Top 8 brands that have done the best to change their image (and are super cool)

Remember when it was a shame to shop at Lidl or wear Crocs? This era is now over since these brands, like many others, have managed to become fashionable. We know that you love brand anecdotes like the faces behind famous brands and that’s why we’re going to tell you about these companies that have succeeded in restoring their image to the general public; they are strong these advertisers.

1. The Crocs, these very practical shoes

The Crocs has always been the favorite accessory of the nurse and the daron who favors comfort over style, but that was before. Since the success of charms, the little jewels that hang on Crocs, influencers have appropriated these slippers and they are very fashionable today. At the same time, it’s so convenient…

2. Lidl, the stylish hard-discounter

The great master of hard-discount in France has decided to permanently change its positioning and it seems to be working. Lidl has dropped some of its entry-level products to start selling national brands that have so far been absent from the shelves. Today, you can find everything at Lidl and the brand has even become fashionable to the point that people are snapping up their (very very cool) sneakers in the colors of the logo.

3. Birkenstock, the luxury sandal

Remember when Birkenstocks were considered shoes for little old women? Haha, those were the good times. Today, dozens of people line up in front of Parisian boutiques to buy these highly comfortable sandals.

4. Club Med, the all-inclusive palace

Everyone knows Le Club Med thanks to the masterpiece of French cinema that is the film The Bronzed but today, it’s not really the same delirium. At the end of the 1990s, a new CEO decided to completely change the positioning of Club Med. The goal is to attract CSP+ with luxury holidays where everything is included, meals and drinks as well as activities. No more camping mattresses, make way for luxury rooms for a stress-free vacation.

5. Fila, Champion and Ellesse, icons of 40-somethings

The resurgence of fashion from the 70s, 80s and 90s has benefited brands like Fila, Champion, Ellesse and many others. They were considered old-fashioned and we looked at our old t-shirts with nostalgia when all of a sudden, vintage fashion made a comeback. These brands did not even need to restore their image, fashion arrived by itself. Soon, we will proudly take out our Von Dutch caps.

6. K-Way, the coat that fits in your pocket

When I was a child, my mother forced me to take my K-Way on school trips when I preferred to run in the rain in a t-shirt. You all remember that raincoat that folded into the hood and could be worn like a fanny pack, it was a revolution at the time. Today, K-Way has come back with a new, more chic positioning and now children dream of having a K-Way coat.

7. Decathlon, the return of joggos

Decathlon has always been a brand appreciated by the French, it was even the favorite of sports brands in 2012. Despite everything, it has long remained a chain of stores only appreciated for its sporting goods thanks to its Quechua brand (we know Quechua tents created for lazy people, those owned by 99% of festival-goers). And then, thanks to a great repositioning on vintage items and partnerships with influencers, Decathlon managed to make its brand’s clothes swagos (don’t use that word).

8. Monoprix, the pleasure supermarket

Originally, Monoprix was a classic supermarket that sought to have the cheapest possible prices, but since the early 1990s, the brand has decided to change its positioning and become a more “urban” supermarket. And it works since you have to admit that shopping at Monoprix by buying some decorative stuff and clothes on the way is fun.

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