Top 8 stories of people who got stuck in a cave

Being stuck in my house because it’s raining or because there is a pandemic is not the funniest thing. But it’s outrageously easier to live with than being stuck in a cave. Yet these few people managed to survive after several days of hanging around in the water and the cold and if the end is not always happy, they were lucky to be rescued in time.

2. These 15 French people who voluntarily locked themselves up for 40 days in a cave

Okay, there we are not really on an accidental drama. It was in fact a scientific experiment consisting in leaving a group of people in a cave without any time reference mark and without light. A horror, one might say. Well no. The participants were even surprised that we came to pick them up so early and thought they were barely on the 30th day when the team came to pick them up at the end of the experience (so 40 days).

3. The incredible story of the 12 children stuck for 17 days in the Tham Luang cave

We are going to give you a great mega summary here because the story is simply crazy (we recommend you in this regard to the docu “The Grotto” on Disney +). A group of children and their soccer coach in Thailand find themselves stranded by the monsoon rains to sink 4 kilometers into the bowels of a cave in Thailand. The parents quickly worry about their absence. But it will take 9 days to locate them precisely, and almost as long to come and rescue them. In fact, we had to wait for the water to drop to send them food first and then to intervene.

Imagine it took about 6 hours for divers to walk through the flooded and muddy path to the kids. The divers thus had to have oxygen cylinders available throughout the trip. This is how one of the commando divers lost his life, overloaded by the weight of the equipment. A tragic event which, however, could have been more …

The event is crazy enough to have its own Wikipedia page, that is to say.

4. A group of 7 speleologists got stuck for 10 days in the Vitarelles chasm

It takes place at the end of November 1999, the group is then trapped in full expedition, their rescue will be one of the most complicated ever set up in France. Indeed, no less than 150 rescuers, a plane, a helicopter and 4 drills were mobilized to help the unfortunate.

5. A speleologist was stuck for 8 days in a cave in Savoy

The dirty business of typing this kind of record while being solo (do not thank me for this fine analysis). The young woman had to hang around 8 days before they deign to save her. No, it wasn’t really that bad because during that time she was still able to keep in touch with her family who sent her letters. I did not quite understand how but hey if it made him happy that’s the most important.

6. Three speleologists stranded in the Adiau cave in Haute-Savoie for 8 days

The story goes back to 1982 when the small group found itself stranded by a flood due to melting snow.

7. This Buddhist monk rescued after 4 days in a cave

4 days does not weigh heavily next to all the stories mentioned so far, BUT STILL. Let’s remember the facts: the then 46-year-old man had gone to his usual cave (in northern Thailand) like every year to pay a little bit of meditation. Not that an insolent storm began to flood the cave, blocking the entrance. The monk was stuck. Quickly the inhabitants of the village saw that it was missing and we launched a rescue expedition (of 17 divers, just that). He could not be saved until the rain stopped, 4 days later. He still had to swim 12 meters underwater to reach the exit. Not super fun.

8. This cat was stuck for 25 days in a cave on the Rhine

While the pontonniers of Rheinfelden made their small rounds, they found a cat peering in a cave visibly struggling for a while. The feline sought by his master for a short month certainly fell into the cave and got stuck by the water level. And even that he had the small patounes injured by the rocks and that he had the slab. Frankly all the stories left me unmoved until this one.

It clearly did not excite me to embark on a caving career.

: Le Figaro

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