Top 8 worst defeats of candidates at Fort Boyard, hello Tench

Fort-Boyard is 31 seasons of renewed happiness, puzzles of Père Fourras, tarantulas carrying messages, Felindra, Passe-Partout, and awkward moments with Francis Lalane. If most of the teams win the game again, it has happened (27 times precisely) that some do not manage to find the final word, or collect so few tunes that it messes up. We have selected a few losers who have marked us. Be careful, don’t judge them, you certainly couldn’t have done better.

MDR, I’m kidding, judge them completely, that’s what this game is for if not no interest.

1. Mouss Diouf’s team

During the program broadcast on July 13, 1996 (I remember it very well that day I was making pancake batter before going to Club Mickey), Mouss Diouf’s team made a good show of the final of the ‘episode. The indices were then CULTURE and JULES VERNE. Not easy. After three sacrifices (be careful, these are not satanic sacrifices, it’s just that people are fired from the team in exchange for more clues), the team also gets the words ELEMENT, TAKE, CLAY. It turbines it turbines, but despite a high level concentration, the team does not manage to find the word… which was none other than EARTH. Well yeah the stupid thing. As a result, they only collected 10,000 francs (the minimum sum at the time which was reassessed to € 3,000 from 2003).

top 8 worst defeats of candidates at fort boyard, hello tench

2. The 2be3 in interstellar loss

We are then on June 28, 1997 (I remember very well, that day there was La caverne à la rose d’or which was on TV), the team was then made up of members who left one day without returning (kompran ki komprendru) and three gymnasts. But these six brains in turmoil will not be enough to find the final code despite these clues: MONEY / FALCON / PAIN / ÉCU as well as the three additional clues SUN, DENT and LAURIER. So what would you have said?

The team tried MONEY.

EH BAH NAN THAT WASN’T THAT! It was indeed necessary to find CROWN. Frankly it’s ugly. And bim, just 10,000 francs in the pocket of the associations.

top 8 worst defeats of candidates at fort boyard, hello tench

3. Sophie Thalmann’s team, level zero effort

It was then July 4, 1998 (I remember it well because we were in the middle of the World Cup and football was already making me ièch). So there we really don’t have a pot because the former Miss France team didn’t even find a code word to offer with the following clues KNITTING, SIGN, VENOM, and BOXING, RADIO, CAPTAIN, BUTCHER.

Go ahead and think about it for two minutes.

Well at the same time the answer is just below.


top 8 worst defeats of candidates at fort boyard, hello tench

4. Tex the supreme frustration

It is July 27, 2002 (I remember it very well because the film Is there a cop to save mankind? had just come out and even that there was Ophélie Winter in it). Tex doesn’t have a losing team since they manage to find the code word. However, that does not prevent them from being a team of broken arms since they have had a hard time recovering Boyars (the local currency), one of the candidates is back on the ground, in short, it is a nameless sadness. Result, only 700 € are collected. BOUUUUUUH.

5. Bernard Montiel … failure of life

It is July 16, 2005 (I remember it well because I had just passed my Bac, yeah shh old ya koua actually?), And the Calcutta team from the street to school with Bernard Montiel and Laetitia Bléger does not come out of the show very bright. At the same time, they were not starting well with only two indices GUARD and WORK, they had to sacrifice 4 members to obtain in addition CACHET, RELAY, OBSERVATION and TIMBRE. And there, we don’t really know how or why, but the team offers the MEDICAL code word.

Since none of the clues have anything to do with the word “medical” (but did you guys smoke or what?), The team lose. The real word was POST. Still more logical.

top 8 worst defeats of candidates at fort boyard, hello tench

6. Arthur Jugnot’s team, total mess

It is rather nice however this team which brings together in 2009 Arthur Jugnot, Jérôme Commandeur, Émilie Dequenne and Lucien Jean-Baptiste. The guys collect three clues: WOOD, WHEEL, TOOL. They don’t make any sacrifices. Like hotheads, they swing as a code word: CASE. And bah no. It was STRAWBERRY. It’s stupid because within 3 letters we were there.

The Pasteur Institute in the spotlight of the day will only raise € 3,000.

7. A striking defeat and a chafouin Teddy Riner

It is then July 9, 2011 (I remember it well because it was also the proclamation of the independence of South Sudan). The team of the day brings together Booder, Rio Mavuba, Caroline Costa and Teddy Riner. With the BEAUTY, SNOW, and MUSIC clues, the team attempted a “parade”. But no, the right word was “canon”. Big seum. Especially for Teddy Riner who said some time later never want to participate in the show again which, despite his repeated requests not to be with a snake, stuck him in a room full of snakes. A betrayal that has no more in judoka.

top 8 worst defeats of candidates at fort boyard, hello tench

8. The mega shame of the history of the shame

Be careful, we are talking about our favorite defeat, the best of the best. In 2014, the team brought together Brahim Asloum, Dounia Coesens, Laurent Petitguillaume, Emmanuelle Boidron and Booder (again, the guy is bad luck), in short. The team finds the correct word “BUTTER” at the end of the game, and we congratulate them.

On the other hand, it would have been practical not to spell the word “butter” with three “e’s”. Certainly you will be wondering how we can fuck three fucking “e’s” in the dead “butter”. Well, quite simply by writing “butter”. The stupid thing. But the funny thing suddenly.

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