Top 9 proofs that the Corrèze smashes the Dordogne

Even if today we share the same region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, there was a time not so long ago when we were opposed. On one side, the Dordogne, an ordinary department of Aquitaine where river and forest intertwine. On the other Corrèze, majestic department where reigns sun, mountain, valley, nature, well-being and richness of the heart and the spirit.

1. National interconnection

Whether you come from Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse… Brive is at the center of all train lines! Can Périgueux say the same? No. To do a little Périgueux-Toulouse, you have to go through Corrèze! To go to Paris ? You have to go through Limoges or worse… through Bordeaux. And we’re not even talking about the free highway…

2. Better gastronomy

Do not confuse. Dordogne: fat fat fat. Corrèze: refinement. Corrèze has invented a strong concept (which today is exported everywhere): the Local Producers’ Markets. All summer long, every evening, a city hosts a market where you can buy and especially eat on the spot. Leave the Sarladaise potatoes to the Perigourdins. We in Corrèze have everything: fruit with apples, chestnuts, walnuts and strawberries. Quality wines and water: Eau de Treignac, the purest water in the world served on the tables of heads of state. For the meal, no problem, eat a good milhassou made from potatoes with a calf’s head and don’t forget the mic in your soup. One thing is sure… we don’t die of end in Corrèze.

3. Two Presidents of the Republic

Corrèze is above all a land of the presidency. So yes, you don’t have to be born in Corrèze to get there. But you have to do your classes there: Jacques Chirac and François Hollande, deputies and presidents of the general council of Corrèze. On the side of the Dordogne? Xavier Darcos, mayor of Périgueux… can do better.

top 9 proofs that the corrèze smashes the dordogne
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4. Because Brive la Gaillarde smashes all the towns of Dordogne

“At the Brive la Gaillarde market…” sang George Brassens. We did not hear him sing “at the Hyper U of Boulazac”. Brive la Gaillarde is a pretty town on a human scale where the weather is good in summer and cool in winter. You eat well, you can stay there easily, you take part in the medium-length film festival. We get our guts kicked at the fat fairs and we sway our hips on Aya Nakamura who comes to Brive Festival.

5. Too many tourists in the Dordogne

Sarlat, Lascaux, Castelnaud, Beynac… imagine busloads of visitors from around the world flocking to the small towns and villages of the Dordogne all summer long… That’s what awaits you there! Every year, the Dordogne is 3 million tourists. Three million. Like the number of Parisians. While in Corrèze (if we exclude Collonge-la-Rouge), you have small villages where tourists do not flock in their thousands. What to enjoy the 4 other most beautiful villages in France located in the department!

6. They can’t even keep their river name

“Oh yes, this summer are we going canoeing on the Dordogne? » You have often heard this sentence… For your information, the Dordogne, the river (or the river to please them), crosses the Puy de Dôme, the Cantal, the Lot, the Dordogne (all the same), the Gironde… and also the Corrèze! While the Corrèze, the river, is born in Corrèze and ends in Corrèze. If you ever urinate in the Corrèze in Brive, it will all end up in the Dordogne. This is yet another proof of our superiority!

top 9 proofs that the corrèze smashes the dordogne
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7. A land of culture

Feeding the stomach is one thing. Feeding the brain is another! Corrèze is a land of culture: the Book Fair, Brive Festival, the Nuits de Nacre in Tulle, the Vézère Festival, Chanteix Chante, the contemporary art center in Meymac… If you prefer sports: championship Canoe-Kayak world in Treignac, Haras Nationaux in Pompadour. Something to cultivate and have fun!

8. We never understood the colors of the Dordogne

In Corrèze, we are united: we are all Corrèze residents. In the Dordogne, it’s the opposite. Already they have not been able to accord their historic kindness (the Périgourdins) with their name of department (the Dordogne). Then, you must not be color blind, not everyone lives in the same Périgord. To the north is the green Périgord, in the center it is white, to the south-east it is black and to the south-west it is purple. And not all are equal… black is of better quality than green, for example… Departmental cohesion is not really successful.

It’s decided ! This year you will go canoeing on the banks of the Dordogne… but in Corrèze!

PS: OK we haven’t found a tenth reason, but it’s just out of laziness.

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