Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #425

Hi little friends, I don’t know who if you know but today is Monday! So certainly, Monday is the day of the depression but it is also the day of the top tweets of the week, a good tool to raise the morale of the troops. If you don’t like tweets or laughter, you can always catch up on your Shitty Monday by watching Euphoria tonight (the best show ever).


1. All that’s missing is a sailboat ride

2. She got a little too confident


5. I think it’s forbidden

6. “I just got into Harvard! They left a window open, I’m walking around quietly”

7. A long covid for example


8. We knew it but it’s still funny

9. This area should be returned to Germany

10. Who wants to pecho the queen??


11. Big program Thursday evening


12. We always love jokes about the French language

13. I’m sure he thinks he’s super stylish

16. I will never get used to the word “tank”

17. A little too imaginative


18. “Open Shazam on the sly instead of asking for the name of the playing song”

19. Best Excuse

20. “Me with all the iPhone 13s I won on Instagram this week”

21. There are lines that should not be crossed


24. Huge drama on YouTube

25. Not Cool Influencers

27. So Adorable

28. “In fact, my biggest fear in the event of an apocalypse is losing my glasses”

If you experienced something funny this week, don’t hesitate to tell us about your thrilling life in the comments!

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