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Top Five Light Facts Every Photographer Should Know

Top Five Light Facts Every Photographer Should Know

A writer spews magic with the help of exquisite words, a chef impresses the world by his cutlery skills and a photographer enamours the world by managing lights really well. Photography comes across as a easy profession but only who have been in there knows how difficult it is to create a Time-lapse or capture that exquisite shot of rising sun in the morning.

Top Five Light Facts

Photography is all about timing and light; while timing comes to a profession with a lot of incessant practice light is something that can be studied and tamed. Here is a list of five important light facts, understand these and you will be able to create picturesque portraits with great ease and grace:


Broader the light , the softer the light:Don’t want to take noisy pictures? Broaden the of light. Use high mask lights for fashion photography or place the object in front of the natural of light like Moon and Sun. Never place the object ‘under the sun’, place it in front of it.

Want sharp images? Place the at a distant:Varied photography projects are going to have varied needs. When working for sharp images make sure that you are placing the ‘broader’ of light at a distance.

Light Sabres
Light Sabres

Two things you will need to manage here are:

  1. Keep the broader because the light needs to travel a long distance here.
  2. Do not place any item in between the of light and object. The intermediate item will cast a shadow and ruin the image.

Lightfall and its effect on the background:Photography in the contemporary world has turned out to be a way telling stories.Professionals try to mix object, background and tell exquisite stories of love and relationship. Lightfall is one amazing photography effect that brews an eloquent relationship between the object and the background. The professionals need to practice and master it.

Front lighting emphasizes texture:Mixing light and creating a shadow that never existed is the true skill of a professional photographer. You can be the one but it will require a lot of study and practice. Let us introduce you to a phenomenon. Front lighting eases the texture and helps you create a magical impression.

Light Sabres

Shadows talk a lot of volume: What is the use of light if it cannot cast a shadow? A bright background with a huge of light will help you in acquiring the right size of the shadow. A professional will always create such a shadow and edit it accordingly in the post processing. This is one of the most commonly used tricks in fashion and wedding photography.

Photographers are the most love human beings on this planet; they are invited to every party and marriages. If you have decided to pursue your career as a photographer, it is important for you to do the requisite research and background study. Do not commit blunders when the dais is all set. Go and create beautiful portraits by managing the light really well.

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