Top 8 people who paid pennies for revenge (and it’s true that it is …

There are people who should not be upset, like these stars who took revenge on their ex, these people who took the time to get revenge or even people who have too large a reserve of red coins. Because believe me, even if we can do cool things with the pennies, like melt them to make flip-flops or make a stylish bathroom tiles with them, nobody wants to receive a mini-van filled with small change. So be nice and life will pay you back.

1. A boss took revenge for the resignation of one of his employees by sending him his pay in pennies

In March 2021, Andreas Flaten, an American mechanic, made a nasty discovery outside his garage door. After resigning from his job in November 2020 and planning to attack his former boss for non-payment of his last salary, he ended up with a wheelbarrow filled with 91,515 pennies. dollars, or 228 kilos in total, constituting the money his old business owed him. And to spice things up a bit, his former boss had deliberately covered the parts with oil to make them greasy and topped that off with a little note that read “Fuck you”. One of the worst bosses the Earth can wear, we can tell.

A few months after submitting his resignation, an American mechanic received his last pay in very small denominations

Posted by Capital on Monday, April 5, 2021

2. A man paid his $ 800 maintenance allowance in a penny

Angry at having to pay child support because of his divorce, an American father paid his last payment in pennies which he dumped in his ex-wife’s garden. With no less than 80,000 coins, equivalent to 800 dollars, the guy had to rent a truck to achieve his little revenge. His daughters aren’t talking to him anymore, we’re not sure they’ll still want to talk to him after that. Fortunately, the family made the decision to donate all this money to an association that helps women victims of domestic violence. AND BAM !

Revenge of a bitter father? Embarrassed by his behavior, his ex-wife and his daughters decided to make good use of this money …

Posted by Magicmaman France on Monday, June 14, 2021

3. American student paid his fines of $ 110 with 11,000 pennies

Stephen Coyle, a student at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, was not too keen on receiving fines of $ 110 for illegal parking. In revenge, he returned with 11,000 pennies. To justify his action, he explained that he learned that the funds collected by the university, 80% of which came from fines, were used to finance local public schools and not the university itself, which he found unfair knowing that student associations and programs at his university were already running out of money.

4. An Alsatian motorist has paid his entire fine with more than 5,000 red coins

To show all his impatience to the State (but yes, it’s when we are very, very angry) for having been flashed at 1km / h more than the authorized speed, a young resident of Strasbourg decided to pay his fine of 90 € in small change. He therefore returned with 100 5-cent coins, 2,000 2-cent coins, 3,000 1-cent coins, € 1.50 and € 15 in banknotes which he dumped on the counter of an employee of the center. of Public Finances. The employee would have refused to give him a receipt and we can understand by his laziness to recount everything.

5. A farmer from Marmande went to tax with nearly 23,000 red coins

Ordered to pay € 239.40 in cleaning costs for taxing two goats, a llama and a cow to protest peacefully in December 2015, a farmer in Marmande chose to take revenge. A few months later, on the last day of the payment limit, he went to the tax office with 23,000 pennies and a € 10 bill in a suitcase. He also filed a letter of apology signed with the paw of his four animals. Unfortunately, neither his money, nor his letter were accepted and it is a pity because it is the best revenge that we have read so far.

Already in December, this farmer presented himself for taxes accompanied … by goats, a llama and a cow

Posted by Europe 1 on Saturday, April 2, 2016

6. A restaurant employee in Dublin received his last salary in small change

In September 2021, a young employee of a restaurant in Dublin, Ireland was given a seal from his boss containing his last salary. Inside, he was able to find 7,100 5-cent coins, equivalent to the € 355 his old business owed him. To avenge his departure and not having given his notice in time, his boss therefore spun him 29.8 kg of small parts. A guy like that, really.

7. In Périgord, a site foreman paid his taxes with 50 kilos of red parts

Another great tax troll story. In 2013, an inhabitant of Périgord decided to protest against the increase in taxes. He therefore went to the nearest treasury with 50 kg of 1, 2 and 5 cent coins, or € 429 which he collected over three years with the help of the inhabitants of his village.

8. A man presented himself to the US tax authorities with 300,000 pennies

Hey, looks like taxes have a lot of enemies. In 2014, to avenge himself on the American administration which had annoyed him for several months (at the same time, not cool on his part in fact), an American came back with five wheelbarrows containing 300,000 centimes to pay his taxes. $ 2,987.45. It took almost 12 hours for employees to recount everything. And I can tell you that I really wouldn’t have liked to be in their shoes, damn it.

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