Top 6 things that are hated by only one country (and we don’t really know why)

There are French people that the French hate while all the other countries appreciate them and it’s probably because we are first class complainers. However, it’s quite pleasant to have consensus by country, to know that an entire country likes or hates the same thing. We realize that we are united by something and it’s always nice, even if it’s through hatred.

1. Maroon 5 in Chile

Maroon 5 is the band that nobody loves but nobody hates either. Finally, no one except the entire population of Chile. Since last year, Chileans have come together to hate this group after a failed performance at a festival. At the Viña del Mar Festival in February 2020, the band delivered a failed performance and festival-goers felt like they didn’t even want to be there. Adam Levine would have been rude and since then you can see comments from angry Chileans under all his Instagram photos.

“Today I learned that Chile hates Maroon 5 and I don’t know why but it’s very pleasant. »

2. Benzema in France

Internationally, Benzema is considered a good player and people appreciate him as much as any other French football player. On the other hand, it is not the same atmosphere in France where a debate on the player agitates the crowds for years. Most French people hate it and nothing can be done about it.

3. Olive Garden in Italy

Olive Garden is an American restaurant chain that serves Italian food like pizza or pasta, much like Del Arte in France. Obviously most Italians hate this restaurant because it’s an insult to Italian food (and I understand them).

“I wish I could love something as much as Italians hate Olive Garden”

4. Eat early in Spain

In most countries of the world, we eat dinner between 7 and 9.30 p.m. and it is not a problem to eat a little later or a little earlier than usual. In Spain, restaurants are often empty before 9:30 p.m. and the majority of Spaniards hate eating early. When they travel abroad, they usually have a hard time getting used to mealtimes.

5. Nickelback in the United States

This Canadian music group is a real mystery. All Americans seem to hate Nickelback and yet it is the group that has sold the most albums in the United States in the last ten years after the Beatles. In Detroit, residents even petitioned to stop the band from playing in their city.

“After years of lying to myself, my friends and my family, I have to tell you something… I don’t really hate Nickelback. »

6. Tourists doing yoga in India

Yoga is a practice that comes from India but it has been exported so well that today people do what they want with it. Today, the vast majority of Indians hate tourists who come for spiritual retreats with inexperienced fake gurus who are often charlatans. Then, are they wrong? Not really.

If you don’t want to make enemies in Chile, never sing Girls like you.

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