Top 5 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021

Home Interior Design Trends for 2021: Each year brings in a new set of trends, and today we’ll be giving special focus to what 2021 has to say about what’s blooming in the world of interior design. If you’re looking to freshen up your home but don’t have any idea what you should do, read on for the most popular trends this year.

Smaller spaces

This generation of young adults has adopted more sustainable lifestyles in a bid to reduce waste and save the environment. It’s also popular because micro-homes, mobile homes, and apartments are much cheaper than a typical house. Living in a tiny house takes some adjusting and creativity, but it’s possible. Many companies even make furniture and appliances specifically suited for smaller houses, so if you need baths for a small bathroom or multipurpose furniture, you won’t have a hard time looking.

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Bold colour schemes

Neutrals and pastels have taken a backseat in 2021, leaving room for more vibrant hues to take centre stage. Since people spend most of their time indoors nowadays, a bright pop of colour here and there keeps the space from looking boring and drab.


There has been a renewed interest in rural life to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Cottagecore seeks to create a homely and cosy vibe, as if you’ve been transported to a cottage in the middle of the woods. It’s a mix of rustic and eclectic elements, often featuring floral motifs and earthy tones. Furniture and décor are made from materials like wood, ceramic, and natural fibres. Unlike the clean, crisp lines of modern interior design, cottagecore encourages a degree of randomness and chaos, giving your home a more organic feel.

Wall and ceiling murals

People are also using their walls and ceilings to express their unique and creative style. Gone are the traditional wallpapers and painted or textured surfaces. The sky is the limit with murals. You can have a garden or a beach on your walls, or even the milky way on your ceiling. Ensure that you invest in a talented painter, as the beauty of a mural relies heavily on the painter’s skill and talent.

Home offices

The rise of the hybrid workplace means that every home in 2021 should have an office. Even if it’s just a corner of your bedroom, home offices should be a space specially designed to induce focus and productivity. Use dividers to separate you from the distractions of your home. Invest in a comfortable chair and a good desk so you can work for hours without worrying about body pain. Position your desk so that you have good lighting and a professional-looking backdrop for your online meetings.

Each year brings in a whole new set of trends in interior design, but that doesn’t mean you need to conform to these trends every time. You shouldn’t completely renovate your space just to appeal to popular opinion. Interior design is a personal choice, so you should design your space however you see fit.

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