Trump’s Income From TV And Movies Took A Nosedive During His Last Year As President

Once, former President Donald Trump was a dependable presence on television and in films, a director willing to learn a few lines at any time needed a real-life “rich man” to make a cameo appearance. He was in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” under the direction of the lost Macaulay Culkin, sniffing the rich kid Waldo as a father in “The Little Racals”, and even a spiteful 1990s Banks also appeared as an observer imitating Trump to secure the loan. The syndicated action series “Nightman.” He was eventually able to parlay into a full-time gig as the owner of “The Apprentice” on NBC, and continued to earn royalty payments from all these jobs and more throughout his tenure – but in his last Hollywood Reporter story Financial disclosures indicate payments that were reduced during his final year in office.

It has already been reported that Trump’s leisure and hospitality businesses suffered strongly for the COVID-19 epidemic during the course of 2020, but his royalty decline from film and television cannot be easily explained in the same way. is. During his first three years, Trump received a 50 percent stake in “The Apprentice” – a 50 percent annual payout courtesy of Trump Productions’ highest level in 2018, when he received more than $ 2 million in royalties from the show. But in 2020, he received just $ 275,000, which is THR betting, “tied to syndication rights and reruns for reality shows.”

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“The Apprentice” was always Trump’s highest-grossing showbiz job, but his prior days as a cameo artist also saw a drop in 2020 from his earnings. For example, in 2019, he earned $ 1,000 for royalties from “The Little Rascals”, which dropped to $ 205 in 2020. This could be a sign of things to come for the former president, who was chaired by him as a radioactive figure who would not be able to make a comeback in future NBC or mainstream feature films (outside of the right-wing media). .

You can’t expect Trump’s book sales to be the same as his film and TV appearances, but the financial disclosure reflects his income from his work as did one writer. is. In 2017 he earned a million dollars in royalties from two books, “The Art of the Deal” and “Time to Get Tough”, and another one entitled “Creeped America” ​​and Tom earned him $ 1 million and $ 5 million. Earned somewhere in between. In 2020, his most famous book “The Art of the Deal” continued to earn him anywhere from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million, but THR states that “none of his other 14 books during the year worthwhile No income “.

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