Top 9 Actors Who Reluctantly Cast A Role (And It’s Boring)

Go hello movie lovers, here we go again for a little top on this fabulous world filled with rhinestones, sequins, but also actors who are sometimes screwed by big companies. Because at Topito, if we’ve already told you about actors who refused roles for a whole host of reasons, today I’m telling you the wonderful stories of those who haven’t had the chance to refuse anything that is. The guys were forced to play or just got screwed over in their contracts, and frankly I’m telling you straight up or filter or anything: it’s not cool.

1. Keanu Reeves was tricked by a friend and had to star in The Watcher

No, read again: not “The Witcher”, but “The Watcher”. If you don’t know, it’s quite normal since the film is a huge error of nature and was well done by critics. Well, ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s not far from the truth. And the fact is, our good old Keanu Reeves, the nicest guy in the world, didn’t even want to play in it. He revealed that it was a buddy of his who forged his signature and signed him into a contract to play the lead role in the film. Once presented with a fait accompli, Keanu decided to honor his contract so as not to risk legal proceedings, but he got it right and that can be understood.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

2. Ryan Reynolds was forced to play Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds wanted to do Dead Pool for quite some time already when he was asked to play the role of the super-anti-hero alongside his best friend Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Only, this version of the character was not at all the one that Ryan wanted to interpret, with his disgusting sewn mouth and without his cool costume. But, as you can imagine, we didn’t give him a choice at all and we made him understand that, if he refused this first appearance, he could go and be seen for the movies. Dead Pool. Basically, take it or leave it (and I’m not talking about the show with boxes presented by Arthur.)

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

3. Natalie Portman got screwed for Thor: The Dark World

Nat’ initially wanted to star in the film, but she signed on insisting that director Patty Jenkins be in charge. What she hadn’t expected was that Patty Jenkins ended up pulling out of the project because she was criticized for her bad screenplay. Natalie Portman would have liked to take the door (man) too, but it was too late, she was committed by her contract. No luck.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

4. Bill Murray crashed and had to pass Garfield

In fact, no one forced Bill Murray’s hand to voice the big ginger cat, but when he signed on, he believed it was Joel Coen, one of the two Coen brothers, who was handling the project. The reality was a little less cool: it was Joel Cohen (with an “h”), a less prestigious screenwriter, who was to write the story. When he realized his dumpling, it was too late for Bill. It’s dumb, but it’s funny.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

5. Roy Scheider wanted to drop Jaws 2

Jaws, the original film, was directed by Spielberg with Roy Scheider in the lead role. A great team, then. But Spielberg dropped the case for the film’s sequel, and when Roy Scheider wanted to do the same, he was gently reminded that he had already signed a contract. That’s the boring thing with contracts: when you’ve signed them, you’re generally obliged to respect them. Apparently it’s a legal matter, but personally I don’t understand it.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

6. Channing Tatum was forced to star in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

After playing in Coach Carter, and while he was still a bit too young, Channing Tatum signed on for 3 GI Joe movies without much thought. He thought it would be cool to do, but he quickly became disillusioned when he discovered the script for the first film. The guy asked to withdraw from the project, but he was simply made to understand that he would take a lawsuit in the ass if he broke. Inevitably, it calms down, so Channing accepted his fate with dignity.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

7. Jennifer Garner didn’t want to do the movie Elektra

The first time the actress donned the Elektra costume was in the movie Daredevil. It suited her quite well, but she would have liked to stop there. The producers were not of the same opinion: they reminded her that, in her contract, she had also signed for the spin-off Electra. That’s how Jennifer Garner ended up starring in a movie that’s even dumber than Daredevil. She hated it. U.S. too.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

8. We kinda forced Val Kilmer’s hand to star in Top Gun

Val Kilmer had the same agent as Tom Cruise, and the agent in question wanted him to also star in Top Gun. Val thought the script sucked but his agent insisted he pass the casting. Once there, the guy did everything to mess up his audition, but we caught him anyway. So he played reluctantly. Since then, he still liked the success of the film and did everything to play in Top Gun: Maverick which will be released in 2022. Like what should not spit too much in the soup.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

9. Edward Norton refused to promote The Italian Job

After signing a contract in 1996 to play in several films with Paramount, Edward Norton refused a lot of projects offered by the production company. Only that’s not how it happens in real life, so we totally forced him to play the role of the bad guy in The Italian Job. It was that or get a bunch of lawsuits in the face. The only small act of rebellion that Norton could have was to refuse to promote the film when it was released. Not enough to shake the Paramount either.

top 9 actors who reluctantly cast a role (and it's boring)

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