Trump Signs Bipartisan Coronavirus Relief Bill After Calling On Congress to Approve $2,000 Stimulus Checks

President Donald Trump signed a $ 900 billion bipartisan coronavirus virus relief package on Sunday.

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President Donald Trump threatened to reject it before signing a $ 900 billion coronovirus relief package on Sunday because it did not have a large stimulus payment.

Trump unexpectedly rebounded after the approval of the law for several days and on Saturday allowed the end of two federal unemployment programs in support of about 14 million Americans. He was fiercely critical of the law as an “insult”.

Trump suggested on Tuesday that he would not sign the coronovirus relief law, unless significant adjustments were made to the size of the stimulus investigation. He sought Congress to approve an increase of up to $ 2,000 from the current level of $ 600 per capita.

Trump has never known publicly during the tussle between congressional leaders, which eventually forged for this month’s federal rescue package.

In his statement on Sunday, the president said he wanted to “reduce wasted spending and a $ 2,000 check per adult to the American people and $ 600 per child,” adding that he “defended a lot” in the bill Are demanding.

Trump said, “I will sign the Omnibus and Kovid packages with a strong message, which states that useless items need to be removed.” “I will send a sent version, item by item, to Congress, along with a formal rescue request to Congress urging those funds to be removed from the bill.”

The lawmakers’ request is likely to be set aside because Trump has less than a month left to stay on the presidency. None of his demands were met.

“I am signing this bill to restore unemployment benefits, prevent evictions, provide rental assistance, add money to PPP, return our airline employees to work So that sufficient amount of funds and more can be added for vaccine delivery, ”he said.

Democrats were quick to assimilate the president to enact legislation and the delay could have major consequences for those struggling to meet the delay. Experts say Munda refused to sign the law for a week to supplement $ 300 federal unemployment over the weekend.

“Donald Trump’s mechanism has led to a reduction in unemployment benefits, and millions of unemployed a week’s income,” said Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon in a statement. “At the top, there may be a one-week delay in getting the profits up and running.”

“While it is a great relief that the bill has been signed, Donald Trump’s system has caused undue hardship and tension for millions of families,” Whedon said.

The negotiated coronovirus relief package included a $ 600 incentive payment for Americans, $ 300 weekly federal unemployment benefits in mid-March, $ 25 billion in rental assistance, as well as aid to small businesses and funding for education and vaccine delivery. Were.

Both divisions on Monday passed a federal rescue package with a government money bill with strong Bipartisan support. The president’s approval of a huge piece of tax-and-expenditure legislation would also set off a government shutdown on Tuesday that would have shut down many federal agencies during an epidemic.

It was signed before the political maneuver in Congress. House Republicans Thursday morning blocked an effort by Democrats to pursue a $ 2,000 direct payment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi strongly criticized the move and said in a statement that she is setting a vote of law on Monday to increase her size.

Trump also faced increasing pressure from Republicans to clear their misgivings and approve the economic relief law, saying, “You don’t need everything you want, even if you’re the President of the United States,” from Pennsylvania. Fighter Pat Tommy called “On Fox” News Sunday. ”

“I think what he should do is sign this bill and then make a case. Congress can pass another bill,” Toomey said. “But we just got the bill that his administration helped negotiate. I think we need to do that.”

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