Top 9 Waterfalls In North East India To Visit On Your 2020 Vacay

The north-eastern states of India have some of the most beautiful and scenic natural treasures that are not found in any other part of India. All the states have amazing vegetation, wildlife and natural elements that make it possible for tourists to enjoy their time here. A trip to one of the North Eastern states can really help you get away from the stressful and hectic lifestyles that we are accustomed to living in urban cities. If you are planning to travel to the North East, then you need to check all the waterfalls, which we will discuss in this blog today. Take a look at them and choose one for the next holiday trip.

9 most beautiful waterfalls in the northeast

Here are the most picturesque waterfalls in the region of North East which should be on your bucket list if you like water bodies and forest.

1. Langsiang Falls – Nongkhnum
2. Kakochang Waterfall – Assam
3. Nohsingithiang Falls – Cherrapunji
4. Elephant Falls – Shillong
5. Vantwang Falls – Mizoram
6. Galaxy Waterfalls – Assam
7. Nohkalikai Falls – Meghalaya
8. Nooranang Falls – Arunachal Pradesh
9. Kanchenjunga Falls – Sikkim

1. Langsiang Falls – Nongkhanam

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The Langsian Falls are located around the town of Sanguriang in the West Khasi Slope region of Meghalaya. It is located about 24 kilometers from a place called Nongstoin and is about 1106 feet in height. The currents rising from the Kinshi waterway join some other tributaries to form Langsiang Falls. You can trek to the island of Nongkhnum Waterway, and make your way up to the peak to have a wonderful view of the landscape. It is without doubt that it is one of the best waterfalls in India.

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2. Kakochang Waterfall – Assam

Located just 30 minutes from the famous and very popular Kaziranga National Park, the way to reach these falls is really challenging. Formerly known as Califolungso Falls by locals in North Eastern India, these falls appear up to a point on Google Maps, after which you will have to start your trek on your own. However, it is really worth the climb, because once you reach the top, you will be distracted by the exquisite beauty and enrich the natural vegetation of this amazing region.

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3. Nohsingithiang Falls – Cherrapunji

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Nestled in the village of Mavsai in the East Khasi Hills region, these springs of North East India are known as Seven Sisters Waterfalls. This definitely makes Cherrapunji places to visit. The huge rocks, awesome mountain sides and huge waterfalls will make you aware of its beauty. With 7 different falls spread across the slope, these look absolutely ethereal and timeless. Also, if you are lucky enough you will be able to see the full flow of the waterfall when it rains.

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4. Elephanta Falls – Shillong

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When you travel to the north eastern belt of India, Shillong is definitely one of those places. To what extent the cascade is related in North East India, Elephanta Falls is a complete cure to watch. About 12 kilometers away from the main city, on the shores of Shillong, one of the most traveled waterfalls of North Eastern India is the reason why it falls. There are three unique areas near this waterfall, which runs one step after another, hence this waterfall is named as ‘Three step waterfall’, which is named as ‘Kashid Lai Pateng Khohshi’.

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5. Vantavang Falls – Mizoram

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Mizoram is said to have probably the tallest waterfall, which makes it even more pleasant, the area between the backwoods of the Serchip area. With the lush greenery and tropical timber at this place, and the beauty of Vantavang Falls, you will be amazed. In the event that you like to roam and roam in Mizoram, you should take a waterfall and enjoy your time.

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6. Galaxy Waterfalls – Assam

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The Milky Way falls in Assam is 140 feet to touch the earth, one of the top falls in the state and is a famous picnic and weekend getaway for both the tourists and the people of the state. This place is also very sacred among Hindus as it is said that during Sati’s self-immolation, his head fell on this place. So, you can also see a temple located here.

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7. Nohkalikai Falls – Meghalaya

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Moving from rock to rock, this waterfall resembles a woman’s jump, which is also responsible for the name of this waterfall. The breathtaking beauty of this waterfall makes it a trip to Meghalaya. From far away there are stormy currents which make it more beautiful. This decline is also the fifth highest in India.

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8. Nurnang Falls – Arunachal Pradesh

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This waterfall is called a photographer’s delight due to its picturesque location and emerald landscape. Though it is not very high like other springs, its level of falling water makes this place full of mist and beautiful. The fall is in the name of a girl who helped an Indian soldier during the war against China. Locals also called it Jam Falls or Bong Falls.

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9. Kanchenjunga Falls – Sikkim

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On the way to Pelling you can find this beautiful and enchanting water springs built from the snowy waters of Kanchenjunga, which is one of the highest peaks of the Indian continent. This place is very famous for adventure sports like hiking, rope activities etc.

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These are the top waterfalls of the North East that you should visit at your best. There are many waterfalls that a lot of people have discovered in recent times, but we have added those that are really worth the money. The Seven Sisters have a wealth of wonders of nature that you should feel free to explore in your vacation in the North East.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Waterfalls in North East

Q. Which is the highest waterfall of India?

a. Built from the waters of the Sharavati River, the Jog Falls is the tallest waterfall in India which is 829 feet tall and is located in Karnataka, one of the southern states of India.

Q. In which Indian state will you find Seven Sisters Falls?

a. It is located near Cherrapunji and this waterfall is a miracle of nature that symbolizes the seven states of the North East of India.

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