Top 30 Actors Whose Head Everyone Knows, But Nobody Knows Their Name

2. Antoine Dulery

Typically the actor you see in a lot of comedies and whose blaze you can’t remember. Yet it’s not for lack of trying (false, no one tries and we live very well like that).

3. Philippe du Janerand

He is clearly the supporting role of French cinema par excellence. He is everywhere and yet we do not remember his name. So we like it eh.

top 30 actors whose head everyone knows, but nobody knows their name

4. Nicolas Marie

Maybe with Goodbye idiots multi-awarded at the Césars, we will finally retain the name of this actor who has however accustomed us to seeing his face for a long time.

5. Francois Levental

Attention, nothing to do with Frédéric Diefenthal whose name we know but whose face we no longer see anywhere.

6. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Well in real life we ​​know his name. When we read it we know who it is. On the other hand, when it comes to writing it is a different story. The easiest way is still to say Jaime Lannister.

top 30 actors whose head everyone knows, but nobody knows their name

7. Zeljko Ivanek

There again, let’s be honest, I think above all that we made a denial of the name because we can’t remember how it is spelled.

8. Ron Perlman

Remember that to find the name of this guy I had to type on Google “Hairy head actor” and the worst part is that it worked.

9. Timothy Spall

For us he will always and forever remain Wormtail.

10. Guy Lecluyse

Like what it doesn’t always pay to be in Dany Boon’s films.

11. JK Simmons

Personally, I always confused him with Jean-Pierre Coffe.

12. Emily Blunt

Good OK she is mega famous and frankly you have to be a little in the mass not to know her name but in all the famous Emily/Emma clique there is enough to mix things up.

13. Claire Keim

Sympathetic like all this Claire Keim but go figure, to wedge her name on her face it’s immediately another lemonade.

14. Corinne Masiero

Certainly since his passage noticed at the last Cesar ceremony, we now know his name.

Certainly those who watch TV and are fan addicts of Captain Marleau know his name.

But think of those who watch neither Captain Marleau nor the Caesars? They are lost.

15. Corinne Touzet

Yeah, there’s a delirium about the Corinnes. Clearly.

16. Alexandra Vandernoot

But if you know. It’s the girl who plays in dinner of idiots. And since ? Well I don’t know! At the same time, she’s a Belgian actress so somewhere it’s normal that we don’t necessarily remember her name. And then leave me alone. Who are you first?

top 30 actors whose head everyone knows, but nobody knows their name

17. Louise Monot

Yet there are not 47 Louises. Already there’s me (the author of this article, yes because in fact revelation excluded: my name is Louise). And then the others there. What are they called again?

18. Laurent Gamelon

Dare to tell me face to face that you know the name of this person?

19. Edouard Montoute

For me he will forever be “the guy in Taxi”. From now on, Edouard, I will never forget your name. He will permanently replace that of Frédéric Diefenthal, promised.

21. Patricia Clarkson

She has a career as long as her arm, but we decided not to retain her name. Unfair? Yes without a doubt. But you shouldn’t wear curtains as a shirt too.

22. Vera Farmiga

And God knows I love this actress.

Yes, if I assure you God knows. And he knows plenty of other things. Like 8 x 9 without thinking he can tell you.

top 30 actors whose head everyone knows, but nobody knows their name
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

23. Rebel Wilson

Nobody knew his name (false: but let’s say that some people didn’t know his name), but that was before this top.

24. Melanie Bernier

Same yawns as with Emma/Emily. We have too many Mélanies in France, things are starting to look good.

25. Justine the Potter

But siiiiiiiiii you know it’s the badass girl of the Visitor from the future. But siiiiiiiiiiiiiii you know it’s the roommate of the iev in Domestic scenes. But siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii she was in the Troublemakers Also. But siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you know it’s the girl who made the fig in a scene deleted from The Beat That My Heart Skipped.

If Justine le Pottier was a beam, it would be by far an IPN beam (my favorites).

26. Bernard Yerles

This actor who looks like Depardieu more handsome, younger and suddenly less known.

27. Bernard Farcy

After a while you’ll have to explain to me why we didn’t retain any names from the actors of Taxi (it’s still the third actor from this top who played in this film) except that of Frédéric Diefenthal.

29. Neal McDonough

You know, that scary guy with his android physique. Well he has a name too. And a beating heart.

30. Jennifer Coolidge

According to a study, the only people who know the name of this actress are in the name of two: her mother and me (for two minutes).

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