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Top Selection of Hidden Cameras of 2020

Safety Tips: What to Look for in a Hidden Camera

Location The location where you plan to use your hidden camera will help you pick the best product for your needs. Ask yourself questions like: Will the camera be outside or exposed to the weather? Does it need a wide-view to capture a whole room? If it’s motion-activated, does it need technology to rule out false alarms? You’ll be able to narrow down your selection as you define which features will be useful.

Video quality Another important consideration is the quality of video the camera captures. Since hidden cameras are very small, this quality may not be as good as that of a standard camera, but you should look for a product with at least 720 pixels—otherwise, you may not be able to make out details in the footage.

Record time Some hidden cameras only capture motion-activated clips, while others record continuously. Look into which method your camera uses, as well as whether the video footage is stored on a memory card or uploaded to the internet—if it’s the former, keep in mind that most cameras rewrite over existing files once full. This means you’ll have to check the footage regularly or risk losing it.

Hidden Cameras of 2020
Hidden Cameras of 2020

Mini Wireless Hidden spy Camera, Full HD 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny cam with Night Vision, Video Record and Motion Detection for Home, Car, Drone, Office, and Outdoor Use

Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Power Battery Powered
Alert type Motion Only
Light Type LED
Battery Power 200 Milliampere Hour (mAh)

Buy a hidden camera on a budget for affordable surveillance anywhere. While you might sacrifice some video quality and Wi-Fi functionality, the Supoggy Mini Wireless Hidden Camera will give you inside info and a front-row seat to everything that happens while you’re away—all for about $30.

The camera features 1080P recording, but its small size does limit the lens to a 75-degree field of view. With 6 IR LED lights, you’ll still be able to record at night or in low-light conditions. Unlike other hidden cameras with Wi-Fi functionality, this model is limited to recording to an internal SD card only (up to 32GB). Any motion detected will trigger video recording to begin, which helps to conserve the somewhat limited 1-hour battery run time.

This budget camera is super small and ultra-portable. It’s roughly the size of your thumb and easily blends into the surroundings but also includes a clip if you want to attach it to your clothing as a body cam. Though it has shortcomings like limited memory storage and battery run time, along with no ability to access the footage remotely, people are very pleased with this small-but-mighty camera’s performance.

Wireless Camera Photo Frame with Clock Display HD 1080P WiFi IP Nanny Cam Home Security Cameras Night Vision Motion Detection

Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Alert type Motion Only
Plug Profile Wall Mount
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB

About this item

  • Wireless Security Camera Picture Frame with Clock Display — No Wire, No Mess. No matter on the table, shelf or just mount to wall. It is right there in any environment. Built-in invisible night vision LEDs, nobody will suspect this standard a camera hidden in photo frame.
  • Live Streaming via App — You can remotely control the camera, stream real-time video or download videos and photos to your smart device once the device is connected to Wi-Fi network.
  • Night Vision Function — This spy security camera with a high-quality video recorder can record clearly what is going on in your home or office. Provides the ability to manually turn on/off the night vision. You can know what happens even in the dark.
  • Motion Detection Alarm & Record — This wireless hidden camera will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short 10-60 seconds clip of the event to the SD Card once a motion is detected. Next you can playback remotely or download recorded video to your phone album.
  • 100% Warranty — 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support Provided. If you have any questions with this photo frame camera, please feel free to contact us.

photo frame makes a great disguise for a hidden camera. While the frame appears to hold your favorite photo, it’s equipped with a 1080P hidden camera to keep an eye on everything that happens within a 110-degree field of view.

This wireless photo frame has a built-in battery, so you can put the frame anywhere in the room. A motion detection feature sends short video clips to your phone anytime there is an action that you might want to see. You can also use the app to check the live stream at any time.

While most users are very happy with the performance of this photo frame, the biggest complaint is that there’s a digital clock display at the bottom of the frame. Most people wish there was a way to turn this off. In addition, there are indicator lights that most reviewers recommend turning off to keep the real purpose of this photo frame concealed.

Hidden Camera Speakers – Spy Camera 170 Degree 1080P WiFi HD Night Vision Mini Camera Video Recorder Wireless Nanny Cam

Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Video capture format MPEG-4, MJPEG
Model C2I_INV_B07DNHK536_R

Play some tunes and keep everything happening in the room insight with a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a hidden camera. The WNAT Hidden Camera Speaker is a popular choice for a device that looks and sounds like a speaker, but in reality, is a hidden camera.

One standout feature of this product is the fact that the camera can be rotated 170 degrees to the left or right. People love that they can see the entire room when compared to hidden cameras with a fixed position lens.

This hidden camera is equipped with Wi-Fi, will send motion detection alerts to your smart device, and accepts up to a 128 GB SD card (not included). The 1080P picture quality is plenty according to users, who also report that the speakers themselves are also very functional.

For a hidden camera with a discreet top-level view of what’s happening in your home, consider the ZXWDDP Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera. This device looks like a conventional smoke detector but houses a 1080P HD video camera inside to keep a watchful eye on your living room, child’s nursery, office, and more.

