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TV series to see: 10 titles with good and bad mothers

TV series to see: 10 titles with good and bad mothers

TV series to watch: 5 good and 5 bad mothers

Mothers on TV travel through time (the healer Claire of Outlander), they know how to be omnipresent without ever appearing – or almost – on the screen (the mysterious woman with the yellow umbrella of How I met your mother) and they don’t need to show up to make their home tremble with their screams (Howard knows it well in The Big Bang Theory). From some of them we would like to be adopted immediately (Mrs. Cunningham of Happy Days), with others we would like to drink a coffee too long (Lorelai from Una mamma per amica). Those in the “hen” category are perfect for giving advice (Brandon and Brenda of Beverly Hills 90210 know this well), others are simply nonconformist without any effort (the Duchess mother of Downton Abbey it is still not clear that the son married an American woman). They manage numerous families (from Settimo Cielo to Casa Keaton passing through Parents in blue jeans and Parenthood) but they seem to make no effort, yet they are not all matriarchs from Mulino Bianco (Desperate Housewives teaches). That’s why to celebrate them, perhaps the best way is to embrace their oddities and eccentricities in “a single package”. With a side note: among those currently broadcast on the small screen or on the most popular streaming platforms, we tried to divide them into two categories, “dream” and “nightmare”… And we explain why.


1. THE O.C. (A5)

There marathon between the villas with pool in Orange County – from 5 May on La5 – it is among the most awaited by today’s teenagers and among those who have been a couple of generations ago. The idea that a wealthy Californian family offers an entire outbuilding to a street thug warms our hearts. Even if the idea comes to her husband Sandy, Mrs. Kirsten Cohen he offers little resistance and not because he has a penchant for lost causes: he immediately understands that Ryan’s self-esteem can shake up the lethargy life of a nerd of their only biological son, Seth. He saw us long.

2. BIG LITTLE LIES (Sky Atlantic Confidential)

The matriarchs created by the novel Little Big Lies are anything but santarelline. Before a certain “slip” on the stairs of one of their husbands, the women of Big Little Lies they really endured everything out of love for their children. Jane (Shailene Woodley), the only non-wealthy member of the group, raises a child the result of rape, barely making ends meet, while Heavenly (Nicole Kidman) tries to resist his wife’s abuse to maintain some stability for her boys. And what about Madeline (Reese Witherspoon)? The ex marries a young and wild beauty, Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), while she tries to put everyone in line at the cost of a nervous breakdown. Beautifully imperfect, of course, but above all brave. As if to say: “Get down there.”

Nicole Kidman is Celeste in Big Little Lies


Unlike the actual Queen of The Crown, Victoria he has always embraced the (very numerous) offspring with enthusiasm and tenderness. In love with her husband, caring for her children and attentive to the needs of the country, embodies the image of the career woman who feels the weight of the crown without being crushed by it. Enlightened leader, he leads by example the whole royal lineage to the palace and is never denied. Raised by a woman with a boulder in place of the heart, she did everything to avoid perpetuating a rigid and obtuse education that thinks only of reason of state. And to do so he didn’t need real divorces or whimpering about the comments from the press, reactions to which we are used to reality by the new royal entries. God Save the Queen!

4. SEX EDUCATION (Netflix)

The advantage of having one sexologist mother it can become a boomerang if you are a teenager and unable even to masturbate. Condemned to virginity, Otis of Sex Education he would just like some privacy, instead of receiving private lessons on the correct use of condoms or on the transmission of venereal diseases. So much pressure, not even to say it, increases its inhibitions. And it certainly doesn’t help to see vaginas and phallic sculptures around the house. In spite of these premises, however, the boy even becomes a sort of consultant on the subject for peers and finally understands that “the apple does not fall far from the tree” and in some cases it is good. As in his.

