125 Tribal Tattoos For Men: With Meanings and Tips

You may have come across many tattoos that have black inked lines with a unique design too. Well, these tattoos aren’t just some fancy unique design; they are tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are quite common nowadays among tattoo lovers as this not only gives them a way to showcase some fantastic art in their bodies but also helps them embrace their culture and heritage. Tattoos Tribal have existed for hundreds of years and have originated from many different tribes worldwide.

Tribal tattoos are comparatively cheaper, as they often have straightforward designs; however, some tribal tattoos are a bit extensive as they include color. If you want to commemorate your decedent’s roots, you should get a tribal tattoo.

To help you out, mentioned below are different tribal tattoos from other cultures that include great inking detail.

The Indian Tribe Tattoos

India is a country that consists of many different tribes. Most of these tribes considered tattooing as a necessary declaration. Some even used tribal symbols to identify themselves from a certain tribe. Some tribal tattoos from India include ancient carvings, different geometrical designs, floral designs, tigers, dragons, and many more. In the modern age, people of India get images of different gods and religious objects tattooed on their bodies.

Most of these tattoos include simple black ink and appear all over the body. It’s hard to ignore these beautiful Indian tribal tattoos with many heavy meanings and historical symbolism attached to each tattoo.


Each tribe got a tattoo for different reasons, as each tattoo has a unique symbol attached to it. For example, tribes who got different jewelry-like carvings on their bodies would get this as they believed that this is one thing no one could ever steal from them. Geometrical designs on the face symbolized ensnaring evil beings and kept them safe until they met their ancestors’ afterlife. Other geometrical tattoos on women were a symbol of keeping them from sexual predators. Tattoos that consisted of tigers and other animals were a symbol of mourning for the loss of their loved ones.


Indian tribal tattoos commonly appear on the face and ankles. However, many people get their Gods and different animals tattooed on their back or full chest in the modern age as most of these tattoos are quite descriptive and require a more prominent place.

The Hawaiian Kakau Tattoos

Hawaii is not only known for its beautiful honeymoon spots but also its rich tribal tattoos. Most of the Hawaiian tattoos include different black inked geometric designs with varying animals of water. These tattoos tell a strong story about the other tribes from Hawaii, such as the Tiki and Kakau culture.


Many people get these tattoos for the love of sea animals and water, as most Hawaiian tribe tattoos include turtles and other sea animals. These tattoos also represent a man’s status, especially if he’s a warrior, and is a symbol of protecting your identity. So if you feel like showcasing the warrior-like characteristic in you, a Hawaiian tribal tattoo is perfect for you.


The best place to get Hawaiian tattoos is your sleeve, arm, forearm, calf, or chest. The black inked designs appear perfectly well in all these places and leave your body with some incredible imagery.

The American-Indian Cherokee Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tribal tattoo that holds a strong connection to the American-Indian tribe, look no more, as these Cherokee tattoos are perfect for you. The tattoos mostly include a native-American skull with feathers on top. These tribal tattoos include color and high definition.


Tattoo lovers wear Cherokee tattoos to identify the long-lost tribes. These tattoos also signify a connection with a spirit. So if you’re in the mood of gaining a spiritual vibe, this is just the right tattoo for you.


You can try out these tattoos anywhere on your body. The best places are your arm, chest, and back. If you’re going for a smaller tattoo design, your calf and arm should be perfect.


Samoan Tribal Tattoos

The tribe of Samoan emerges from the Polynesian tribe and has almost the same type of tattoos. However, the Samoans were the first to create a piece of a tattoo. These tattoos mostly include sea creatures and other sea-like features like seashells and waves. Samoan tattoos are quite big, and some of them tend to cover most of the body. These tattoos include classic black ink; however, it requires a lot of talent due to detailing. So if you plan to get Samoan tribal tattoos, make sure you get it done from someone with good experience in this type of tattooing.


Most of the Samoan tattoos symbolize peace, protection, and power. If you’re looking for a way to remind yourself daily about these main attributes of life, getting this tattoo will help with that.


Most Samoan tattoos are big; hence getting it on your chest, back, and arm is best. Most of these tattoos connect, covering all these three areas together with one tattoo.

Irish Celtic Tribe Tattoos

Irish tribal tattoos originate from the Celtic tribal tattoos; however, these tattoos are darker and consist of more shading than Celtic tattoos, even though the designs may be tiny but similar. Most of these tattoos include dragons, dogs, circular rings, birds, and different types of motifs. These tattoos include black ink and cover a wide area of your body.


If you get an Irish circular ring tattooed on your body, it will represent all the magical powers in whatever you possess, including your body. Most Irish tribal tattoos represent supernatural powers and the circle of life that every individual has to go through, which is life and death.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm, foot, shoulders, or chest. The area depends widely on the size of the tattoo.

