Trump says he will leave White House if Electoral College votes for Biden

President Donald Trump attends a vote of thanks with military members of the United States at the White House in Washington, DC on November 26, 2020.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would leave the White House if the presidential election voted for the Electoral College, the closest he has come to winning the election on November 3, even as he made his own claims of massive fraud Have also repeated unfounded claims.

Speaking to reporters on Thanksgiving Holiday, Republican Trump said that if Democrat Biden – who is about to take the oath on January 20 – is certified election winner by the electoral college, he will leave for the White House.

But Trump said it would be difficult for him to win under the current circumstances and refused to say if he would attend Biden’s inauguration. Elections are to be held on 14 December.

“This election was a hoax,” Trump insisted, while providing no concrete evidence of such voting irregularities.

Both Bideon and Trump stayed close to home across the country to do a thank you note on Thursday, as the coronovirus epidemic swept across the country.

Biden spent a vacation in Delaware’s small seaside town, Delaware, where he and his wife Jill have a vacation home. Daughter Ashley Biden and her husband Dr. for The Biddens holiday meal. Howard is hosting Kerryn.

The former vice president appeared on Thanksgiving with his wife in a video message posted on his Twitter account, saying his family normally hosts a large gathering on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, but will remain in Delaware this year “just Due to the epidemic “around our dining table” with a small group.

The Democratic presidential-election stated that in a presidential-style address to the nations that lost more than 260,000 lives, Americans made “a shared sacrifice for the entire country” and “a statement of common purpose” by staying home. With their immediate families.

Biden said, “I know this is not the way many of us expect us to spend our vacation. We know that a little bit of a stay-at-home job is a gift to our fellow Americans.” “I know that better days are coming.”

Republican President Trump often likes to vacation at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida. But on Thursday he remained in the Washington area, spending part of the morning at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, where he played a round of golf.

It was last year when he made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he served turkey to American soldiers before sitting down to have a Thanksgiving dinner with him.

This time, Trump spoke to the White House via a video to members of the military.

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