“Twilight” Writer Stephenie Meyer Announces “Midnight Sun” Is Finally Coming Out

“Twilight” Writer Stephenie Meyer Announces “Midnight Sun” Is Finally Coming Out

The wait is finally over! dusk fans all over the world rejoice (yes, even me!) after hearing about the news of a brand new book in the series.

After crushing his website, fans finally learned the news when it was announced on Hello America and Little, Brown Books for the official NOVL page for the young reader who Midnight Sun finally comes out like his own book.

“Twilight” Writer Stephenie Meyer Announces “Midnight Sun” Is Finally Coming Out

“It’s a crazy moment right now and I didn’t know if it was the right time to publish this book, but some of you have been waiting for it for so long. It didn’t seem right to keep you waiting. Sorry for the bad timing. I hope this book can be a distraction from the real world, “Stephenie said while appearing on Hello America.

The book is a companion to the first novel in the series and will follow Edward’s view of everything that happened in the dusk. The book has been in the works for years because it was originally supposed to be out years ago, but a major leak had put the project on hold.

Many fans speculated that Stephenie was going to publish the new book after a countdown was published on his website. Some fans even managed to understand the announcement early with a few diversions.

Fans trying to access Stephenie’s website faced constant crashes as they tried to see what the news was talking about.

In a new interview with the USA today, Stephenie says the book is much darker than the first.

“It is really dark and I would say more desperate,” she said. “The stakes are much higher [Edward’s] perspective. I think people may not have planned exactly what Edward was thinking and doing when he wasn’t on the screen, so to speak. I don’t know if it will be the Edward they imagined. I think it could be an Edward who is very different from that. “

Fans can already pre-order the book. Midnight Sun due out August 8.

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