Maori Tribal Tattoos

The Maori tribe is well known for its hefty figure and big tattoos on their faces. Till today the Maori tribe has stayed consistent with their symbolic tattoos. These tattoos include crisp black lines and different symbols. One of the main creatures you will find in Maori tribal tattoos is turtles. Most of these tattoos appear in black ink and are beautiful to look at due to the explicit details and designs.


The Maori tattoos symbolize great stories that each member of the tribe holds, and it helps to identify themselves as the great Maori tribe. Tattoos that include turtles symbolize a person’s fertility, health, and longevity.


Most Maori tribal tattoos appear on the face, as the Maoris consider the head a very sacred part of the body. Maori tattoos also appear on the calves, back, and arms. Most of the designs appear connected on the back and arms.

Mexican Aztec Tattoos

Mexico contributes to one of the most renowned architectural tattoos known as Aztec tattoos. These tattoos consist of some spectacular Aztec designs with different symbols on them. Most Aztec tattoos include monkeys, Shamans, butterflies, and many other things that hold great symbolism. The black inking fits perfectly well for all these tattoos and helps bring out the realism in it.


Aztec tattoos symbolize power, energies, and mysticism. If you add in different animals like a butterfly, which symbolizes transformation, it will complement the Aztec tattoo. It will represent your transformation into a healthier individual. Other symbols like a monkey represent dancing, and a frog represents joy. The best part about these tattoos is that you can achieve a perfect combination of different things with a strong meaning.


Aztec tattoos are quite descriptive and big in size. So the best place to get it tatted on would be on your back, chest, or full arm.

The Polynesian Tribe Tattoos

Tattoos first originated from the grounds of the Polynesian tribes. These tribes were not aware of writing; hence they used tattoos to express their feelings and identity. Most Polynesian tribal tattoos include shark teeth, turtles, Enata (cloudy sky), spearheads, ocean, Tiki, and many other vital symbols. The symbols appear in black ink, with a mixture of different designs with some negative space. The black ink pops up these symbols and makes them look breathtaking.


Each object present in a Polynesian tattoo holds different meanings; for example, shark teeth represent strength and guidance. Spearheads represent the sting of other animals, and oceans represent changes. These symbols are quite important even today, and many of us can reflect upon them.


Placement is of great importance when it comes to Polynesian tattoos. It is essential to study the placement of Polynesian tattoos before getting one. Each placement has a different purpose and symbolism; for example, if you get a Polynesian tattoo on your upper body, tribal time symbolizes the link between Rangi (Heaven) and Papa (Earth). If you get one on your back, it symbolizes your past mistakes and actions. From your head to foot, you can get Polynesian tattoos tattooed anywhere.


Mexican Skull Candy

mexican skull tattoo

Mexican skull candy tattoos derive from the Mexican tribe of the celebration of the day of the dead. These tattoos include different skeletons with jewelry and colorful makeup on them. Tattoos are usually outlined with black ink and consist of different colored ink. Some of these tattoos are also made out of black and white ink if you’re not fond of colored ink. However, the color helps pop up the tattoo and makes it more visible as a Mexican skull candy.


The Mexican skull candy tattoos mainly symbolize the celebrations of the ‘Day of the dead,’ an important festival celebrated in Mexico. Instead of mourning the loss of the loved one, Mexicans celebrate the life of the dead with color. The skull candy also represents joy and hope to see you loved. If you generally have a great obsession with skulls, you should get this skull candy tattoo.


You can get a skull candy tatted anywhere on your body. One of the best places to get it is on your arm and back

Celtic Tribal Tattoos

The Celtic tribe is not only known for its fierce warriors but also its amazing architectural tattoo designs. Celtic tattoos are quite famous today and appear in many different tattoos with a modernized touch. Celtic tattoos consist of different black inked symbols like knots, animals, circles, and warrior Celtic symbols. Depending on the tattoo design, some Celtic tattoos incorporate a vast range of colors.


If you get a Celtic tattoo of animals, this symbolizes protection and courage, as Celtics identify animals as some of the most powerful creatures on the earth. Celtic circles and trinities represent nature, time, and organic energy. So if you’re an environmentalist and want to showcase your love and respect for the environment, you should get a Celtic circle tattoo.


You can get Celtic tattoos tattooed anywhere on your body. The best places to get it on are your chest, arm, and calf.


The Vikings

Get a touch of one of history’s most talked and mighty tribes, the Vikings. Viking tattoos aren’t that popular, but the descendants of Norse still wear them. Viking tattoos include black and white tattoos of a fierce Viking fighting in battle. Some Viking tattoos include symbols such as the ‘Helm of Awe,’ which was a significant symbol during the era of the Vikings. Most of these tattoos consist of black ink that helps give a dramatic touch.


