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Top Three Tips for Buying Gadgets Online

Top Three Tips for Buying Gadgets Online: Everyone loves a good gadget. Electronics have been getting increasingly popular for the last fifty years and show no sign of stopping. Soon, it won’t be enough to just have the latest iPhone – you also need an Apple Watch and an iPad for when you’re away from the computer!

Apple WatchAll these things are fun, and new technology is always exciting, but “keeping up with the Joneses” (or Jobses, as the case may be) can get very expensive. Luckily, a little smart shopping can help you to own all the toys you want without breaking the bank.

A good coupon can be your coup de grace when buying expensive items online! Finding coupons for electronics in real life can be time consuming and difficult, but online, it’s much easier.

Websites can help you to find coupon codes for all types of vendors and products. Whether you are buying a new laptop, a big-screen TV, or even movie tickets, a great discount is only a Google search away.

These websites often have amazing deals, so if you are buying a big-ticket item, be sure to search for any available coupon codes before you check out your cart. Discounts run up to hundreds of dollars and are easy to find.

Seasonal Savings

There are certain times it’s better to buy electronics, whether you decide to do it in person or through the internet. Black Friday is famous for both its sales and the incredible, desperate crowds.

If waking up at 6am to line up outside a Wal-Mart doesn’t appeal to you, consider taking advantage of an alternate “sales holiday” like Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Black Friday of online sales.

Another good time to buy is during a tax-free weekend. It may seem like a negligible amount, but on a thousand-dollar item, tax adds up considerably.

4 Reasons to Buy Your Electronics Online

Compare Prices

Comparison shopping is the key to finding your best possible deal. Some stores will price match other vendors. This is great because if you find a laptop online at a really good price, but don’t want to bother with waiting for it to be delivered or paying for shipping, you can just go to a store that price matches and buy it same day.

Another big advantage is being able to try out the product before you buy it. Buying online carries the risk of a bait and switch, or the product not being as described. It can be a big relief to test the product out in person.

Shop Smart And Save

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you will find the best possible price on all your new electronics. People will be coming to you when it’s time for a new flat screen, begging for your deal-hunting secrets!

Buying electronic gadgets is not an easy task. One expert says that a little planning can not only help in buying great gadgets, but will also save money.

1. Check the calendar

If you are not in a hurry, wait for festive occasions to buy gadgets. The festive season is always filled with low prices on gadgets. You can always avail the best deals on such days.

2. Check the review

Never be tempted by advertisements for gadgets. Always look at consumer and product reviews first, before purchasing any gadget. This can be done both online and offline. No matter how tempting the ad looks, with reviews you can easily find out whether the gadget will perform as an advertisement.

3. Comparison shopping through app

Comparing online shopping is an old concept, but now more innovative options are available that can make comparison shopping even easier. Thanks to the app revolution, smartphone owners can get instant price comparisons for both online retailers and local shops. But make sure you always look at apps that provide factual data and not just marketing data.

4. Beware of Online Scammers

When you buy a gadget online make sure you are not scammed. Always shop from famous and reputed websites. Online marketplaces have a lot of sellers on them and that is why one needs to be careful because not everyone guarantees authentic products. For complete assurance, purchase it from a that guarantees that the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Check again

Last and most important, check that the product has not been opened or tampered with. If you are buying it offline, you can see it right at the counter. For online, check as soon as shipment is received. For example a mobile phone always comes with a seal on the box. Make sure not to open. Also check the serial number to find out if the product is genuine.

Interesting Facts about Mobile Phone Gadgets

Here Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Gadgets Online

Best Buy recently announced the closure of 50 stores, and experts are anticipating the inevitable demise of the big-box company due to stiff competition from e-retailers like Amazon.

In 2011, Amazon’s revenue in electronics and general merchandise sales grew 69 percent, according to the Associated Press. And Circuit City accepted its fate years ago when it closed its brick-and-mortar locations and now operates exclusively online.

Convenience and superior prices are the name of online-purchase games, but this does not mean that there are no disadvantages to the practice. Before you invest in your next treasured gadget, consider these tasks before clicking “Purchase”.

Compare prices
Most people know to consult prices online when shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, but the same diligence must be applied when purchasing something online. Although Amazon offers competitive pricing, it inspires you to look at other sites and take advantage of sales and promotions.

Do not skip promo code box
If you notice a place for a “coupon code” or “promo code” at checkout, it means that there is a code out there that is lurking outside to save you even more. Sites like FreeShipping.org make it easy to find current deals from reliable electronics e-retailers like Tiger Direct.

DO Track Price History
Knowing the price history of an item helps you determine the best time to buy it. The aptly named Decide.com provides a quick “buy” or “wait” recommendation when entering the product you coveted based on the item’s price history.

Don’t forget about open box
You might think that open box items are reserved for physical store locations, but think again. Popular electronics e-retailer Newegg has a box dedicated to open-box items, all of which are guaranteed quality by the company and are available for a fraction of the original price.

Consider used or refurbished
Like open-box items, used or refurbished electronics are a great choice for expensive new items. If you just can’t swing the cost of a new TV, there’s no need to give up on your own dream when refurbished sets often come with warranties and include new parts and accessories.

Do not buy extended warranty
Online shopping helps you avoid annoying song and dance about extended warranties at checkout, but that doesn’t mean online retailers won’t try to sell you on extras. Do not talk their reasoning into an unnecessary purchase; The warranty given by the manufacturer is almost always sufficient. In other ways sellers try to pitch extended warranties, see this article from the consumer.

Shop safely
Online shopping offers unique convenience by physical stores, but it is not without its dangers. To avoid being a victim of identity theft, make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and do not make purchases on public networks. For extra security, use your credit card and always look for “https” in the checkout URL.

Don’t leave it at your door
Once you determine the best time to buy, the best website, from which to purchase, and the most secure payment method, do not allow your new gadget to sit unprotected at your door. If your workplace allows it, send it to the office or a trusted friend or family member, who will be home at the time of delivery.

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