Top 9 of the most beautiful ice hotels in the world, remember to take a sweater anyway

Ice castles aren’t just for the Snow Queen. In the world, there are several establishments shaped in ice, these unusual hotels that offer an unforgettable experience to their customers. The most incredible thing is that it is usually not very cold in an ice hotel. Well yes, but not everywhere. Some of them offer heated areas and anyway, all the equipment is provided for a good night’s sleep, rest assured.

Imagine instead: you arrive at the airport. A sled is waiting to take you to your ice hotel. You can fish and eat what you catch, watch reindeer and admire the Northern Lights and the ice sculptures that decorate the establishment. There are even some in the rooms to complete the decoration.

A magical country par excellence, Lapland is home to this ice complex decorated with incredible sculptures. Open every year from December, the hotel offers rooms and suites. A hotel with walls so thick that despite the ice, the temperature inside is quite pleasant. And in addition, the Snow Village gives pride of place to Game of Thrones. No, but what more could you honestly ask for?

As one of the first ice hotels in the world, this establishment, with its truly incredible architecture, is a work of art in itself. Perfection is everywhere! There is even a spa to fill up on heat, as well as all the necessary equipment to avoid amputation in the morning due to frostbite. And there too of course, the northern lights make the stay definitely magical and unforgettable.

Located in Alta, this frosty hotel also sets the bar very high! The managers claim that it is the most northerly hotel in the world. Enough to take advantage of the polar temperatures to indulge in various outdoor activities before sleeping in beautifully decorated rooms.

There are mattresses that are too soft and mattresses that are too hard. And there are the ice mattresses! It’s great for the back! Here, it’s not just the hotel that’s frozen, but the entire village. The igloos are all made in the old fashioned way, by hand. Supreme authenticity!

Head to Quebec to stay in this hotel, which, we’re not going to lie to you, is absolutely crazy. Without laughing, it really feels like being in the Snow Queen. So much so that we almost expect to see Olaf tumbling down any minute, hoping that in real life, he doesn’t really speak with the voice of Dany Boon. That would break the magic a bit.

Towering over the northern island of Hokkaido, this ice hotel offers 5-star services in an incredible environment. Here, where the outside temperature can drop to -30 degrees, comfort is ultimate! The rooms are beautifully decorated and there are plenty of activities. You can even take an ice bath in case of heat stroke.

8. Hotel of Ice (Romania)

In the Carpathians, not far from the Basela glacial lake and Dracula’s home, this snow and ice hotel has been welcoming frosty guests since 2005. The restaurant even pushes the concept to the limit by serving its dishes on ice which allows it to enter the pantheon of the most unusual restaurants in the world.

We cheat a little with a last hotel not of ice but of glass. An establishment that consists of a set of igloos dug out of the snow, covered with a glass dome, to admire the northern lights. All a few meters from the village of Santa Claus.

Perfect for breaking the ice…

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