Top 5 Switzerland Hiking Tours For All Adventure Enthusiasts In 2020!

If there is any place on earth that is truly recognized and distinguished for its natural beauty and perfect natural scenery, then make sure it is Switzerland. It is known as a mountainous Central European country, with many lakes, villages and of course very beautiful high peaks of the Alps. The Jitglog Clock Tower of Bern, the capital of the country, the wooden chapel bridge of Lucerne is certainly a major attraction among many others. Apart from the charm and beauty, the said country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Some of the details below are excellent Switzerland walking That provide the best experience in this country.

Top 5 Switzerland Hiking Tours

Here is the list of the top hiking destinations one can take on their vacation to Switzerland. There is an abundance of natural wonders in this country. Just look!

1. Oshinsen Lake

Lake so amazing


Oeschinensee Lake is considered one of the most beautiful alpine mountain lakes due to its attractive turquoise waters. Speaking of hiking here, it is most convenient to take a cable car from Kandersteg to Oshinan and then you need to follow the route leading to the Haberg Circular Hiking Trail which ends on the path just above the lake. It is truly a haven for hiking enthusiasts, who love the lake, until the end of the condestag is worth your time and money.

Distance: 10 km
Duration: 3.5 hours
Mountaineering level: Medium

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2. Alestas Glacier Trail

Its mark is the best


The Aletsch Glacier Trail is another amazing and very beautiful mountain path in the heart of Switzerland, widely known by enthusiasts. Visitors can see their eyes on the magnificent and mesmerizing Alets Glacier, with Jungfrau, Aletshorn, Bietshorn and many other peaks to its south. The view of the longest glacier of the Alps can be seen here and is simply breathtaking. Speaking of the hiking trail, the best place to start your walking tour would be from the Bettemornhorn Cable Car Mountain Station and then head north along the well-marked path where the rock steps in the cliff conveniently lead you to Lake Marelelensee . Walking slightly further downstream towards Salzgab will take you to your final destination.

Distance: 13.9 km
Duration: 4.5 hours
Mountaineering level: Medium

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3. Gothard to Bedretto Valley

It's a great place to visit


The Bedretto Valley from Gothard is indeed a long trek, but is for the very best and unique hiking spot known for its spectacular yet diverse landscapes. Hikers are welcomed to grab some blueberries on their way while sipping a few beers on the sunny terrace of the delightful Piansecco hut in the woods. It may be a day or two hike depending on your convenience and time, but as far as hiking here, it starts at the Gothard Dharamshala, in an arch alongside the Leukandro Dam. , Which leads to a reservoir of the same name. A little further on the large stone blocks and then up the scary path upstream you will eventually be led to a small but very clear lake and finally, before coming to pass you will have an amazing view of yourself above the Bedretto Valley.

Distance: 21 km
Duration: 1 to 2 days
Mountaineering level: Barely intermediate

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4. Furun Pass to Lu

It is very beautiful


For the darkest place in Switzerland and for adventure enthusiasts who want to travel through the beaten path, Furun Pass Lu is the perfect place. You will be passing through endless number of old cedar trees during your hiking which starts from the Furuno Pass. It follows a path to the Alp da juta situated amidst a cedar forest and you will soon find yourself on a very attractive mountain lake known as Lai da Juta, which is, of course, 2,260 respectively. The highest point of the hike is on the meter. Then a hike Little Fother which will allow you to see some incredibly beautiful views of the valley and some impressive mountain peaks of Piz Dora and Piz Dent and of course the very unique snow capped peak of Ortler Massif. Finally, you will end your journey in the small village of Lu, which is definitely considered to be the darkest place in the whole of Switzerland.

Distance: 9 km
Duration: 3 hours
Mountaineering level: Medium

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5. Jura to Craix do Van

Its height is amazing


A hike in the Crex du Van in the Jura region will be a live experience for you. To stand at the very impressive yet extremely sinister 500-meter drop-off of the Creux Van Valley is something that cannot be explained in words. The said hike starts at the sleepy village of Noiraz near Lake Neuch√Ętel in the canton of Blessed Jura with 14 hairpin curves. This is followed by a 725-meter climb that offers a spectacular view of the horseshoe-shaped rock Coldron Creux du Van into the valley below. To include the hiking trail in simple terms we can say that it is technically easy, but in the long run is very beautiful and memorable as already mentioned above.

Distance: 13.2 km
Duration: 5 hours
Mountaineering level: Easy to intermediate

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Switzerland, as we all know, is a very beautiful place in the world where we can experience the most memorable holiday. There are many very famous attractions in the country that can be worth your time and money, its every penny. Some adventure enthusiasts have praised the aforementioned Switzerland hiking tours in their luxurious and unique way and these tours are really worth trying once in a lifetime. Next time if you go to Switzerland, try and stop for some time and visit one of these hiking with people around you and you will definitely not be disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions Switzerland hiking tours

Q. Is Switzerland worth visiting?

a. If there is a paradise in the Earth, then there is no place other than Switzerland, which, due to its growing charm and beauty, is a widely celebrated holiday destination and is said to be very safe for tourists. Can say it is worth going without an inch of doubt or hesitation.

Q. Which are the most famous hiking tours in Switzerland?

a. Although many hiking tours have been scheduled in Switzerland, many spectacular hiking tours must include hiking between Lake Oshinensee and of course from Gothard to the Bedretto Valley.

Q. Which is the highest point of rise between Fern Pass to Lu?

a. The Lai Da Shoe is very pretty and is definitely the highest point of hike between Luorn Pass to Lu.

Q. Is walking time between the Jura region worth your time between the Creux du Van?

a. The Creux do Van from the Jura region is a hiking, bus that will mesmerize and is recommended for every adventure enthusiast who would love to get a hiking experience.

Q. What are the major hiking attractions between Furun Pass to Lu?

a. As many people already consider it one of the finest hiking tours in Switzerland, it is known for its perfect hiking trails, where adventure enthusiasts enjoy the impressive mountain peaks of Piz Dora and Piz Dent and of course some fascinating One can enjoy the scenery and experience the very unique snow capped peak of the Ortler massif.

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