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How to Transition from Your Student Wardrobe to a Career Wardrobe

How to Transition from Your Student Wardrobe to a Career Wardrobe

Career Wardrobe: As a busy student, your wardrobe choices revolve around comfort. A low price tag, and garments that are simple to throw on.

Career Wardrobe
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While there is nothing wrong with this wardrobe during your student years. It’s definitely not going to be acceptable once you graduate and head out into the workforce.

So how can you transition from your student wardrobe to a career wardrobe. And ensure you make all the right choices? Here’s a guide that can help you.

Start Making the Transition While Still in School

Many students end up waiting until they graduate from their bachelor’s or masters’ program. Before they make that transition, but there’s really no benefit in waiting.

Instead, it’s a good idea to spend the last portion of your schooling days dressing the part that you wish to land.

For example, let’s say you have been studying for your bachelor’s of accounting and you are just a few months away from earning your degree.

Now is the time to make the transition. Because the longer you wait the more stress you’re going to put on yourself to get organized at the last minute.

If you plan on going for job interviews while you are completing your degree, then you need to already have work appropriate attire on hand.

Today, large numbers of students are choosing to study online, such as the popular online bachelor’s degree in accounting program.

You may feel even less inclined to transition your wardrobe if you’re “only studying online”. But again it’s about being prepared, which can really pay off.

Begin With Small Changes

Another tip is to start small. It can be pretty overwhelming, not to mention expensive, to purchase a whole new wardrobe. So usually, the best plan is to start with small changes. You can start to purchase items here and there and work on building a complete career appropriate wardrobe.

One of the first pieces you’ll want to purchase is a blazer. What’s great about blazers is that they aren’t just for work. You can just as easily throw that black blazer over a plain white t-shirt and pair it with dark denim jeans. You’ll look together and stylish. For the office, that same blazer can be worn with trousers, dresses, and skirts.

The next “small change” you can make is with your footwear. While there is nothing wrong with owning running shoes and sandals, they won’t exactly be welcome in the workplace. A good tip is to shop around for a basic pair of pumps. If you aren’t used to wearing heels, just go for something low like a kitten heel. Make sure to pick a neutral color so they will work with everything.

Start Shopping for Sales

You may also want to create a list of items you need in order to build a career, such as a suit, blouses, mix and match trousers, and a professional looking tote. By creating a list you will find it easier to shop the sales.

Look and Feel the Part

By transitioning to a career wardrobe, not only will you look the part when the time comes but it will also help you get into that professional frame of mind.

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