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Top Ten Best Camera Phone in India

Top Ten Best Camera Phone in India

Best Camera PhoneBelow are the lists of the top ten camera phones available in the Indian Market right now. Smart phones now a day are designed to capture great quality pictures. Fitted with cameras to take brilliant pictures, these phones are no short of the professional cameras.  Loaded with cool features like auto focus, touch focus, digital zoom, panorama mode, filter effects, these camera phones know how to stand out in the crowd among the several other smart phones available in Indian market. The top phone makers like Samsung, Apple and Sony are fighting it out to the race of the best camera phones in India.

  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus

With a hefty price tag, Apple iPhone 6s Plus has the best class of camera fitted to it taking mind blowing pictures. It is fitted with a 12 MP camera at the rear with BSI CMOS sensor to take high quality pictures. The camera has an aperture value of f2.2. Apple has also introduced the Live photo technology with this phone where one can record the moments just before capturing a photo. This phone is capable of taking 4K quality pictures. It also sports a powerful 5 MP front camera to take cool selfies.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual Sim

This high end Samsung phone called the Galaxy S7 Edge is the latest technology Samsung has to offer for its faithful customers. It is fitted with a 12 MP rear camera with aperture value f/1.7. This camera has dual pixel sensor which is of professional quality. It also comes with a rear 26 mm lens. There are some very cool features like optical image stabilization, phase detection in auto focus mode, motion panorama, hyperlapse, etc. This phone is fitted with a front camera of 5 MP.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It boosts a massive 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera and a dual LED flash. It works like magic in low light conditions and the pictures are of high quality which does not get distorted after high zooming. Its camera is a f/1.9 aperture and the rear lens of 28 mm. The images of this camera were very sharp and high detailed. It records amazing 4K videos.

  • LG G4 Dual Sim

Argued one of the best camera phones in the market with a moderate budget, this LG phone comes with a 16 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. The aperture value of the rear camera is f/1.8. It supports RAW format and also manual mode shooting of photos. These features are found in entry level DSLRs. It has great low light performance and takes fast pictures.

  • Huawei Nexus 6P

This device is fitted with a 12 MP rear camera designed to work like magic in very poor light conditions also. Google has done an excellent job by putting the 1.55 µm pixel size. The images taken by this Nexus phone is sharp and crisp. Also the rate of capturing pictures is very fast. It is also fitted with an 8 MP front camera.

  • LG Nexus 5X

In response to Huawei’s Nexus, LG has also launched this Nexus 5X which has a 12.3 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera along with dual LED flash. One cool feature with LG nexus 5X is its IR laser auto focus which does a great job in the focusing department.

  • Motorola Moto X Style

A mind blowing 21 MP rear camera with 5 MP front camera and dual flash, this Motorola beast has the largest mega pixel count among the players. But it surely misses the OIS technology needed for low light capturing and does not perform as good as its other competitors in low light conditions.

  • Lenovo Vibe X3

Given the price it comes, the Lenovo Vive X3 packs a punch here. With the 21 MP rear camera just like its competitor Motorola, this phone is capable of taking some great pictures. It also has an 8 MP front camera to take great quality selfies.

  • Motorola Moto X Play

A 21 MP rear camera with 5MP front camera, this Motorola phone takes crisp and sharp images in almost all light conditions. It has dual LED flash support. Cool features like phase detect auto focusing, color correlated temperature flash, panorama, HDR recording etc are present in this budget smart phone.

  • One Plus X

The One Plus X is a budget smart phone which is smartly priced and it comes with a 13 MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture value. Also for selfies, a front camera of 8 MP is present. Modes like panorama, touch focus, face detection, beauty mode, etc are available in this camera phone. It takes some great images in clear day light but however it falls short of the big players when it comes to low light photo capturing.


RankPhonesFront camera (in MP)Rear camera (in MP)
1Apple iPhone 6s Plus512
2Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual Sim512
3Samsung Galaxy Note 5516
4LG G4 Dual Sim816
5Huawei Nexus 6P812
6LG Nexus 5X512.3
7Motorola Moto X Style521
8Lenovo Vibe X3821
9Motorola Moto X Play521
10One Plus X813


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