Top 8 animals that ate their master, not cool of them

If one day you decide to steal animals from a zoo (which is more evil than evil, know it), or even you find cute animals in your Airbnb, make sure they have a moral conscience. And yes, because some critters don’t give a damn about you being their master and won’t hesitate to make a little fang in your calves as soon as your back is turned. We have warned you, don’t be surprised if you end up with a shepherd’s pie afterwards.

1. A hippopotamus killed his owner who saved him from a flood.

In 2011, in South Africa, a hippopotamus named Humphrey killed its owner by dragging him into the water. His master had saved the animal from a flood when he was 6 years old and had kept him on his farm ever since, considering him his son. When the farmer’s body was found, it had been well chewed by the hippopotamus. Super recognition of the guy what.

2. A woman was killed by her black bear.

In Pennsylvania, USA in 2009, Kelly Ann Walz was killed by one of her pets. But it was neither a dog, nor a rabbit, nor a parrot. The young woman indeed held a Bengal tiger, an African lion and a black bear. One day, while she was feeding and cleaning her black bear’s cage, it attacked her from behind and tore her to pieces. Neighbors sounded the alarm but it was already too late. At the same time, A BLACK BEAR is not at all an animal made to live in a cage in Pennsylvania.

3. A man was found killed by his spider, eaten by his insects and wrapped in cobwebs

Spiders really are the little bitches of the animal species, and this story won’t change my mind. Loner Voegel, a 30-year-old German, lived in Dortmund with nearly 200 snakes, geckos and many insects. But one day, the man was found killed by the bite of his Black Widow, eaten by his other animals and wrapped in lots of cobwebs. And Smarties on the brownie, loads of spiders covered his body and came out of his orifices. Enjoy your meal !

4. A woman was eaten by her cats after she died

Don’t think that your little kitties who come to tickle your belly and rub their head against yours are your friends. Stay on your guard. Because in 2013, Janet Veal, an English cat owner, paid the price. When she had just died, her cats took the opportunity to have a little feast. When the police arrived on the scene, they therefore found the felines feasting above the corpse of their mistress.

5. A man got eaten out by his pig farm

I’ve always been told that to get rid of a body, you have to give it to the pigs (I promise, Marilyn Manson and Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès aren’t my friends), but since this story, I believe in it even more. Terry Vance Garner, 69, raised 700 pigs in the United States. In 2012, his family found his dentures and some body parts in the pig pen. Police suspect he had a heart attack or was knocked down by his animals before being eaten. Little salami?

6. A man fed his python

In 1996, a 19-year-old young man residing in New York died following the bites of his pet python, purchased from a pet store a few months earlier. The snake had escaped from its cage. When the neighbors landed, they witnessed a very gory scene with the man lying in his blood and the python wrapped around his chest which had eaten the food of its life.

7. A dog ate his master’s body to survive after he died.

In 2019, in the Vosges, a dog in need of food began to eat its master after he died. Police say the 66-year-old died of natural causes. And finally this dog did what he had to do to survive so we don’t blame him.

8. A cassowary killed its owner in the United States

It was to be expected that the love story would not be eternal with the most dangerous bird in the world, between us. In April 2019, an American was killed by the cassowary he owned. He was attacked by the bird after an accidental fall and succumbed to his injuries. So yes, it’s not really eaten, but hey, it’s my top so I put what I want in it actually.

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