Tutorial make up : assurance of perfect look

Tutorial Make up no wonder plays an essential role in everybody’s life especially females. All females love to do makeup, and they want to own the same magical mirror which the snow white’s mother had. Tutorial Make up indeed plays a vital role in transforming the looks of every individual. It’s like painting a blank canvas and turning into an attractive art piece of beauty.

Following a fashion is a passion and everybody love to carry out their new avatar. With so many beauty tips and trick, there are numerous helping agents which helps in accomplishing the target of becoming attractive. Let’s begin with the very first part of the face i.e.hair.

Tutorial make up: assurance of a perfect look

Coloring hair

Coloring hair is an upcoming fashion which has forced most of the youngsters to give it a one-time try. You must have seen in various ads and serials where numerous females get their hair colored partially or wholly or in parts.

With designed coloring option stands thereby as offered by the sun silk hairspray with a template to create wonders for your existing hair color or the color you are thinking to opt for. This is the primary issue which worries everybody as to which color should be used and immense confusion as to what will suit them. Here are few tips for an eager individual who wants to chase the Fashion trends tips

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         If you don’t want to color your entire hair, then coloring ends of hair could be an excellent option. Wheat and                caramel blonde can be an attractive option for you

  • For that sexy looks go for bright golden color looks. It looks fantastic with light makeup and thick wavy curls add-on to the right looks.
  • If you possess fair skin, then you don’t have to compromise with the contrasting white hair color. If you want to create that magical look then definitely try for the color. And carry colorful makeup which is bright and eye-catching.
  • If you want everyone to keep guessing your hair color, then gray blonde is the color you must choose. Start the roots with dark gray and finish with ashy blonde tips.

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Another option

  • Another fantastic option that waits for your stylish look is the golden blonde. Undoubtedly it is next to natural blonde color which shines when you are in sunlight.
  • For that flaunting, shine goes for golden platinum blonde which will no wonder add on to the sexiest part and the curls will indeed add-on like an icing on the cake.
  • For all those people who wish to create magic with their hair then ombres could be an excellent choice for these hopeful individuals.
  • If dark and light brown is not your cup of tea then definitely fawn brown is a color which you must be searching. It will perfectly blend with the fair skin and indeed gives a healthy look.
  • Exceptionally blessed people with fair skin and beautiful blue eyes then dark brown is the hair color that will help your eyes and beauty to pop up.
  • Subtle Ombre is a perfect blend of natural black hair. To future add-on to your beauty then apply dark lipstick and affix big curly waves which will help you grab the stunning look.
  • Young girls are just unbelievable about the deep red color. This hair color is just perfect for fair skin and the one who has green eyes. The combination of dark brown with a blend of red will make you look fabulous.


Needless to say, that hair color plays a vital role in enhancing the looks but while choosing hair color do not forget the color of your eyes. Select hair color which perfectly blends with your hair and the color of your eyes. There is no doubt help you look gorgeous.

Tutorial make up

Once you are done with your hair color, it’s time you decide upon your makeup and beauty. In this pathway, it’s your eyes which will enhance your beauty. To highlight this significant feature of your vision, you have five different options to choose from.  With winters approaching fast, you need to take extra care of your eyes apart from beautifying them.

  • Brown Mascara– Brown shade of mascara and eyeliner will give your eyes a softer look, and it is the color you can wear whole day look as it looks pretty with all the dresses you wear.
  • Hazel– A metallic gold shade will enhance the inner part of iris which will make your eyes shimmer and foster brightness.
  • Green– A green eye with purple makeup will create a composition which is a treat to an eye. Deep tones of plum will enhance your natural looks providing a perfect look to your eyes.
  • Blue– Blue color is famous for its subtle and fresh look. Green is an excellent choice if the color of your eyes is blue. It will compliment your makeup and beauty.
  • Grey– emphasize grey eyes with contrasting red-brown it will help your eyes pop up apart from adding warmth to the eyes.

Tips make up which will help you rectify your skin problems-

  • Use blurring product to tackle skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and enlarged pores. The astounding feature of these blurring product is that it can be used in both ways either use it under the make or use in place of makeup. These products help in smoothening of the skin by carefully handling the skin problems.
  • No wonder the plump face is difficult to handle as it has to be corrected from ample places. When you see any celebrity, you often wonder how they look so slim and attractive. It’s magic of makeup, which takes off extra pounds from their face and makes it look thinner. This can be easily achieved by focusing on the prominent features of the face.
  • You can achieve Sexy and attractive eyes through Smokey eyes. Doing makeup for perfect Smokey eyes is not an easy job and moreover, its time consuming as well. To achieve this look forget eyeshadows. To get perfect Smokey eyes apply mascara in the right way. Smudge your eyeliner with your fingers and slowly and correctly use the layers of dark brown and black and grey eye pencils.

Extra Tips

  • Coral is an evergreen color, and your beauty kit should not miss this shade. You should always have coral eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, nail color, and gloss. It will provide you with perfect ready- to- move makeup.
  • Eyebrows are the frame of beauty. Make sure you are done with your eyebrows while setting all for your makeup regime.
  • Apply primer instead of layers of foundations and creams. It will help in hiding the blemishes of skin and will no doubt help in fostering smoother looks. Which will act as a perfect canvas for excellent and well-suited makeup?

Beauty is not hard to achieve when you have ample beauty products on your display. But it’s not the matter of keeping a collection of numerous makeup products. Instead, it’s applying the right makeup product in the right proportion.

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