Top 9 good reasons to never sit near the window on an airplane

Even if you don’t always have the possibility to choose your seat, the one near the window is often taken by storm by passengers. The same ones, no doubt, who are unaware that they must in fact be avoided at all costs. And this for at least 9 good reasons that we will explain to you right now.

1. UV rays that spin melanomas

British scientists warn against the effects on the skin of UV rays which would not all be filtered by the glass of the portholes. Dr Sweta Rai of the British Association of Dermatologists even recommends “wearing sunscreen on board with a sun protection factor of 30 or more”. Do not panic, the link between UV rays on board an aircraft and the risks to the skin are still far from being unanimously accepted by the scientific community. This has not prevented manufacturers from equipping their most recent aircraft with windows that filter 100% of in-flight UV. This is called the precautionary principle.

top 9 good reasons to never sit near the window on an airplane

2. Place of the Dead

When leaving the plane after landing, we always regret a little being the last in the row trying to slip into the line of passengers heading for the exit of the aircraft. And that is when all is well. Imagine the same situation in the event of an emergency evacuation. Not sure that courtesy is then the rule and that panicking passengers politely let you pass to save your skin, instead of theirs.

3. Windows and bacteria

How many fronts glued to the portholes before yours? How many greasy hairs flattened against the glass during hours of sleep? We often ignore it, but the porthole and the walls of the cabin are breeding grounds for bacteria, almost as filthy as the shelves installed in front of you. To avoid leaving with dermatitis, provide disinfectant wipes, or choose another seat.

4. We disturb everyone as soon as we want to leave their place…

Whether it’s to go to the bathroom, to stretch your legs or to retrieve something forgotten in a carry-on bag, you have to ask permission from your neighbors as if you were asking them for a huge favor for which you would be eternally indebted… or at least until at the end of the flight.

5. …and come back to it

It’s the two-in-one effect of the window seat, you’re sure to piss off your neighbors when you leave your seat, but also when you decide to come back. Each time a game of Tetris is improvised to succeed in moving the bodies without them touching, all accompanied by embarrassed smiles, many excuses and as many flat thanks.

6. A place reserved for heroes (so not you)

We’re not going to lie to each other, we all feel a mixture of pride and stress when a hostess or steward asks us to sit on the seat next to the emergency exit. We tell ourselves that someone has finally detected our heroic potential in us… but that in his place, we might have chosen someone who does not lose all his means in stressful situations. You’re already freaking out at the thought of successfully closing your car’s gas cap, so unlocking an airplane door when the lives of hundreds of passengers depend on it… you feel like it’s mean mean!

7. A place reserved for short people

Between the little room for the legs, the neighbor who has appropriated the armrest, the roundness of the cabin, the front seat in the lying position, and yours blocked in the high position, you are well on your way to a flight shit.

top 9 good reasons to never sit near the window on an airplane

8. A dizzying view

There are those who like to see the landscape from 10,000 feet and those who are dizzy and prefer to forget that they are flying in a piece of junk weighing several tons, thanks to laws of physics to which they have no control. other choice than to believe religiously, for lack of capturing something.

9. You can feel the turbulence there more than anywhere else

It seems that the more the seat is located in the center of the plane (compared to its width), the less you feel the air pockets. Conversely, if you are near a porthole – and incidentally at the rear of the aircraft – you risk having the impression of being on board a roller coaster… the vomit bag in bonuses. Afterwards, if you want to have an unusual flight, it’s up to you.

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