Top 22 signs that 2022 is FINALLY going to be a good year

So yes, the most likely scenarios for 2022 have not all been happy and Nostradamus’ reliable predictions for 2022 are a bit freaky. But to give you the desire, the desire to want, to continue this year with joy and joy, we found you full of good news that gives you a smile. That’s what keeps you from perforating your aorta. Your health comes first.

1. There is no more plastic on fruits and vegetables, the planet is so happy


In 2022, we say goodbye to the plastic film and trays that surrounded zucchini and bananas. And frankly, we are happy with this separation, we made the right choice.

2. We have the presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months, we are serious about bg

This is the moment when we will give everything, get ready to see Europe become the world’s leading power. I even heard that we were going to generalize the Easmus to all people under 30 and offer a premium subscription to Tinder as soon as people travel in Europe.

3. Encanto’s song dethroned Frozen’s song, damn it

Let’s not talk about Bruno knocked out Let It Go by entering 4th place on the Billboard Hot 100 while the song of the Snow Queen had only arrived at 5th place in 2013, lol too many losers. We should therefore soon never hear of this song from hell again.

4. Omicron is less dangerous than we thought and anyway, almost all of France has the Covid

It may finally be our chance to get out of the pandemic: with the covid which will collapse thanks to the lower number of hospitalizations with Omicron, we will finally be able to travel again with a free spirit. With masks but with a free spirit.

5. Euphoria Season 2 is out and it’s amazing

We have nothing more to add except to tell you that 2022 could not go better.

6. The Lord of the Rings series is coming out (and so is The Flame season 2)

They are part of the series that we can’t wait to see in 2022, and it promises to be fooooou. All the more reason to do everything to stay alive this year.

7. Stromae made a comeback better than godfire

And to think that now, we have to wait until March to be able to listen to his new album. Life is far too unfair. Beautiful. But unfair.

8. Sutom and Wordle came into our lives and since then existence has a different flavor

Yeah I learned the dictionary by heart to show off on twitter yeah.

9. We learned that the Totally Spies were going to see the light of day again

Ok, the visuals that come out are not very appealing. But it still brings us a lot of joy to know that we will soon find Sam, Alex and Clover (and especially Jerry) in new adventures.

10. The Weeknd’s new album is out and we’ve already bled it

I have tears in my eyes just talking about it. If you only have to live for one thing, it’s definitely this one.

11. There will be no new season of La Casa de Papel

The world can only get better, that’s for sure.

12. We finally find the night trains

Since the end of December 2021, we can again travel with night trains and it’s pure happiness because we won’t have to waste a day to make a Paris-Albi. Thank you life.

13. Homosexuals will finally be able to give blood like everyone else

Ah well thank you, it’s not too early. Now when do we end the four month rule with only one sexual partner? There are some who have business plans to manage, it’s not super practical.

14. There’s going to be a sequel to Avatar, youpiiii

More haste than haste.

15. It’s a World Cup year, even if it sucks and in November

At least we won’t be pissed off during this rotten month. And it will make us a good topic of discussion for Christmas dinner, for once.

16. Michel Drucker and Queen Elizabeth are still not going to die, that’s for sure

No chance therefore, that we spend the year mourning their loss.

17. It’s the year of the tiger, it’s still more stylish than the buffalo

When we tell you that 2022 is going to be a crazy year.

18. It is now forbidden to use pesticides in common living areas

Yes, we will all regain our health and live a healthy life in a good mood and sharing.

19. We no longer have the right to destroy unsold non-food items

Your ecological conscience will be able to take a breather: unsold clothes and furniture, for example, can no longer be dumped in the dumpster. That should definitely make up for the empty plane rides, right??

20. You’re finally going to the gym that revived you in January and you’ve been paying for 2 years, this time for sure, thanks 2022

The summer body is yours for the summer, this year, you won’t miss it, that’s for sure.

21. We are going to have Winter Olympics

Well, we are still really chilled by this news because it’s the Olympics taking place in Beijing, China, and a call for a diplomatic boycott was, rightly, launched to denounce the persecutions of the Uyghurs in the country. But we still hope that our French athletes will do well and bring home lots of gold medals (they have a vested interest).

22. My birthday falls on a Thursday

You certainly don’t give a damn about it, but I think it’s an excellent day to celebrate my coming to Earth. (It’s March 10 by the way, if you could think of it to wish me)

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