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Top 2021 podcasts: The best podcasts of the year

This year our long fight with the COVID-19 pandemic was supposed to end. However, with the continued spread of the virus and its many variants, we had to wait for everything to return to normal. That said, the ongoing pandemic meant that many people had free time to create and listen to podcasts, and on that front, 2021 did not disappoint. This is Android Authority list of the best podcasts of 2021.

Our roster consists of 2021 podcasts from various genres, ranging from tech and business, but also dabbling in true crime and comedy. Some range from weekly installments with new guests and themes, while others are a full series that acts like a sound documentary.

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Whatever the format, what these top 2021 podcasts have in common is their free availability; you can listen to them without having to subscribe or pay for them. All of them are available to listen to on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and many more. With that out of the way, here is our list of the best podcasts of 2021.

The best new podcasts of 2021

Deep dive with Ali Abdaal

< type="image/webp" />Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal new podcast 2021

In Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal, the productivity YouTuber and entrepreneur explores the minds of other creators, business owners, and other inspirational figures to unearth their stories and find fulfillment in their fields.

The first season of this interview-style podcast has many prominent guests such as Mrwhosetheboss, Oliur from Ultralix, and many more taking an inside look at their craft and offering insightful tips to get started in their respective fields. Abdaal’s ambitious new project is a great way to start thinking more about business, life and productivity.

Inexplicable vox

< type="image/webp" />Inexplicable vox

Vox is widely known for being one of the best explanatory news websites on the internet, with its thoroughly researched videos and its excellent Netflix series, Vox Explained. Along the same lines, enter Vox Inexplainable, your new science show that explores “everything we don’t know.”

Hosted by Noam Hassenfeld, this podcast includes a variety of experts and Vox reporters who dive into a new topic every Wednesday. From slime molds to UFOs, this series explores everything that may pique your curiosity, while giving you an insight into the incredible cutting-edge work scientists are doing to uncover more things we don’t know.

Genius bar

If you’ve been following tech news for the past year, the name Jon Prosser tends to come up a lot. Host of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, Prosser brings a comedic twist to reporting with his personality and delivering information on products from Apple, Google, and Samsung alike. His podcast, Genius Bar, is hosted by him and fellow YouTuber Sam Khol, where they dive further into leaks, rumors, and news from across Apple.

This podcast is full of jokes and laughter and sparks serious conversations about the future of Apple’s product strategy. Along with the two hosts, you will occasionally find guest speakers such as Canoopsy, Rene Ritchie, Quinn Nelson, and many more offering their insights and opinions on the company.

The Startup Gambit

< type="image/webp" />The Startup Gambit new podcast of 2021

Haste and Hustle hosts an annual event that attracts some of the biggest entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Ryan Holmes and many more interesting guests to help current and future entrepreneurs connect and learn from each other. Ahead of its 2022 event in February, Founder and CEO Shauna Arnott, along with COO Devon Codrington, brings you The Startup Gambit, an interview-style podcast that hosts a wide variety of entrepreneurs and delivers an authentic experience. and realistic. -The earth looks at the challenges of running a business in today’s world.

Through this podcast, you will not only learn about running a business, but you will also gain insight and intimate advice from creators, entrepreneurs, and investors alike.

WSJ Tech News Report

< type="image/webp" />WSJ Tech News Briefing 2021 new podcast

Need to catch up on the latest tech news, but don’t have time to read? You can always listen Android Authority by clicking on the audio version of our articles. But if you want to get a daily glimpse of the biggest news in technology, WSJ Tech News Briefing offers deep insight into the news about everything that happens to the largest companies.

Hosted by Zoe Thomas, this podcast not only breaks down the news, it draws prominent guests like Sarah Guo to discuss emerging technologies and the future of the industry. In addition, you will see other WSJ reporters and columnists appearing on the road. The Tech News Briefing podcast is a great way to start your day.

Forever is a lot of time

< type="image/webp" />Forever is a long time podcast

In Forever is a Long Time, we have a five-part story that takes a philosophical look at love and commitment. In this series, we follow Ian Coss, who decided to get married, but all living members of his family divorce from their marriages, sometimes more than once, seven years into their married life. Coss wonders if people would inevitably repeat the patterns of their ancestors and the true value of a lifetime commitment.

Through this podcast, you’ll find deep conversations with Coss, his wife, and members of their divorced family on the topic of love and commitment, and you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of love through the lenses of the people who have made errors in this field.

Storytime with Seth Rogen

< type="image/webp" />Storytime with Seth Rogen

At Storytime with Seth Rogen, you would expect this podcast to be your typical comic book-hosted podcast like many others. But with this one, you get a series of down-to-earth and authentic conversations between Seth Rogen and his star guests that will leave you with an incredible story.

Every conversation and story takes a wild turn with guests like Paul Rudd and Franklin Leonard. In the end, you discover the lasting impact each story has on the people who tell it. Along with Rogen’s comical personality, each episode is sure to surprise or leave you laughing.

Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV

< type="image/webp" />Show An Unscripted Story of Reality TV

On Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV, host Mariah Smith, former columnist for The cut, shows the impact that the reality TV genre has had in the last 30 years. In this podcast, Smith explains how this dismissed “guilty pleasure” has actually impacted social and political events. From star guests like The Bachelor to the winner of the Great British Baking Show, this podcast highlights the incredible history of reality TV like never before.


In this exciting nine-part true-crime podcast, Suspect looks at the unsolved murder of Arpana Jinaga, who was murdered at a Halloween party at her apartment in 2008. The series follows the events leading up to and after the murder, and at the end, leaves you with more questions than answers.

If there was a way to sum up the entire series, it would be to call it an audio version of an episode of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, only with a lot more context and a lot more detail. The series covers everything from witness testimony to broader murder-related topics such as race and police.

The Ezra Klein Show

< type="image/webp" />Ezra Klein's new podcast 2021

Concluding our list is the Ezra Klein Show, where the co-founder of Vox, Ezra Klein, dives into a multitude of topics, from politics to climate change. This series is one of the most detailed programs on our list, and for good reason; Every Tuesday and Friday, Klein sits down to discuss “something that matters.”

This podcast is incredibly fascinating, especially when it comes to the wide variety of topics covered. You can find episodes on really niche yet intriguing ideas that are backed by guest appearances from people within that respective field. With each episode, there is a deeper look at the background to the topic under discussion, which is reflected in the commentary featured. The Ezra Klein Show is an incredible listen if you’re looking to see the world through a more curious lens.

With all of these great 2021 podcasts, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest, whether it’s a good story, a better understanding of the topics you’re interested in, or just a breakdown of what’s going on around the world.

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