Travel to Corfu: 5 places not to be missed

The perfect mix of relaxation and culture (also gastronomic!) Corfu, or Kerkyra, the northernmost island of the Ionian archipelago in a gust of wind from Italy, does not hold back in terms of beauty compared to other Greek islands, offering a small paradise where sea and luxuriant nature (over two million olive trees) are the real protagonists. From the beaches and small hidden quarries bathed by a crystal clear sea to the uncultivated and luxuriant nature, the island of Corfu takes your breath away for its disarming naturalness.

Here are 5 destinations not to be missed if you want to fully enjoy your holiday.

Travel to Corfu: 5 places not to be missed

Canal d’Amour

Although there are many beaches that do not disappoint tourists’ expectations, between golden sand or light pebbles, the stop not to be missed is the one that leads you to the wonderful rocky expanses overlooking the sea in the surroundings of Sidari, a picturesque village northwest of the island.
The Canal D’Amour will be able to take your breath away with the series of bays and canals in which rock formations with various shades of yellow dialogue with the green wild vegetation and a blue crystalline sea. Without forgetting the legend that couples who swim through the narrow canal will get married soon. Seeing is believing!

The city of Corfu

The elegant intertwining of cobbled lanes, the capital of Corfu offers unforgettable views that in the ancient part of the city translate into a labyrinth of places and atmospheres with a Byzantine and Venetian flavor. Intimate, romantic, and waiting to be discovered, with its courtyards hidden among the tall buildings whose architectures refer to the poetry of distant times. Getting lost is mandatory in order to fully appreciate the mood of this city embraced by two hills on which stand two fortresses that dominate the whole city.


The highest and most panoramic point of the island is the Mount of Pantokratoras, a few kilometers north-east of the city of Corfu. The mountain, a little over 900 meters high, is a treasure chest immersed in a wild and luxuriant nature that is not crowded at all, where traditional villages hide where time seems to standstill. Ipsos, Spartilas, Strvnilas, and the small group of stone houses of Palia Perithia (old Perithia), a small village dating back to the 14th century, where a handful of people now live and it will be easy to meet in the two local taverns.

The island of Pontikonissi

If you want to organize a small day trip, you can reach the island of Pontikonissi in a bof an eye with a short gulet trip, also known as the Island of the rats. Located south of the city of Kerkyra, this tiny handful of land is in fact little more than a rock covered with rich vegetation, where the only building built is the Byzantine church of Pantokrator.
Legend has it that Pontikonissi is actually Ulysses’ ship turned into rock by Poseidon, to prevent the hero from returning home.
From here you can admire the candid monastery of Vlacherna, a symbol of Corfu, connected to the land by a single pier.

The island of Pontikonissi and the monastery of Vlacherna

Domes Miramare Resort

Once known to be the property of the Onassis, this five-star resort is living a second life while retaining the atmosphere and beauty of the past. Facing the waters of the Ionian Sea, a stay in the Miramare Resort will be an experience where luxury “with the soul” and relaxation will merge with the impeccable hotel industry. The different accommodation solutions, from rooms to villas to suites on the sea enriched with terraces with a private swimming pool and jacuzzi, will guarantee you a stay where you can enjoy the most modern services in an enveloping and elegant atmosphere. These places full of history have hosted Jackie O and Maria Callas among the various celebrities of the past.
The fitness center offers outdoor yoga and pilates classes, fully immersed in nature with the mind and body, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The exclusive Spa will instead allow you precious moments with treatments and massages with a sea view, using the excellence of Elemis products. The different activities proposed by the Resort include romantic sunset escapes on board the Miramaretta yacht. And then of course the restaurants and bars, including the Makris, the Blu Bar and the Raw Bar that offer typical Greek dishes and international research.

Pavillion Suite on the sea with swimming pool

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