This smoke detector with a hidden camera can either be hardwired for continuous operation, or you can detach the top of the smoke detector to charge the battery. When fully charged, the battery will last for about 4 hours of video recording. With Wi-Fi functionality, you can also check the live feed of this hidden camera at any time, plus receive real-time notifications and still images when motion is detected.

Reviewers consistently comment on how much this hidden camera looks like a regular smoke detector, and it’s been used to keep an eye on nannies as well as kids during homework time! With night vision, a zoom feature, and space for an SD card up to 128 GB, you can’t go wrong with this model.

AMCSXH HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Wall Clock with Motion Detection, Security for Home and Office, Nanny Cam/Pet Cam/Wall Clock Cam, Remote-Real Time Video, Support iOS/Android, Video only

Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Power Battery Powered
Alert type Motion Only
Mounting Type Wall Mount

About this item

  • WIFI HIDDEN CLOCK CAMERA: It looks like an ordinary clock, but actually, it is a hidden camera, the spy wall clock can hang on the wall or stand on the table when you are out, the wireless home security clock camera can help you to monitor your home, your baby and babysitter.
  • MOTION DETECTION: When the wall camera detects a moving object, the wall clock with the camera will send an alarm and send 3 photos to your connected mobile device, it can help you to keep the safety of your property and family when you are out.
  • EASY TO SET: The spy wall clock camera is easy to set up, you can monitor via phone or computer anywhere and any time, you could live-stream your footage from anywhere in the world, if you are the first time to use the wifi camera. Don’t worry, any problems, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to support you.
  • SD CARD RECORDING: You can also use the SD card to record. Just need to insert a 32GB card(Not include) then will automatically record a video every 3 minutes after booting. You can set it in the phone app.
  • DEAR CUSTOMER: Thanks for you to visit our shop, the hidden camera clock is high quality and competitive price, the spy camera has smooths refunds, lifetime technical support, Satisfy to the customer unconditionally. We can give you the best service and solve all your problems.

Keep track of time and everything else that happens in your home or office with a hidden camera wall clock. This basic but efficient version from AMCSXH can be hung anywhere you need 1080P video surveillance.

The hidden camera is tucked into the face of the clock, and users report that it’s very well concealed. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can take a quick look into the video feed any time, but the camera also is equipped with motion detection if you want to receive instant alerts to your phone. The camera has a 90-degree field-of-view.

You can charge the battery for a wireless power or hardwire it for continuous operation. The clock itself runs on a separate AA battery. Overall, this hidden camera wall clock works well and escapes detection. However, people do find its basic appearance to be on the boring side—but maybe it’s for the best that this hidden camera doesn’t draw too much attention!

The LKcare Camera Pen looks like your average writing tool, but inside is a 1080P camera that can record video to the 32GB SD card or take pictures on demand. This pen is a great option if you need a portable hidden camera that is lightweight, easy to carry, and discreet.

It’s a functional ballpoint pen that writes smoothly according to reviewers and includes five ink refills. Users appreciate the fact that the camera is able to capture video but can also take photographs with the simple click of a button on top of the pen. Be aware, though, that for the video to be stable, the pen has to be held in a stationary position—otherwise, the footage will be shaky.

A rechargeable battery powers this hidden camera pen for up to 2.5 hours, giving you plenty of time to record meetings, capture important data for later reference, and more. It also is a good choice if you’re looking for a hidden camera for your desk since the inconspicuous black pen blends in with other writing tools—just don’t let anyone borrow it!

Mini Spy Camera WiFi, Jayol 1080P Spy Hidden Camera Upgraded Night Vision and Motion Detection Spy Cam, Portable Nanny Camera for Home/Office Security and Outdoor (with Cell Phone App)

Wireless Communication Technology IR
Video Capture Resolution 1080p, 720p, Other
Power Battery Powered
Alert type Motion Only
Mounting Type Surface Mount

For an extra layer of security, invest in a device that allows you to monitor your home and belongings when you’re away. And unlike a home security system that might cost a bit more, hidden cameras are a relatively inexpensive option that will still give you peace of mind.

If you want a top-rated hidden camera that can be placed anywhere, we recommend the Jayol Mini Hidden Camera. At just over 1-inch high, this camera can easily be used as a hidden camera for your home, office, car, or anywhere else you want to keep a watchful eye.

This model boasts superior video resolution—up to 1080P during the day and 780P at night. The camera records to an internal SD card (up to 64GB), but you can also access the video feed remotely (via an app for IOS or Android) once the camera is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. Users typically find the set-up process to be frustration-free, but the included instruction manual draws complaints regarding its hard-to-read tiny font size. It includes a rechargeable battery, but if you want this camera on duty all the time, it may be best to plug it in—since constant recording tends to drain the battery quickly.

While this hidden camera doesn’t cloak itself as another common household object, like a clock, book, pen, etc., its small size and noiseless operation make it easy to conceal in everyday places. You can attach it to a wall with the included sticky pad, set it on a shelf tucked in with other electronics, or use it in your car as a dashcam. The 140-degree wide-angle lens captures plenty of action in the room, which is another plus for users. For right around $50, this hidden camera helps you check in on activity you might otherwise miss while you’re away.

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