Trump Officials Push Ambitious Vaccine Timeline as California Locks Down

Before Sunday, much of California was already under a curfew prohibiting residents from leaving their homes to do non-essential work or to assemble from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The governor’s order demanded that areas of the state face further restrictions once their intensive care unit becomes available. fell below 15 percent.

With 6.6% capacity in the San Joaquin Valley and 10.3% in Southern California on Sunday, stores are to operate at limited capacity and private gatherings are banned. Any open business must require everyone inside to wear masks and distance themselves. Among the facilities that must close: hairdressing salons and hairdressing salons; museums, zoos and aquariums; indoor cinemas; and wineries and breweries.

“I didn’t hear anyone panic,” said Rachel Heimann, 25, who lives in San Francisco. “We all want things to get back to normal and we want people to stop getting sick. It’s just a very concrete reminder that things are getting worse. “

California’s new measures are the most stringent since the start of the pandemic, when it became the first state to issue a stay-at-home order, helping to control an early outbreak. But many residents are tired after nine months of rule changes about where they can go, whether they can eat inside or outside, and whether their children can go to school. In some cases the restrictions interfere with movement in other places; New York City, for example, will reopen some public schools on Monday, reflecting evolving public health thinking about the importance of children in the classroom.

So this time, the California restrictions were met with more skepticism and outright defiance in some areas, even as state and local health officials described the spread of the virus as much more dangerous than in the spring. .

Over the weekend, the streets of Los Angeles that until recently lived with diners sitting on sidewalks or in parking lots were quieter, but shoppers kept flocking to grocery stores and congregating outside. restaurants waiting for take-out. Inside a dark post office in the Echo Park neighborhood, a line of customers – spaced as best they could – meandered around the small, closed room lined with letterboxes.

Newsom stressed that California will withhold funding from counties that refuse to enforce the stay at home order. After some counties pushed back prevention measures during a summer surge, a law enforcement task force imposed more than $ 2 million in fines on businesses, issued 179 citations and revoked three business licenses .

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