Traveling To Korea In May Can Be One Of The Best Holiday Ideas

When it comes to traveling, Korea gives East Asian countries a great competition, and is one of the favorite tourist destinations, especially during the spring season. If you are planning a spring vacation, check out this guide Korea in may. With cherry blossoms in full bloom in this month, one can focus on other activities in the area. Read on to find out what Korea has to offer to its visitors.

Weather in korea in may

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May is the spring season in Korea and the weather is mild during this month. Temperatures have a minimum minimum temperature of 8 ° C and an average high temperature of 17 ° C. Bambi weather is quite comfortable to explore the region and with summer rain, one can also enjoy outdoor activities in Korea in May.

Why visit korea in may

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May is one of those months that has a pleasant weather because there is no snow anymore and it is not too hot.
Accommodation is easier to find than the busy summer months.

Events and celebrations in Korea in May

A look at some festivals in Korea in May. If you are a tea buff, then you would definitely like to visit Korea during May 2020.

1. Mungyong Traditional Chasbal Festival

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It is an annual festival that takes place in Mungyeongsaje Provincial Park. The festival starts in late April and continues till May. Among the events taking place here are international exchange exhibitions for Chasbal, Mungyong Traditional Ceramic Ware Exhibition, and more. During this festival, visitors can make their own ceramics and also participate in tea programs. They can also dress in costumes related to the Joseon Dynasty and create memories for a lifetime.

When: to be announced
Where to: Mungayongsaija Provincial Park

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2. Jongmyo Daeje

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It is an event in which there is a traditional parade honoring the royal ancestors of Korea. The parade is quite interesting and showcases cultural performances, lively costumes and elaborate rituals. The parade takes place on the first Sunday of the month and parade through the city of Seoul to the shrine in Jongio. Witness all-day rituals and enjoy traditional music during the event.

When: 3 May 2020
Where to: Seoul

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3. Bossong Green Tea Festival

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The bosong tea fields make for some of the most beautiful landscapes in Korea in May. The tea festival takes place in May and one can experience taking tea leaves, sampling green tea snacks and making tea during the festival. There are more events and one can also learn traditional tea ceremony culture here. A ritual is also performed, where the tea god is prayed for the great harvest!

When: May
Where to: Bossong

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5 Best Places to Visit in Korea in May

May is the best time to explore the outdoors and Korea has some of the most beautiful national parks that one can visit in the region in May. have a look.

1. Jirison National Park

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May is a good time to engage in outdoor activities or explore places in Korea. One may go for trekking in Jirisan National Park in May. One of the best hikes is between Hwomessa and Jungson-ri and takes a 3 days and 2 nights to complete. The first park to be declared as a national park in South Korea, Jirison has some of the best walking routes. So, are you excited?

things to do: Trekking, hiking

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2. Songnison National Park

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Another beautiful place to visit in May, this national park again has beautiful trails that attract hikers. The waterfalls and valleys make for sublime scenery, but the main tourist attraction here is the Boipuja temple. At a distance of one km from the temple is Songnisan tourist village, which has some restaurants, shops to buy souvenirs and tea houses.

things to do: Visit the Beopjusa temple, go hiking, enjoy the beautiful places

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3. Sorakson National Park

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One of the mountains in Korea is named Serakan and the area around it is Serakan National Park. Hiking, which is a common activity during the month of May, is known to attract travelers to this national park, which has some of the most gorgeous trails. One of Korea’s most iconic parks, the park has two Buddhist temples, Bakedasa and Sinhaensa. For those who do not want to climb up but still enjoy panoramic views from above, Serakan Cable TV also has facilities! Excited?

things to do: Cable car ride, hiking

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4. Yangpyeong

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Apart from exploring and hiking the national parks, one can also enjoy strawberry picking in May. December to May is the strawberry season, and this is the last month you won’t want to miss out on the experience. Pick strawberries at a local farm and take them home with you! Living with your partner or children is a great experience!

things to do: Pick strawberry

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5. Garden of Morning Column

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The Garden of Morning Callum is a beautiful arboretum in Gapyeong County. It is a popular tourist attraction in Korea in May as one can enjoy the spring flower festival in this garden from the middle of April to the end of May each year. During May you can enjoy the beauty of botanical gardens and flowers.

things to do: Appreciate nature, witness spring flower festival

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Korea is a great time to roam the road in May. There are many national parks in Korea which can be added to your list for hiking and trekking during the month of May. Book your vacation in Korea with TravelTriangle and enjoy a hassle-free trip!

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Frequently asked questions about Korea in May

Q. Which weather is in Korea in May?

a. It is spring in Korea in May. It starts in March and continues till May.

Q. What is the weather in Korea in May?

a. The weather is very good in Korea with temperatures ranging from 8 ° C to 17 ° C in May.

Q. Which is the best month to visit South Korea?

a. Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November) are the best periods to visit South Korea.

Q. What month does cherry blossom occur in Korea?

a. Cherry blossoms can be expected in Korea from mid-March to April.

Q. Is it good to be outdoors in Korea?

a. Yes, May is the perfect time when anyone can explore Korea and be outside because it is not too hot like the summer months, nor does it see too much rain.

Q. Where can I go for a walk in Korea?

a. There are many national parks in Korea, and they all have some amazing paths for hiking. One can visit Serakanas National Park, which is known for some of the most iconic vistas.

Q. What can I do with children in Korea in May?

a. During May, during a trip with children to Korea, they can go to a farm in Yangpyeong to pick strawberries or participate in the spring flower festival.

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