Top 7 Celebs Who Have Abused Animals, Outright Cruelty

I wish I could make jokes about animal abuse but in fact, it’s so horrible that I don’t have any to offer you (and in real life, there’s not much to laugh about either). Instead, I prefer to suggest that you think about things that are animal abuse and we don’t know it, and tell you about these stars who don’t hesitate to mistreat their animals (yes, notoriety does not prevent to be a big pdf). Have your packet of handkerchiefs within arm’s reach because these stories really aren’t fun.

1. Lyon footballer Kurt Zouma was filmed lynching his cat

On February 7, 2022, the English newspaper “The Sun” broadcast an atrocious video in which West Ham and France player Kurt Zouma can be seen punching his cat and throwing objects at him. . We even see him slap the cat horribly. Of course, the guy who is filming himself is too much of a hassle to intervene. Obviously, the Lyon football player promised that it was an isolated act and that his two cats were “loved and cherished”. Surprisingly, we don’t really believe it, it’s funny huh.

2. Rapper Leto abused his dog.

Captain, rapper Leto’s poor dog, suffered horrific acts when the man was still his owner. Leto mainly used it to make him appear in his music videos but the rest of the time the dog was entrusted to the rapper’s brother who locked him day and night on an unsanitary one square meter balcony with piss and excrement everywhere on the ground. It was the neighbors who warned an association because the poor dog howled to death and cried continuously. The Animal Protection Action association finally recovered the dog and filed a complaint against the rapper for abandonment and act of cruelty to an animal, in February 2021.

3. YouTuber Brooke Houts mistreated her dog in a video on her Youtube channel

In August 2019, a video by YouTuber Brooke Houts went viral. The young woman had indeed accidentally published the rushes of one of her videos. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for the rest of the world who could see her behavior), it was a video where we saw her beating Sphinx, her doberman, by pulling her skin, giving her punching him, pushing him and even spitting in his mouth. An investigation had been opened by the American authorities in charge of animal protection, but the youtuber had not ultimately been prosecuted, the video not constituting sufficient proof.

4. Manon and Julien Tanti walked a monkey and a crocodile on a leash

The release of the Tanti family at the Al Buqaish zoo in Dubai in October 2020 caused a huge bad buzz. We saw the stars of reality TV and their child playing with baby tigers in cages or stroking a crocodile with its mouth wrapped in tape, as the journalist Hugo Clément told us, who denounced this disgusting behavior, because yes, these tourist attractions are animal abuse. But the mistreatment on the part of the couple comes mainly from Instagram stories where we see them walking a monkey and a crocodile on a leash. To defend them, their manager Magali Berdah replied that they loved animals and that it was freedom of expression to publish it on social networks. Archi credible as a defense, obviously.

5. Annika Schleu, Olympic athlete mistreated her horse

If you have followed the Tokyo Olympics a little bit during the summer of 2021, you have surely seen or heard of this controversy over the athlete Annika Schleu and her horse during the modern pentathlon riding event. The young woman and her trainer Kim Raisner have indeed been accused of cruelty to animals by a German association for the protection of animals. The rider, who had had great difficulty in controlling her mount at the start of the race, had given many blows to her horse, which refused to pass obstacles. The coach had punched the horse, which led to her being excluded from the games by the International Federation (UIPM). AND IT’S WELL DONE!

6. Michael Jackson was accused of abusing his monkey Bubbles

Several people have accused singer Michael Jackson of abusing his little chimpanzee Bubbles, who accompanied him everywhere. First primatologist Jane Goodall, who claimed that Michael Jackson beat Bubbles. Then, Jack Gordon, the ex-husband of La Toya Jackson (the sister of the pop-star), who would have seen the singer punch in the little belly of the monkey. Michael Jackson would also have had the habit of justifying himself by saying that he had to discipline the chimpanzee. Well of course.

7. Famous wildlife farm owner Joe Exotic abused his animals.

Unlike the others, Joe Exotic, who can be seen in the Netflix series Au Royaume des Fauves, became famous for having mistreated animals, among other things. Owner of a farm with exotic animals, since 1999 he underfed emus, fed his felines with the carcasses of horses he killed himself and organized over the years shows in which he used his animals. . Accused several times of abuse by animal welfare associations and by the US Department of Agriculture, the guy still tried to kill Carole Baskin, the leader of the Big Cat Rescue association who denounced his actions. Lucky he ended up in jail.

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