TV series: the many nuances of sexuality

It was 2011 when the English series Skins introduced in his fifth season the character of Franky, an adolescent with androgynous features, often dressed as a man but without the classic cliches of the “tomboy”. Franky’s conflicts with his appearance take place in the territory of natural age insecurities, not in the much more complicated one of gender dysphoria – what we define, not without a hint of rhetoric, “feeling born in the wrong body”.

TV series: the many nuances of sexuality

Another story is the Jules of Euphoria, the teen drama with Zendaya produced in 2019 by HBO, which of Skins it is the most luxurious (and slightly patinated) version suitable for adult palates. Jules is a trans adolescent who is undergoing medical therapy to switch from a male to a female body.

TV series: the many nuances of sexuality
TV series: the many nuances of sexuality

But the term “fluidity” is often used also to describe what differs from the so-called conformity. It then becomes impossible not to notice that this fluidity characterizes many TV series for teenagers, whose protagonists seem to move on an exponentially wider sexual and affective chessboard than in the past.

The characters of The terrifying adventures of Sabrina almost all of them have bisexual tendencies. In I’m Not Okay with This the protagonist has her first experience with a boy, but is in love with her best friend.

The two protagonists of “I’m Not Okay with This”: based on a graphic novel, the series tells of Syd, a restless teen who discovers she has super powers.

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The innovative Norwegian social series Skam, whose format was then exported all over the world (including Italy), met the international celebrity thanks to the third season, dedicated to the complicated love story between two boys. Of Sex Education There has been a lot of talk about the clear frankness with which he faces sex at three hundred and sixty degrees, passing casually from straight stories to gay, to bi, to touch on the still controversial theme of asexuality.

While some still have difficulty conceiving anything that is not heteronormative, the world of kids is already fluid. And at least in fiction, the male and female have an incredible number of shades.

Writer (1986), Eleonora C. Caruso recounted the uncertainties of youthful sexuality in the cycle of novels “The original wounds” (2018) and “Everything closed except the sky” (2019, Mondadori).

Opening: a scene from the second season of “Sex Education”. Lily and Ola are two friends who, after having (or trying to have) relationships with boys, fall in love with each other.

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