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Top Ten Best Camera Phones in USA

Top Ten Best Camera Phones in the USA

Best Camera Phones in the USA: When it comes to cameras, everyone has one in their pockets now. Camera phones offer you the chance to take a perfect snap whenever an opportunity arises. For that reason, it’s important to know which camera phones are the best in the market. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top ten camera phones available in the USA that you can buy or use:

Best Camera Phones in USA
Best Camera Phones in the USA

The Huawei P9

The P9 is an amazing phone that comes with a perfect camera. Termed as handy dandy pocket DSLR, the camera of the phone is one of the most powerful ones in the market. It offers the users with a rear Leica Summarit H camera that comes with 12 MP resolution.

Its front camera, on the other hand, comes with 8 MP Selfie camera that helps you to take amazing selfies easily.

The camera is accentuated with the quick launch feature that allows you to open it by double pressing the volume button.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has always given the best phones, and their cameras are also amazing. Their Galaxy S7 is yet another phone that comes with a powerful camera. It has the same 12 MP camera as Huawei but offers far better results. The camera comes with f/1.9 aperture dual-pixel technology. The front camera is equally impressive coming in with awesome 5-megapixel power.

Pictures taken with the phone in dim light are also quite useful to the aperture of the camera. Other options that you will love in the camera are the slow-motion, presets, time-lapse and fixed focus. It’s a catch.

IPhone 6

Talking about Samsung without referring to IPhone 6 is going to be like committing a crime. IPhone 6 was revolutionary when it came to a camera phone. Experts said that its 8 MP camera was better compared to phones that had 12 MP.

The camera comes with pixel focus tech that allows you to enjoy faster snaps and higher quality of images. And the camera is powered as always by native iOS of Apple.

LG V10

Another phone that you should look into due to its camera will be the LG V10. The camera is powered by LG’s software that helps it to perform better compared to its competitors. The camera has an f/1.8 aperture, that means it will work amazingly well when it comes to bright or dark lighting.

A unique feature of the phone is the “tri camera” technology. This refers to the two cameras on the front, and they can be combined to make a 120-degree angle photo.

The rear camera, unfortunately, doesn’t come with such a high level of detail even though it’s a whopping 16 MP. However it still an impressive camera to work with.

Moto X Pure Edition

Motorola has never made its mark in the mobile market with its cameras. But the company did outshine itself when it launched the Moto X Pure edition. The camera offers a powerful 21 MP Main camera that is equipped with a dual-tone flash and has an f/2.0 aperture lens.

Under 400$, the Moto X Pure Edition is a great buy, especially if it’s the camera you want.


The LG G4 camera has everything that you want in a great phone camera. Its images are perfect, the outdoor pictures come complete, and the results will rarely come overexposed.

But the main selling point is the camera’s ability to take pictures in low light ambience. The f/1.8 aperture lens doesn’t disappoint, and the essential processing software does wonders.

When LG says that the phone takes true to life pictures, they weren’t lying. The 8 MP front camera will also impress the selfie crowd.

The Sony Xperia Z5

When we talk about camera phones, we must talk about Sony and its Xperia Z5. The front camera is super fast. It takes your pictures within 0.03 seconds. The focus is incredibly fast, and you will find yourself struggling to catch up with it.

The camera also shoots amazing slow-motion videos at 720p, which are fantastic.

Sony has also done a remarkable job on the camera’s stabilising software that allows you to enjoy with videos with clear picture along with no noise.

Nexus 6P

Google’s Nexus 6P is an incredible phone with an incredible camera. The camera takes fantastic pictures in low light, and it’s HDR mode is the best in the market.

But the camera doesn’t come with an OIS. This feature is much loved in smartphones because it helps in reducing the blur that comes in images and videos due to motion — nevertheless, an excellent camera to work with.

The LG G5

This is the second phone in the list from LG, but the fact is that LG does make awesome camera phones. The G5 offers you a dual camera like the V10, but it’s the 8 MP rear camera that makes it enjoyable. You can switch between the 8 and 16 MP cameras on the phone according to your needs.

IPhone 6 S Plus

We are going to end the list with IPhone 6S Plus. An improvement from iPhone 6’s camera, the back camera is now 12 megapixel along with 1.22-micron pixels snap power. The camera has brilliant OIS (it’s only on Plus not on 6S). Oh, don’t forget that the 6S Plus camera comes with live photo option that allows you to make pictures that save movements during the picture capture. The front end camera is 5 MP and is perfect for Facetime and selfies.

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