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Top 7 Bahamas Beaches To Multifold Your Fun

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The beach is the best metaphor for leisure and relaxation. We think the mountains are calm, but they do not cut it. There is nothing that you can do in the sun, some sand and the sea. Beach vibes are the ultimate joy. You don’t know what you’re missing, unless you have a lovely little beach holiday and here we are giving you the best list to address your worries. Bahamas Beach For A Fantasy Caribbean Holiday!

This place is a pure paradise on earth, and even an understanding. So, we have made a special list of all the beautiful beaches of Bahamas for you so that you can plan your next international vacation. have a look!

7 Best Bahamas Beach

The Bahamas is a fictional destination enough to keep your eyes captive for the rest of your life. There are lots of hidden beaches in the Bahamas and we have listed the best Bahamas beaches in the Bahamas to purify the experience at your leisure! It is one of the places that is popular but still has not lost its authenticity. This is probably the best thing about this place, you cannot ignore the peace in its air.

  • Tahiti Beach, Abakos
  • Among the Treasurers, Abakos
  • Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island
  • Stocking Island Beach, Exumas
  • Shelling Beach, Berry Islands
  • Fernandez Bay, Cat Island
  • Cancer Beach Tropic

1. Tahiti Beach, Abakos

Beach hopping in this beach


Tahiti Beach, located in Elbo’s Cay, resembles a distant tropical island. It is a very well protected bay and gives a feel of lagoon island. Tahiti is beautiful all the time, but if you want to have more and more fun and relaxation, then visit this beach on a low tide day. Although there are no straps on the beach, you can always visit the bar thirst bar and grill. It is a floating barge that sells some good alcohol-based drinks.

Specialty: Top Honeymoon Destinations
Area: 1045 km square

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2. Treasure Kei Beach, Abakos

Best beach


The magnificent treasure Kei Beach is three and a half miles long and has one of the best beaches in the Bahamas. The view between Treasure Kei can easily be compared to heaven. The golden-white appeal of this beach surprises tourists. The water is the perfect shade of blue, and the soft sand shines beautifully under the sun and moon. This beach is preferably filled with visitors throughout the year, but the area is large enough to embrace all. Treasure Kei Beach is one of those places where you can plan a romance on a solitary day and evening. It is rich in beach resorts and clubs.

Specialty: boat ride
Area: Over 3 miles

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3. Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island

Pink is sand


In Eluthera, you will find a ton of beaches with pink blush sand, and it will be the most satisfying thing you have seen. It is difficult to say which pink sand beach is the best in the Bahamas, but the pink sand beach is a bit more popular, perhaps because of its location. You can easily find seaside dining options such as beautiful restaurants, homestays and resorts on this beach.

Specialty: Snorkeling and diving
Area: NA

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4. Stocking Island Beach, Exumas

Best stocking island beach


Stocking is a popular beachfront activity on the island. While one of the beaches will show you how wild nature can achieve, the other one will assure you of the stability of its power. Going to Stocking Island beaches is a humble experience. With many wild trails to the seashore and beautiful red starfish, you will be able to enjoy yourself in Exma.

Specialty: Chat en chill
Area: 4 miles

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5. Shelling Beach, Berry Islands

There are so many shoes


Have you ever felt the urge to quit your job, run away from your family and wander in the wild? Well, shelling beach is a type of wild you might like to visit. This will give you a break with positivity, energy, and motivation. This is what it is famous for. It is near Great Harbor KI, and low tide is the best time to get here.

Specialty: Peace
Area: NA

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6. Fernandez Bay, Cat Island

Best pkace to travel


If you go north of New Bright, on Cat Island, you can see that Fernandez Bay is located in the center. This gorgeous bay gives the best holiday vibe. You can relax in the sun while sipping on cocktails. You can also keep an eye on Green Flash by this chance. This needs attention because it is not a common sight from the land of the Bahamas. Swimming, partying, kayak walks are an everyday activity here.

Specialty: food
Area: NA

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7. Cancer Beach, Tropic of Exumas

The best place to come


Cancer Beach Tropics is a beautiful holiday destination apart from its geographical importance. It is also known as Pelican Beach. People come here all the time, especially during the June solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun. It doesn’t matter to a lot of tourists, but the film Pirates of the Caribbean series was shot here.

Specialty: Cold and clear water
Area: 187-kilometer square

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How to reach the Bahamas

Now that you are in the Bahamas, you know all the best places to go. It is time we tell you how you can reach the Bahamas.

  • By Air – You can easily reach the beloved Bahamas via flight as there are twenty-seven airports, and three of them are major international airports. Linden Pindling International Airport is the busiest airport in Nassau, as Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas.
  • by land – It is not okay to reach the Bahamas by land via rail, buses, or cars because it is an island, and therefore, there is no connectivity to railways or roadways.
  • by water – Any private or government marina can be reached to reach the Bahamas. It is less expensive than flights.

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Refresh yourself after spending some time on the serene beaches in the Bahamas. Quiet beaches await in the Bahamas. Therefore, pay a visit before it is too late and make sure you go through this extensive list of the best Bahamas beaches before planning an international vacation.

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Frequently asked questions about Bahamas beaches

Q. When should I plan my trip to the Bahamas?

a. We suggest that if you want to keep an eye on all the things mentioned above, then you can set aside a week. You can also cover Caribbean beaches and colonial sites during your holiday week in the Bahamas.

Q. Is the Bahamas an expensive place?

a. The Bahamas is an expensive country. However, you should do your research before going there. You can see cheap places to live, eat and travel. September is the cheapest month to travel.

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