Top 8 Best Translucent powders or Loose Powders in India: Our Top

Are you in search of a good translucent powder or loose powder? We have created this list where we have compiled the try worthy translucent or loose powders. These powders are generally used as a finishing powder or setting powder that sets the makeup. What exactly is the use of such powders then? These powders will not only set the makeup but also minimize the appearance on fine lines and the pores. If you have used a foundation that makes the face a bit dewy and you do not want that then loose powders can be used to minimize the dewiness.

8 best translucent powders loose powders in india

These powders can be translucent which matches all the skin types or they can be colored which can be chosen as per the skin color. These powders are used for setting makeup too. The shine or greasiness that you get after couple of hours can