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Twilight: The saga returns with Midnight Sun

Twilight: the saga returns with Midnight Sun

The new volume of the Twilight saga, arriving in America in August, is called Midnight Sun.

If Twilight had been written from a male perspective, would it have attracted millions of bloodthirsty readers alike? The answer exists and is called Midnight Sun, the libro in which the vampire Edward tells the story with Bella from his perspective. Start of a new saga or end of this vampire-mania?

The announcement by the writer Stephenie Meyer paved the way for a thousand questions, but let’s start from what is known about it: in the United States, the date of publication of this fifth book is the August 4, but for the Italian version there will still be waiting (and probably also for the Audible audiobook).

Twilight: The saga returns with Midnight Sun
Twilight: The saga returns with Midnight Sun

The publishing rules

A book works best is written in the third person and signed by a man. Or at least that’s what the literary tradition wants. For this J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, used only the initials of the name and told the magical world from an external point of view. Stephenie Meyer, instead, not only has he ignored these two tacit rules but he has even turned them upside down. It was not enough for her to entrust the seventeen year old beautiful the narrative responsibility of the four bestsellers (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). It has not even shortened the signature, as did the “competitor” L. J. Smith, author of the “Vampire Diary” series, later transformed into a cult series. It went further: he rewrote the first book from the point of view of the centenary vampire Edward Cullen which is called Midnight Sun.

The vampire’s thoughts

To be really picky, the novel had already written it while the claps of the film-phenomenon with were in progress Kristen Stewart is Robert Pattinson, but the manuscript had been stolen from her and she gave up the business. Today we try again. Waiting to find out what has changed compared to those 13 chapters previously published on the net, let’s refresh our memory on their content.

Let’s not ask ourselves, then, “why Bella is fascinated by Edward”, after all anyone would be in her place and, as if common sense wasn’t enough, the four books list all the possible explanations. Rather let us ask ourselves “why Edward is attracted to Bella”. Despite his 108 years of age (the protagonist was born in 1901), the young Cullen is also experiencing his first love: “The sound of my name on his lips – it reads in the first draft of Midnight Sun – it has a strange effect on my body. If I had a heartbeat, I’d say it’s accelerated“. And he adds: “Can a dead and frozen heart still beat? I felt like mine was doing it“.
He would like to dream about it but he can’t because Dracula’s heirs never sleep: “If I could be thoughtless I would dream and live for a few hours in a world where she and I can be together. You dreamed me. I would like to dream of her (…), I can’t dream of her while she shouldn’t dream of me“.

Initially his desire is “physical”: he can’t help but smell her (“lavender and freesia”, As we read in Twilight) and would like to take a bite, or rather more than one. Edward even goes so far as to hypothesize four different scenarios to bleed her out: in class during biology hour (“I thought I could break four or five packages per second. Without making noise”), In the corridors of the high school, at her home or in the school office. “The problem was the scent, the scent of his blood, so disgustingly inviting“.

Frustration also plays a fundamental role. Bella’s mind is the only one closed to Edward’s telepathic power: “If I had known what he thought, nothing else would have made sense. “

Midnight Sun, the cover of the American edition

A kind of heart-pounding

The first falling in love is already complicated in itself: every detail is amplified and every gesture analyzed under a microscope. Usually from the female gender, so Bella has a justification in Twilight. And Edward too in Midnight Sun because, unlike her, the vampire knows exactly what trouble he is going through losing his head for a human. He even goes so far as to classify his amorous torments into four categories (Bella’s smell and silence, thirst and curiosity). The double degree in medicine has probably inculcated a pragmatic mindset in the vampire that leads him to dissect everything, including moods. He goes from morbid jealousy to obsessive stalking and not by chance he defines himself first as “stalker” and then “guardian vampire”: “I could be with Bella forever and it wouldn’t be enough“.

And at this point the first draft of Midnight Sun was concluded, which now promises to tell the whole story, but the whole story, including the exile in Denali which includes the courtship by the vampire Tanya and the hunting trips with her brother Emmett. We attend the meeting at the Cullen home on the possibility of a transfer and participate in the moment Edward composes a piano lullaby for Bella, on whose notes sister Alice then starts to sing.

The Meyer universe

At the time of the “theft”, Meyer made the unfinished version of the book available on its website, increasing the dose on its pain: “If I tried to continue the book now, with this mood, James would probably win and the Cullens would all die“. At the time, fans had mobilized with many petitions (the most popular one, SaveMidnightSun.com, with over 260,000 signatures).

As seen also thanks to recent film marathon on Italy 1In short, the future of the story between Bella and Edward seems to be in excellent health and the word end seems really far away. There are those who have already hypothesized a reboot of the franchise and this new editorial life could restart the project, with a completely new and perhaps staged cast.

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