5. JANE THE VIRGIN (Netflix)

The premise is enough to win us over: a girl who has never had sex in her life becomes pregnant. No, this is not an Immaculate Conception, but an artificial insemination on the wrong patient. that’s how Jane becomes a mother in a traditionalist and Catholic family: her “abuela” (her grandmother) has always told her that once the flower is wasted it can no longer return intact and that that gift is reserved for the wedding night. It didn’t help because fate turned all his plans upside down. For three generations women have been taking care of their children in one way or another without the help of a male presence. And so far I have done very well, or at least they have tried. Pregnancy and motherhood have never been this fun. Laughter and tears in equal measure.

Nightmare moms

1. I NEVER (Netflix)

Taken from the true story of comedian Mindy Kaling, this teen drama just landed on Netflix it is a real gem. Devi, the clumsy protagonist, loses her father, the figure she loved most on this earth, and finds herself living under a rather rigid matriarchy. Linked to Indian traditions in an almost obsessive way, mom never manages to let go of emotions or spare punishment. Dermatologist precisina, who never misses a smile, does everything to raise her daughter in an irreproachable way, even at the risk of suffocating her. The “freedom” granted to her in the United States does not in the least diminish her forma mentis and so everyone is afraid of her, not just her daughter. If she were a gladiator, the lions would run away.

2. THE ACT (Starzplay)

Patricia Arquette embodies maternal love that becomes pathology. And unfortunately, as the Oscar winner himself specified at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, this is a true story of a woman suffering from Munchhausen syndrome by proxy. In a nutshell, this mother, Dee Dee, gets to make her daughter sick while keeping her tied to herself and receiving constant attention. Unfortunately, it happens when motherhood is exchanged for a sort of diplomatic immunity capable of justifying even the most atrocious of acts. A deviated instinct for protection leads to, as in this case, irreparable damage. Behind the angelic and compassionate face, this woman has built her own demons and imposes them on her daughter Gypsy. With catastrophic results.

3. ABSENTIA (Amazon Prime Video)

Imagine that you were raised by the woman who didn’t bring you into the world because yours biological mother, FBI agent, is considered dead since you were more or less in swaddling clothes. And, as if that wasn’t enough, one day he would come back claiming rights and claiming to erase all the more or less peaceful years of childhood with a sponge. The protagonist, Emily, does not remember anything because the tortures she underwent triggered an amnesia and that personal hell in which she feels trapped also becomes that of her son, so in fact she is an unknown person who has plunged back into her life to do it to pieces. Disturbing, problematic and inaccessible: sometimes motherhood is also this.

4. HOLLYWOOD (Netflix)

Avis is the wife of the most famous Hollywood producer of the 1940s, but he prefers fresher and younger company. Rich, indeed very rich, she too is amused by handsome young men with good hopes. Frustrated and bored, at home – a dream Californian villa – he spends time tyrannising his only daughter, preventing her from realizing what appears to be her greatest desire, to become an actress. Half of the bad things she has in store would be enough to leave anyone dead, but not Claire, who sets herself up to become a movie star. In perfect Ryan Murphy style, the story of Hollywood series takes a soap-style twist and then these two women come to bury the hatchet for a common purpose, but they certainly do well the idea of ​​”snake relatives”. As we know, the series rewrites the history of the film studios of the time, so it is not surprising that Cruella De Mon becomes at some point a sort of Snow White …

5. GOOD BEHAVIOR (TimVision)

Toxic, alcoholic, thief and liar: who would ever leave a child in Letty’s hands? The boy does not even have a father figure around him, he has some identity crisis because he is mulatto and lives with his grandmother / milf in a provincial environment that is anything but idyllic. Yet his mother tries to build a family from Mulino Bianco with her new partner (a hired assassin, what else?) But every attempt is doomed to failure, regardless of good intentions. Her self-destructive spiral hits anyone who is too close to her to suffer from it. Sometimes he looks at his son as a kind of accident on the way, at other times he convinces himself in an unhealthy way to really be able to go straight and to fish out some remnants of maternal instinct in the most hidden corners of his soul. Accustomed to changing identity with the same skill as a chameleon, she increasingly forgets what she wants, what she needs and what, instead, it would be better if she avoided. A magnet for troublein short, even if sometimes they arrive in the sexy body of someone like Javier (the Argentine Adonis Juan Diego Botto).

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