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Treating your childs constipation naturally

Treating your childs constipation naturally

Children are often seen complaining about bellyaches as a result of which parents, especially moms, end up struggling to feed them. Constipation, bloating, stomach ache, burping, nausea, diarrhea and gas can all be extremely unsettling for adults and when a child suffers from any of these; it leads to several other problems. They say, “all disease begins in the gut,” and for children with their immune system still developing, the problem can serve as a hindrance in their proper growth. Among children, constipation is one persistent problem often causing them discomfort, hence their absence from school and other activities. Children are prone to suffering from chronic or severe constipation, which, in extreme cases, may extend to regular urgent care pediatric visits.

Treating your childs constipation naturally
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Where It Starts?

Constipation is one of the most common digestive problem and often the most misunderstood ailments. People tend to ignore the problem when it is most definitely indicating to poor digestion and when your food isn’t digesting properly how will your body function and get the energy.

Constipation among children is mostly caused by picky eating, excessive consumption of processed food, low fiber and fluid intake. However, in some cases, some undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities may also be a reason for a number of digestive and intestinal problems.

This underlying problem can also increase the risk of serious diseases. However, when looking for a solution to resolve your child’s digestive problems, parents want treatments to work overnight. It is important for people to realize that issues sprouting from the gut take time to be completely resolved. Also, rather than medicinal prescription, digestive problems should be dealt with a holistic approach and a deeper solution. The most effective approach or to move in the right direction, you should start by adopting a diet-based strategy because dealing with the root of the problem is better than trying to resolve just some apparent symptoms.

What to Feed them?

A nutrition and fiber rich diet, specifically for your picky eater can work wonders in resolving a number of digestive problems.

Whole foods in the diet:

The increase in tummy aches and constipation among children is due to excessive use of processed and packaged foods. By cutting them out of your child’s diet, you solve half the problem. The first step to improving the digestive state of your child is to feed them whole foods with no preservatives and additives.

Benefiting From Bone Broth:

For constipation, one easy to prepare and effective remedy is bone broth. It works as a natural soother for your digestive tract and also absorbs all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If your child is constantly suffering from severe constipation, then including bone broth in at least one meal a day can be extremely soothing. You can also cook other cuisines with broth if your child refuses to drink it as it is.

Increase Fluids:

If the body is adequately hydrated, then there will be no difficulty in passing the stool. However, among most kids, one reason for constipation may be insufficient fluid intake. Your child may not consider drinking a sufficient amount of liquids, it’s important that you make sure that your child is properly hydrated. By making it a habit to drink plenty of fresh juices and water throughout the day, you can treat constipation. However, ask them to not drink too much water during meals and also keep them away from all beverages because they will only worsen the problem. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great for healthy hydration.

Fiber influx:

Fiber is a miraculous element in improving digestion and other health issues. It is as important for children as it is for adults. Unfortunately, a majority of people do not consume the required amount of fiber, every day. On an average, a 6-year-old requires almost 11 grams of fiber, each day. Whole foods like: corn, wheat, rice bran and beans are particularly rich in fiber. While children may not be very happy to eat them as they are, you can include them in their meals through wheat or rice cereals or fiber rich biscuits and bars. Oatmeal is another sneaky food to feed your child the required amount of fiber. By adding more fruits and veggies in their favorite cuisines you can easily cover up for the fiber deficiency in their body.

Get the couch potatoes off the couch:

Not enough physical activity may also be a reason for constipation. Kids these days, either spend their time chugging fast food or in from of some screen, which in terms results in poor digestion. It is important that you promote some physical activity in their everyday routine.

There are many ways you can resolve constipation woes in children through a real food diet. Smoothies, desserts and chocolates are an easy way to sneak in a good amount of mineral, nutrition, fiber and liquids into their food.

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