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Two Similar Yet Different Island Nations In 2020

Different Island Nations: Surrounded by impeccable beauty, the Maldives and Sri Lanka are two of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. Both destinations appear to share the same lifestyle in the past and present, offering two different geographic, cultural and economic conditions. Both neighbouring countries are surrounded by water and present a true sense of beauty that is difficult to ignore. The Maldives and Sri Lanka are ideal places to stay away from the city’s chaos and turmoil. Although they offer a similar lifestyle, they are different in their own way. Compare us Sri Lanka vs the Maldives And see how they differ.

Natural scenery

Very beautiful


Although both countries are tropical, the Maldives landscape is usually composed of lagoons with beautiful beaches. Breadfruit trees and coconut palms dominate ancient blue beaches. The Maldives beaches are picture-perfect under an ancient beach surrounded by white sand, shallow turquoise waters, palm trees and tropical fish. Reaching the blue-eyed scene everywhere, the country offers an ideal romantic getaway for couples.

An island located on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka lies southeast at the southernmost end of the country. The country takes you through picturesque landscapes surrounded by crystal clear beaches, ancient historic ruins, and mythological temples’ natural beauty. Sri Lanka is much more diverse than the Maldives regarding its landscape, nature, flora, fauna and architecture. Celebrating many cultural traditions and customs, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to experience the finest nature and the urban centre.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka vs the Maldives

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka vs Maldives


The climate of Sri Lanka is predominantly tropical and includes a typical dry and wet season. The average temperature is usually 28–32 ° C which can vary from one season to another. The areas around the coast are usually calm as a result of the cool air around the sea. The months of April and August experience the hottest months, while December and January are the best months. Therefore, the best time to travel is during winter, including November to February.

The Maldives, on the other hand, offers a year-round tropical climate that is not hot. The country experiences two distinct monsoons, the southwest, which is experienced from the northeast occurring from November to April, and May to October. The southwest usually brings more rain and wind from June to July. While the warmest months are March, April and May, where the temperature rises to 30 or 31 ° C, January is the coldest month in the country.


Ideally searched for a period of 4 to 5 days


The Maldives can ideally be explored for a period of 4 to 5 days. Unless you are into specific activities that demand time, such as deep-sea fishing and diving, the Maldives is an ideal short stay compared to a longer one.
The Sri Lanka itinerary would be ideal for 6 nights and 7 days. The country and its beauty can be accurately explored in this period.

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 Rufiya in maldives and rupee in sri lanka


The Maldivian currency is the Maldivian rufia. On your trip to the tropical island, you will need local currency, especially when visiting local shops and using local services in the surroundings.

On the other hand, the Sri Lankan currency is the Sri Lankan rupee. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s currency is useful for shopping at local shops and places.

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Maldives and Sri Lanka budget


In the Maldives, the budget per day can be as low as INR 3,500. You can expect to spend around Rs 2,100 per day in a private room, as well as INR 700 a day on many activities. There are ways to be even cheaper with the help of inexpensive budget exploration solutions.

In Sri Lanka, you can expect a daily budget of INR 2100-3500 per person on drinks, food, accommodation and transport. This cost basis includes homestays, living in guesthouses, going to local restaurants or in your accommodation.

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For travel to the Maldives, you need a valid passport and an onward / return ticket in addition to sufficient money for the entry. A visitor visa is valid for a period of 30 days and is issued immediately after arrival. Travellers can visit the Republic of Maldives, Department of Emigration and Immigration to get the most recent visa information.

Before going to Sri Lanka, you have to get a 30-day visa. You have to follow the application process while using a debit or credit card for your e-visa. Once approved, you can confirm the visa.

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Sri Lanka vs the Maldives

Offering many breathtaking places, both Maldives and Sri Lanka is a traveller’s paradise. Let’s explore some of the most popular places to visit in both Maldives and Sri Lanka.


Maldives is the best place to visit


Here is a list of all the places one can visit in the Maldives.

Como Cocoa Island: One of the many popular islands to visit on the island of Maldives, Coco Coco is one of the most popular places to visit. Housing a variety of resorts, the water villas present on the island provide a luxurious experience. Surrounded by white sand, the island offers top activities, restaurants and relaxation opportunities.
Baros Island: A traveller looking for a place away from the bustling crowds, Varos Island is a popular beach island located on sun-kissed beaches and luxury resorts. Badlands for natural elegance and ancient corals, Burrows Island, offers many luxury facilities.
Male: The nation’s capital offers beautifully sparkling buildings, bars, restaurants and other special tourist attractions that will take more than a day to visit. Male must be visited, offering many sightseeing places.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the best place to visit


Sri Lanka offers a plethora of places that people can visit. Here is a list of all the top places that no one should miss!

Sigiriya: A must visit place in Sri Lanka; Sigiriya is an ancient city built on a steep slope and topped by a plateau as high as 190 meters. Popular as Lion Rock, the plateau oversees the forests below. The site offers gardens, ponds and beautiful mountains.
Galle: One of the most popular attractions since the 17th century, Gaal was a fort originally built by Dutch colonists. This fort presents a beautiful architectural style and overlooks the majestic Indian Ocean.
Candy: The second-largest city in the country, Kandy is a well-known gateway to the central highlands and tropical gardens that grow tea and rubber. The Tooth Relic Temple home is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the country.

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Shopping Sri Lanka vs Maldives

Shopping Sri Lanka vs Maldives


In the Maldives, travellers are usually seen shopping around Malé for craft products, jewellery, handmade T-shirts and a few more items. Some of the popular market places of Male are Male Local Market, Le Cute, Centro Mall, Island Bazaar, Majidei Magu, etc.

Offering a wide range of shopping venues, Sri Lanka is popular for its handicrafts and gems, tea and batik. Some of the most popular items among travellers include leather products, handloom clothes. Jewellery, ceramics and reproduction antiques. Some popular places to shop are Bentota, Beruwela, Colombo and Gal and so on.

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We hope that the article provides you with a clear idea about the equality and differences given by the two countries, Sri Lanka vs the Maldives. Known for their beauty and charm, tropical destinations offer their own unique flavours. We assure you a masterful experience on tour to Sri Lanka or a trip to the Maldives, both of which emit impeccable beauty.

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Frequently asked questions about Sri Lanka vs the Maldives

Q. What is the best time to visit the Maldives?

a. The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to February, as the weather is pleasant and a perfect time to visit.

Q. What is the travel budget of Sri Lanka?

a. Travelers can expect a daily budget of INR 2100 to INR 3500, including expenses such as accommodation, transport and food.

Q. Do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka?

a. Yes, visitors to Sri Lanka must obtain a visa in advance. Along with this, visitors are also required to keep a passport valid for another 6 months.

Q. How much does a visa to the Maldives cost?

a. The tourist visa issued on arrival is free; however, a fee of INR 3350 will have to be paid if the visa is extended.

Q. What are the popular places in Sri Lanka?

a. Some popular places in Sri Lanka are Dutch Fort and Negombo Lagoon, Unawatuna Beach and Japanese Peace, Colombo, Bentota Baytah and more.

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