Top 10 Best Anti-Pimple Cream, Anti-Acne Products in India: (2023)

pimple creams in indiaBest Pimple cream/ Acne products in India

Pimple and Acne not only haunts teenagers but even the adults can face this bout of acne which leaves marks and spots. One need to make sure that a good pimple/ acne skin care regimen is followed along with some acne pimple clearing products with ingredients like salicylic acid, clove etc which can help a lot in clearing the acne and pimple infection. When the acne is severe, it is recommended that you should see a dermatologist. Mild acne and pimples can be treated with these pimple care products in India. We have compiled this list of acne products that you can find in India along with their prices. Acne is hard to get rid of when we do not use the suitable acne clearing products. Pimples can be pesky that lowers the self confidence and also can be painful when they get filled with pus. So, using the anti-pimple creams can help to reduce the acne and also the removal of pimple marks on the skin.

10 Best Anti Pimple and Anti-Acne Creams in India (2023)

So, here are the best selling anti pimple and anti-acne skin creams that can be suitable to get rid of the acne from the face.  Check the best creams for dark spots and pimple spots on the face.

1. VLCC Acne Care 3 Day On Spot Corrector

UntitledVLCC 3 day acne corrector product is a clear gel with the goodness and healing ingredients like clove which is known for the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This acne clearing gel purifies the skin and cleanses the skin to prevent the pimple occurrence due to the excessive sebum. It also has Salicylic acid which dries out the pimples to heal them fast. This gel also decreases oil production and makes skin clear. It claims to remove acne and pimple marks within 2-3 days. It is not that possible you see but still can be applied.

Price: It is for 79 rupees.

10 Best Skin Care Products For Acne and pimples in India

2. Lotus Herbals Acne gel Tea Tree Anti Pimple & Acne Gel

lotus acne gel

Lotus acne clearing gel helps regulating oil producing glands in the skin thereby also controls the pimples and acne. It removes scars, marks and pimples from the face. It has the tea tree extracts that are known for its anti-bacterial properties which can cure the pimples faster. This gel can dry the pimples and the red swollen acne are treating. You can apply this anti acne gel daily in the evening and morning.

Price: It is for 225 Rupees.

3. Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector


Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector has intensive spot clearing and correcting ingredients that instantly and immediately works to get rid of the problem of acne. The light and clear gel formula gets absorbed well and dries quickly which fades the marks. It also has Salicylic acid which heals the pimples and the Glycolic acid which dry out the blemishes.

Price: This acne corrector is for 350 Rupees.

4. Fab India Clove Gel Pack

fabindia clove packThis clove gel pack is a light cream base pack which is designed especially for the oily skin. It purifies the skin and pores on a deeper level and controls the sebum production. When applied on the acne, it reduces the redness and the infections causes by the bacteria. Clove is antimicrobial which makes this good for oily skin cure and treatment of acne and pimples.

Price: This anti-pimple is for 225 rupees.

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5. Himalaya Herbals Acne and Pimple Cream

himalaya pimple cream

Himalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream has antiseptic, astringent and skin soothing properties which treat pimples and the skin problems. The cream is rich in the various natural ingredients that helps fight the acne and pimple problems. You can apply the cream at night, so you can apply this daily at night to get rid of the acne and pimples. It’s also a pimple and acne spot removal cream.

Price: This anti pimple cream is for 49 rupees.

6. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen

garnier pimple pen

Garnier pimples clear pen is a clear gel with the pimple clearing properties and is dermatologically tested. This pimple cream is made from the natural herbs and ingredients which helps fight pimples and gives a flawless skin. The gel has vitamin B3, Eucalyptus and menthol which nourishes the skin and heals pimples and acne soon. It is able to remove the black spots and marks from the face.

Price: This Anti-pimple gel is for 99 Rupees.

7. Revlon Touch & Glow Pimple Corrector

revlon touch and glow pimple penRevlon pimple corrector has skin healing and pimple clearing ingredients like salicylic acid, Acnacidol, and witch hazel extracts. The pimple corrector also reduces sebum and prevents clogging of pores and breakouts due to that. This anti acne gel cream also prevents blackheads and tightens the appearance of pores for a flawless clear skin.

Price: 99 rupees

8. Bajaj No marks Pimple Cream

no marks pimple cream

No Marks Pimple Cream moisturizes the skin and at the same time clear the pimple infection. This cream is ideal for oily acne prone skin. It also provides fairness while it is also treating the pimples and acne on the face. It contains almond, aloe and lemon extracts. These extracts will help to lighten the skin tone and treat the inflamed red swollen acne.

Price: It is for 85 rupees

9. Shahnaz Husain Sha clove Pimple cream

shanaz hussain sha clove

This Shahnaz hussain Anti-pimple cream is for oily acne pimple prone skin it is formulated with clove oil, zinc oxide etc which clear out the skin. Zinc oxide is used to dry out the acne and pimples on the face. You can apply this anti-acne skin cream once in a day to reduce the infection and the breakouts of the pimples.

Price: 650 rupees

10. Clearsil Pimple Clearing Gel

clearsil pimple cream

Clearsil pimple clearing gel is dermatologically tested and it is a light gel like formula which prevents the breakouts and heals the acne and pimples effectively.

Price: This is for 99 rupees.

So, these were the best anti-acne and anti-pimple creams in India. You can try this as per the skin type.

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