Tremors Stars Kevin Bacon & Michael Gross Reunite in Perfection for New Commercial

More than three decades later, Tremors stars Kevin Bacon and Michael Gross reunited for a new commercial promoting the Verizon phone service Visible. After upgrading the “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” to “12 Degrees,” Bacon invites nearly everyone he knows to join him on Visible, and that includes his old pal from Tremors. The ad debuted during the Grammy Awards and can now be watched online. You can see it for yourself below.

“When you bring a friend every month, you get every month for five dollars, so I’m bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me,” Bacon says in the ad. “Which includes my old co-star, Michael Gross, from that cult 90s film about sandworms.”

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“Trevors!” Gross then shouts, referring to two of Bacon’s stunt doubles who both are named Trevor.

While both actors are known for starring in Tremors, this is the first time the pair have appeared on screen together since the original installment. In the original monster movie about giant sandworms in Nevada, Kevin Bacon starred as Val McKee alongside Gross as Burt Gummer, the two most popular heroes in the series. Though Bacon hasn’t appeared in a movie in the series since, Gross has starred as Burt in all six sequels.

Bacon’s ongoing absence in the Tremors franchise hasn’t been for a lack of trying. The actor reprised his role as Val in a 60-minute pilot for a planned Tremors TV series filmed for Syfy in 2017. A teaser was released online featuring Bacon in character, and at the time, the footage had generated immense excitement from horror fans stoked to see the fan favorite actor back in the role. For reasons that are still unclear, Syfy ultimately passed on the series, killing Bacon’s return to the franchise.

For his part, Gross is still optimistic about reuniting with Bacon for another Tremors project, perhaps in the inevitable eighth installment. Promoting the ad on his Facebook page, Gross writes: “Today a commercial, tomorrow a Tremors sequel? Hey, stranger things have happened!”

Directed by Ron Underwood, the Tremors follows a group of survivors in Perfection, Nevada, who wind up targeted by killer sandworms. Along with Bacon and Gross, the movie Reba McEntire as Burt’s wife Heather, Fred Ward as Earl Bassett, and Finn Carter as Ronda LeBeck. The creature feature is one of the most popular movies of its type, earning critical praise and acclaim for its entertainment value. Even famed critic Roger Ebert, who was infamous for criticizing horror movies, gave Tremors a 4.5/5 star review.

Though we never got the Tremors TV show on Syfy with Bacon back in the lead, there remains a chance we’ll still see Val McKee back in the franchise again someday. Time will tell if that ever happens, but in any case, it’s awesome as a fan to see Bacon and Gross back on the screen together again, even if it felt like they should be taking out some graboids. The new commercial with Bacon and Gross comes to us from Visible on YouTube.

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