Top 22 of the funniest tweets from the Ministry of Sports, for those who love sheathing

To the question “what is the funniest Ministry”, which is a rather weird question by the way, we answer you without hesitation: the Ministry of Sports. On Twitter, they understood that everything goes better with humor, and they do that very well. So when they respond to other tweeters, they always make us laugh, and we wanted to share that with you. Hoping that it will serve as an example to other Ministries a little stuck in the ass. Yes, we are thinking of you, the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

2. They make funny memes

3. They don’t get pushed around

4. They know how to recognize the best

5. They take on their worn-out, crap puns

6. They are not afraid of fighting

7. They don’t take sides, we told you.

8. They always know how to make sharp choices.

9. They know how to advertise

10. They love true romance

11. And they are not masochists

During the first confinement, the account of the Ministry of Sports had already made us dream by answering stupid questions from Internet users

12. We are still waiting for the publication in the book of records

13. On this one they almost screwed up

14. Always against ragequits

15. An easy-to-hear truth

16. Pragmatism first, always

18. In the end, Lorient made it to Ligue 1, a deserved chance all the same

19. Always there to provide specific details

20. Good finally since it has gone down well

21. REALLY practice the sport we tell you

22. Yes, we were asking stupid questions too.

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