor is one of the most common causes of diabetes as there are chances that you could be infected if you have a history of diabetes in your family.
  • Apart from this patients may notice other symptoms including lower good cholesterol count, sedentary lifestyle, ethnic background and increased level of triglyceride in your body.

Detailed joint Diabetes type 2 symptoms – quick identification factor

Patients who have Diabetes type 2, need to keep in mind that this conditions can have a drastic effect on your body due to increased Blood sugar level. In general, increased level of glucose in your body is what is responsible for elevated symptoms.

Reason why most people who have Diabetes type 2 urinate very often

The moment the level of glucose in your body increases then it is certain that more fluid will be forced out of your body cells. This means that more excess fluid is being transported to your kidneys, than normal. You feel like urinating very often and further you may also get dehydrated.

Increase in your thirst level

The moment more fluid is drawn out from your body cells, so it is certain that this also affects the condition of your body tissues. This makes you feel thirsty, and so you start consuming an excess of water. This will also force you to urinate very often.

Exhausted and fatigued feeling

Because your body is losing more water than normal so it is certain that you may feel exhausted and worn down. Apart from this, your body gets energy from a process that breaks down sugar into glucose and energy.

The moment your body is not breaking down the glucose into energy, you get tired very often, even when not performing much physical work.

Affected eye vision

This is one condition that most patients may notice just for a short time. One reason is that the lens of the eye region swells up. The swelling of the lens causes the formation of a blurred image in the retina. In case your sugar level is not regulated then you may also suffer from permanent eye vision problems.

Other infections and conditions

Due to an increased level of blood glucose, it is certain that your body cells get damaged. So this affects the common healing procedure of your body. Your body may take more time than normal to heal sores and wounds.

This also means that you are more prone to infection and so it is important for you to take extra care when suffering from such conditions. If not checked you may develop infections related to kidney, eyes, nerves and heart.

Diabetes type 2 patients often suffer from an infection inside the bladder area and develop persistent pain. This pain gets more severe when urinating due to the infection. This condition can quickly affect the normal function of your kidneys.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Some more severe Diabetes type 2 symptoms

It is certain that diabetic patients may suffer from more severe conditions. The condition is termed as hypoglycemia and can lower the level of blood sugar. If you are used to insulin injections, then your condition may get worse.

It may lead to other conditions including dizziness, shaking, headache, excess sweating, hunger, increased heart beat and irritability. You have to consult your health expert for treating this condition immediately.

Common diabetes type 2 symptoms in children

In children type 2 diabetes symptoms may not be visible during initial stages. To avoid risk factor, it is important to consult a proper doctor. Some common severe conditions include – overweight (increase by about 85 percent) and inactivity.

Diabetes type 2 is also common in children having the genetic history of this disease in the family. Some of the standard races around the world are also more prone to such conditions as Hispanic, Black American, Pacific Islander or Native Americans.

Common symptoms may include elevated hunger, skin darkening, irritability, blurred vision, healing problems, and irritability. Looking into right treatment options available is important.

Changing your lifestyle

To effectively treat the condition patients may have to undergo insulin treatment. It is also important to regularly monitor the level of blood sugar. Apart from this, you may have to include few physical exercises daily.

In general, if you focus on your regular diet then you may not have to depend much on insulin treatment. It is advisable to have regular blood sugar check-up and monitor it.

Blood sugar regulation 

One of the most effective ways to regulate is to monitor it on a regular basis. You have to try and maintain your blood sugar level chart. In some cases, you may have to keep a record of it for multiple times during the day.

Regular diet monitoring

There certainly is no food that can help and control diabetes 100 percent. Some food products may help regulate blood sugar level for one individual but not for others.

In general, you have to try and include more of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your diet plan. All types of fresh fruit and vegetables may not prove helpful. Ensure you have included fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and low in fats.

Natural sweeteners can also elevate the blood sugar level, so it is advisable to avoid intake of animal fats and carbs from your daily diet. You should collect full diet plan of foods that help maintain a low level of sugar in your blood.

More exercises on daily basis

Exercise regular but mild if you are suffering from Diabetes type 2 condition. It is important to include regular sessions of exercises. Some activities like swimming, walking and jogging can prove a lot helpful in regulating diabetic condition.

To make it more useful, you should try and alter the type of exercises you perform daily.

Facts about Diabetes type 2 medications

For treating diabetes type 2 condition, not everyone may need medications. In general, your health expert may be the right person to suggest you with drugs.

Metformin medication – In general, this is always the first option prescribed by any health experts for diabetes type 2 condition. In few cases, patients may also notice few mild side effects including Diarrhea and nausea.

Sulfonylurea and Meglitinides – These medications may prove helpful in elevating the production of insulin in your body. Usually helpful but few side effects may include weight gain and reduced blood sugar level.

Inhibitors – Common types of inhibitors include DPP4 and GLP-1 type. They are most effective in regulating blood sugar level, and in most cases, you may not get to notice any side effects.

With SGLT2 type inhibitor few people may develop the infection within the urinary bladder or ever suffer from an increased rate of urination.

Besides insulin therapy may be more helpful to treat diabetes type 2 condition but even of this type, it is advisable to consult the doctor before you begin with the treatment procedure.


In case your diabetes type 2 is severe then experts consultation will prove helpful. If diabetes type 2 symptoms are not checked on time, then you may have to face long-term illness.

The condition can get so prevalent that in some cases it can damage your body parts permanently. When diagnosed it is important to regulate diabetes or else it can occur back. Regular medications for your lifetime to monitor and control diabetes type 2 may not be advisable as they do offer with side effects.

You should try and opt for more natural treatment methods including exercise and diet plans. According to latest stats presently more number of people of all age groups are prone to suffer from this condition due to lifestyle.

To control it you have to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle and include more of physical workouts. This will also ensure that all other organs in your body are also functioning well.

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