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Travel Guide For A Worthwhile Vacation Here

Located in East Asia, Korea is an area consisting of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island, and other small islands close to the peninsula. Due to the beautiful landscape and offers many exciting activities, Korea attracts a lot of tourists. If this area is on your list, go to Korea in April Because it is one of the most beautiful times to happen in the region. Are you wondering why? Read on to find out why you should visit Korea in April.

Korea in April
Korea in April

Weather in Korea in April

Jeju Island, South Korea

April is the spring in Korea and by this month most of the snow has melted. The weather is pleasant and the average temperature in Korea in April varies between 6 ° C to 13 ° C. Some rain can also be expected in this month.

Why go to Korea in April

Best Korea Travel Tips

The winter snow melts and the weather is hot and dry making the area easy to locate.

Cherry blossoms bloom in the month of April, which is one of the most liked months by tourists.

April is the festive season and if you are a nature lover, Korea is the best region to visit in this month and be a part of all the flower festivals.

10 Best Events and Festivals in Korea in April

With the onset of spring, the flowers are in full bloom and most of the festivals in Korea in April include these flowers in excess of cherry blossoms and tulips. Read to know more about them.

1. Yongdengpo Yeoido Spring Flower Festival

Cherry Blossom


It is one of the famous festivals that take place in mid-April on Seoul’s Uoiseo-ro road, once the Forsythia, the royal azaleas, and other flowers are in full bloom. There is no entry fee, and visitors can enjoy the beauty and bloom for free. Cherry blossoms are lit at night, adding to the beauty of the place. Other activities taking place here are street performances, demonstrations, singing competitions and more.

When: Mid-april
Where to: Yeoseo-ro Road, Seoul

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2. Samchek Mengbang Canola Flower Festival

Mustard flower


Another spectacular spring festival in Korea is close to Samoch in Gangwon-do. The main attraction of this festival, held annually in April, is the canola flower, cherry blossoms and the beautiful view of the east coast. Also others may be tempted to pick fresh strawberries and buy items at the local produce market. Some of the nearby tourist attractions are Haesindang Park and the wife of King Suro Park.

When: to be announced
Where to: Maengbang

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3. Cheongsado Slow Walking Festival



Chenggondo Island is known for its pristine beauty and slow pace of life. If you are looking for a break from fast city life, go here to relax and unwind. It is one of the most preferred spring destinations and the festival encourages participants to take a slow walk as they can enjoy the maximum beauty of the island. Terraced rice trees, stunning ocean views, and beautiful yellow canola flowers make this place look out of a storybook!

When: Full april
Where to: Chongsendo Island

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4. Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon

Cherry Blossom


Gyeongju, Korea’s museum town, organizes this marathon annually when the cherry blossom is at its peak. This is a great event in which both locals and tourists participate and run marathons enjoying the beauty of Cherry Blossom. Apart from the cherry lined roads, one can also see temples and other attractions like Sokguram grotto.

When: First or second week of april
Where to: Gyoju

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5. Jiju Cherry Blossom Festival

Fashion show


Being located in the far south of the country, Jiju is the first in Korea to see Cherry Blossom every year. If you are planning a trip to Korea in early April and want to enjoy the cherry blossoms, then Jeju has it, because this is where you get the chance to enjoy these blossoms from late March to early April. is. There are also exhibits and lighting installations, which make this festival all the more vibrant and vibrant.

When: in early April
Where to: Jiju Sports Complex, City Segwipo

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6. Tain Tulip Festival

Tulip field


One of the world’s top 5 tulip festivals, the Taen Tulip Festival in South Korea includes around 1.5 million tulips in various colors. The festivals are both vibrant and fragrant. Canola, digital, and lupine gardens can also be seen here. Often with this festival, one can enjoy taking strawberries to the farm and these are the freshest and tastiest strawberries in Korea.

When: Afternoon on 14th April
Where to: South Korea

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7. Everland Tulip Festival



Another festival that celebrates tulips in the spring is the Everland Tulip Festival. Everland is Korea’s largest theme park and hosts this spectacular tulip festival every April. Apart from tulips, you can enjoy a variety of other 90 species of flowers. The theme park also has parades and fireworks that add to the festive feel.

When: Mid march to end of april
Where to: Everland

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8. Goriocene Mountains Azalia Festival

Red salad


After the cherry blossoms, it is time for the Azalis to show their colors. They are late bloomers and anyone can enjoy these flowers from mid to late April. The festival takes place in the Goriocene Mountains at Gangwa Island in Incheon. The best part of this festival is the hike and one needs to make their way to the top of the mountain to have a glimpse of the Azan below! One can also experience the taste of tea and rice rice pancakes to make here.

When: By the middle of april
Where to: Goriocene Mountains, Incheon

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9. Goryong Daega Experience Festival



It is a great festival which helps to know the culture and history of Daegaya Kingdom. There is a replica village where one can experience the lifestyle of that era. Apart from this there are some activities related to arts and crafts and pottery making. Entrance to the festival is free, but there are some paid interactive activities in the nearby village such as building wooden boats and picking strawberries.

When: to be announced
Where to: Daegaya Historic Theme Parks and Areas of Daegaya-eup

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10. The Cherry Blossom Festival

Whose Gunhung


Last but not least, the Jin Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most famous cherry blossom festivals in Korea. It attracts around 2 million visitors every year and can enjoy Cherry Blossoms with a musical performance, museum tours and a military parade. Cherry blossoms here, paint one of the most romantic sceneries. So, if you are planning a trip to Korea in April with your partner, go to the Jin Cherry Blossom Festival.

When: March to late April
Where to: Jinhae

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April looks like everything thanks to Korea swell cherry blossoms, canola, tulips and more. Book a trip to Korea with TravelTriangle and appreciate the natural beauty with a wonderful time as the region transforms into the beautiful colors of its flowers. Korea is in the form of many festivals in April and if you are a nature lover, this is where you should lead this month without a doubt!

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Frequently asked questions about Korea in April

Q. What is the weather in Korea in April?

a. It is out in Korea in April and the region has a beautiful pink hue due to the pink cherry blossoms.

Q. How cold is Korea in April?

a. The snow starts melting in April and the average temperature is between 6 ° C to 13 ° C.

Q. Where can I see Cherry Blossom in Soul?

a. One can see cherry blossoms in Seoul at the following places:
1. Whose Gunhungje Cherry Blossom Festival
2. Uoid Flower Festival
3. Seoul Seokon Lake

Q. Which is the cheapest month to fly in Seoul?

a. November is the cheapest month to fly to Seoul.

Q. What to do in Seoul Spring?

a. One of the best things to do in Seoul during spring is to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Q. What should I pack for a trip to Korea?

a. If someone is visiting Korea in April, they can pack comfortable cotton clothing for the day and a light jacket for the early morning and late evening.

Q. Is Korea cheaper than Japan?

a. Yes, Korea is definitely cheaper than Japan, but it depends on that kind of accommodation and one experiences its journey.

Q. What is the best souvenir from Korea?

a. Korean tea and Korean paper fans are the best items to buy as souvenirs when visiting Korea.

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