Viking tribal tattoos mostly symbolize guidance, protection, and fierceness. So if you feel like you’re prone to something harmful, this tattoo will enable a sense of security in you. If you go for a Viking symbol tattoo such as the ‘Helm of Awe,’ it also symbolizes protection and might.


The perfect place for these tattoos is on your arm or the back. If you want to get a bit unique with the placement, you can get your king tattoo tatted near your ear as it covers one side of your head.

Tattoos from the Filipino Tribe

Filipino tribal tattoos are quite common, but only people who descend from the Filipino heritage get these tattoos inked on their bodies. These tattoos include different symbols with some aesthetic linear lines. These tattoos include black ink mostly and also have other characters like eagles, dogs, and men.


Filipino tattoos include scenery from where you grow up; these tattoos remind you of your original roots and to never forget from where you’ve come. Filipino tribal tattoos that include symbols like diamonds and eagles represent how sacred they are in the Filipino tribe.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your full arm or chest, as most of the early Filipinos would get these tribal tattoos on their arm.

tribal tattoos

Native American Dream Catcher Tribal Tattoo

The Native American culture is famous for its tribal tattoos, and till today different people wear these tattoos, especially those who descend from the Native American tribe. One of the most famous Native American tattoos is the dreamcatcher. The feathers present on the dream catcher add a Native American touch to it and leaves you with a subtle and stylish tattoo. Most of these tattoos include colored ink, but you can also get a black and white inked dreamcatcher.


This dreamcatcher tattoo symbolizes protection, and many people believe that it saves them from catching any horrible dreams and bad sports. In the early Native American tribes, people would get this as a sign of victory after winning a war. But mostly, this tattoo was tatted on young children.


The perfect place for a dreamcatcher tattoo would be on your arm or back; in this way, it showcases the dreamcatcher as if it’s hanging down from something.

 tribal tattoo designs

African Tribal Style Tattoos

Africa is known for its rich tribal cultures in different parts of the continent, and some of these tribes still exist. Most of the African tribal tattoos have stories and essential meanings attached to them. Some of these tattoos include flowers, elephants, scenery, and Gods, as the African tribes are home to many different Gods. These tattoos have both black and colored ink. It depends on the type of tattoo you choose and the colors you want to present in it.


African tribal tattoos that include scenery tatted over the whole body symbolize the beauty and riches of the continent and that specific tribe. Other African emblems signify power and strength. The colorful floral design is also a famous African tribal tattoo, and it signifies the health and beauty of a black African man.


Depending on the type of tattoo you choose, you can get these tattoos tattooed anywhere on your body. Tattoos with a significant tribal design look best on the chest that goes all the way down to your arms. You can also get it tattooed on your back and calf.

 tribal tattoos


How much will it cost me to get a tribal tattoo?

The cost of tribal tattoos depends on the type and size of the tattoo you’re getting. If you’re going for a custom tribal tattoo, it will cost you a minimum of $50; however, it will cost you a few more several extra hundred dollars if you go for something bigger than the usual size. Some tattoos also take longer to finish, which will cost you more if your tattoo artist charges you per hour.

How Should I Maintain My Tribal Tattoo?

Aftercare is critical every time you get a tattoo. After you’ve got your tribal tattoo, make sure to keep it clean by applying a cream to it and keep it dry without rubbing it with a cloth. Limit the movement of the specific area you’ve got your tattoo on. If you feel like your tattoo has been infected, you should immediately consult a doctor before it worsens. To stay away from infections, carry out the daily maintenance properly as your tattoo artist has described.

Why shouldn’t I get a tribal tattoo?

You shouldn’t get a tribal tattoo or any tattoo, for that matter, if you are underage. The legal age for getting a tattoo is 18+. If you have any severe allergies or are prone to getting one and currently suffering from a medical condition, you should avoid getting a tattoo. Many people misunderstand tribal tattoos for their real meaning and get them due to their aesthetic design and shading. If you’re unaware of the true meaning of a tribal tattoo, then it is best if you go for something else, as you might offend someone from that specific tribe.

How long will it take to get a tribal tattoo?

The time taken depends widely on the type of tattoo design you choose. If you go for a small tattoo and include less shading, such as tribal motif tattoos, then it will take you a maximum of 2 hours. The bigger and descriptive the tattoo, the longer it will take to complete.

Final Words

Tribal tattoos are quite mesmerizing when it comes to looking at them. The help of these different tribal tattoos from different tribes will help you choose just the right tribal tattoo for yourself. It is best to go for a tribal tattoo that you may have a link with or from where your ancestors came. The tattoos will help you achieve a new look on your body that will make you admire them for the rest of your life.

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